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Hey, everyone–
it’s me, Molly!Molly of Denali ♪ Let’s go!♪ She’s Molly of Denali ♪(laughing):
Whooo!♪ By plane or sled
or snowshoe ♪
♪ She is ready to explore ♪♪ From Kaktovik
down to Juneau ♪
♪ Always wanting
to learn more ♪
Yeah!♪ Together
with her best friend Tooey ♪
♪ Always by her side ♪And Trini!♪ Discovering the outdoors ♪♪ On adventures day and night ♪♪ Come along with Molly ♪♪ Molly ♪♪ Through fields of fireweed ♪♪ Come along with Molly ♪♪ Molly ♪♪ From tundra to the sea ♪Mahsi’choo–
let’s go!♪ Molly of Denali ♪Yeah!♪ She’s Molly of Denali ♪♪ Come on ♪♪ Let’s go! ♪♪ Molly of Denali ♪♪ She’s Molly of Denali ♪MOLLY:
“Culture Clash.” ♪ ♪ (bell dings) ♪ ♪ (panting) (barks) ♪ ♪ (computer chirps) Hey, everyone. So if you’ve been wondering,
how big is Molly’s village? I’ll tell you. Qyah has a population of 94, not counting moose and caribou. (Suki barks) (laughing) That’s right, Suki,
not counting dogs, either. Iloveliving here. I know everyone,
and everyone knows me. But there are some downsides,
like… It’s hard to find enough kids
for a basketball team. My friend Tooey and I thought our basketball dreams
were over, until… ♪ ♪ Huh? Shh! All right, new person,
let’s see… Table, chairs…
come on, come on! Yes! Race car bed! Tooey, that means
there’s gotta be a kid. Or a small adult
whoreallylikes racecars. Okay, so we’ve got you, me,
Oscar, Vera, and new kid. That’s five players. That’s enough for a team! We just need to meet
the new kid. You just did. (yelps) Oh, hi, I’m Molly. That’s Tooey. Trini. Do you always spy on people
when they move to town? No. Yes. Remember,
we did it with Oscar and Vera? Hmm… What Tooey means to say
is we need one more person for our basketball team. Do you play? Yeah, I play. That’sso great! Wow, you’re short. Huh? How old are you? Are you saying
I’m not old enough to play? No. It’s just that basketball
is a tough sport. Are you saying
I’m not tough enough? It’s not that, it, it’s just… Are you sure you know
how to play? (sighing):
I guess you’ll never
find out. Uh… what just happened? I think we made her mad,
is what happened. (sighs):
By accident. I don’t know,
maybe it’s a Texas thing. Texas? Check the plates on the van. Texas. Texas. Hmm… I think I know how to get back
on her good side. ♪ ♪ So on the map of North America,
here’s Alaska. And here’s Texas. Whoa. She moved a long way away. I bet she misses it. And I bet we could get
on Trini’s good side by acting Texas. You know,
make her feel at home. Is that a thing? Acting Texas? It doesn’t sound like a thing. It’stotallya thing. Wait, Texas has cowboys,
right? I think so. So if we want to learn
about Texas, we could watch some of these.Howdy, partner.So howdy is like hello? Yeah, totally.Pass me some of that grub,
Wait, does he mean grub
like a worm grub? Texans eat worms? Eww. Ugh! (train chugging,
whistle blowing) ♪ ♪ (eagle cries) (snake rattling, whip cracking) Mmm. Ah!Yee-haw!Git along, little doggies.(horse snorts) (in Texan accent):
Reckon you got a handle
on Texas, pardner? (in Texan accent):
Reckon I do, y’all. ♪ ♪ Howdy there, pardner. We wanted to start over
and welcome y’all to the great state of Alaska. Yee-haw! ♪ ♪ (giggling) Tooey! (quietly):
I said I needed
more practice. Sorry if we made you feel weird
the other day. We just wanna make you feel
at home… …y’all. (laughing) You think
that’s how we act in Texas? You don’t? (laughs, sighs) Wanna come inside? So were you able
to bring your horse? Um, I’ve never had
a horse. Huh. I thought all Texans
had horses. (chuckling):
Not when you live
in an apartment. I’m Trini’s dad,
Mr. Mumford. We met at the trading post. Yeah. You and my dad talked
for, like, an hour. I’m Molly. Tooey. Nice to meet ya. So wait,
you lived in an apartment? I thought everybody in Texas
lived on a big farm with cows. (laughs) That’s just in the movies. If you want to know more
about our hometown, Trini could show you the collage
her friends made. Oh, yeah. I just saw that… Here! Dad and I lived here. TOOEY:
Wow! I didn’t know Texas had
so many tall buildings. This is the city of Austin. But Austin isn’t even
the biggest city in Texas. There’s also Dallas… And Houston. That’s where Mission Control is
for spaceships. Wow! Texas has a Mission Control? We got everything wrong. I was just about to make lunch. You want to stay? Um… you mean… grub? Uh… we don’t eat worms. (laughs) Good. We don’t, either. How about some tacos? Yes, please! Way, way, way better! That wasso goo. Oh,too good! I ate, like,
five-and-a-half tacos! Here are some leftovers
for your family.Quyana.Basee’.So when’s the first
basketball practice? Wait, you’ll be
on our team? Sure. I can teach you guys
a thing or two. Yeah! That’s so good! Real practice isn’t
until the winter, but we play a pickup game
every Sunday across the street. You play outside? Uh… yeah? Well…
I have a lot going on… So much. I’m not sure
I can make Sundays, or ever, actually,
so bye! ♪ ♪ So Trini didn’t show up? (grunts) She didn’t sound
that interested. She is. (gasps) Hmm… Hey, Trini! (yelps) How come you won’t
play basketball? I’ll play in the winter,
when you practice indoors. But you said
you really wanted to play. What happened? What happened is,
I’m not gonna eaten all up by a polar bear. What? What? Look, I know polar bears are no big deal for you because you grew up
fighting them. (laughing) We did not grow up
fighting polar bears. Where did you even
hear that? My friend in Texas said there are polar bears everywhere
in Alaska. Trini, I’ve lived in Qyah
my whole life, and I’ve never seen
one single polar bear. Well, my friend said. Look, I have to go. My dad is taking me
to the library. Perfect! We’ll meet you there to prove there are
no polar bears in Qyah. ♪ ♪ So this book says polar bears don’t live
all over Alaska. It says they stay around
pack ice and icebergs. And this book shows
that pack ice is found along the coast. See? Mm-hmm. But where we live,
in Qyah, is in the interior of Alaska. That’s in the middle,
not anywhere near the ocean. And both books say
that in the summer, polar bears stay around
pack ice. So the thing is, we compared all the information
in all the books, and all of them say polar bears
live very far away from us. But what if polar bears decided
to take a road trip to Qyah? But they wouldn’t. Yeah. ‘Cause every book we’ve read said polar bears
eat mostly seals. And all the seals
are in the ocean. So polar bears
would stay close to them. Hmm. You know what I think? What? Oh, I’m afraid to ask. I think I’m ready to play
some basketball! ♪ ♪ (bush rustling) (creature bellowing) What’s that? Is that a polar bear? It can’t be. But it could be
Moose! TOOEY:
Quick, get on that rock! Why? Because it could
charge us! ♪ ♪ MOLLY (exhales):
There’s no need to be scared, as long as you stay
out of a moose’s way. TRINI:
I’m not scared, I’m awesome! I saw a moose up close. I’m, like, a real Alaskan now. Yee-haw! ALL:
Yee-haw! So that’s the story of how
we got our basketball team and became friends with Trini. Oh, yeah, and you know
all those basketball skills Trini said she had?Let’s just say they were…
All right, Trini,
your ball. Hmm… ♪ ♪ Woo-hoo! Over the net! Three points! Is that how they play
basketball in Texas? (grunts) MOLLY:
All right! (kids cheering) Four points! Uh, I don’t think
they play like that anywhere. Hey, everyone. Molly here to answer your
questions about life in Alaska. Anna in Missouri asks, “Do all Alaskans
live in igloos?” Let’s find out. (taps keyboard) ♪ ♪ Hi, Molly. Hi, Molly. GIRL:
Of course we don’t live
in igloos. My house, it’s made of logs. My house is an apartment and we have neighbors. GIRL:
Right now, we’re at the
Alaska Native Heritage Center. They have a bunch
of traditional Native houses that we get to explore. This is a longhouse
from southeast Alaska. BOY:
Look, there’s a sign! The sign says there’s lots of trees
in this area. In this book, it says a lot of houses
are made out of wood. My house is also
made out of wood, but it’s built differently
than this house. ♪ ♪ This house
is from interior Alaska. The sign says Athabascans
traditionally moved around to fish and hunt. This booklet says nowadays, “the seasonal lifestyle
has given way to villages and larger communities.” My mom grew up in a village,
and I live in a city. Look, it’s just like my house. ♪ ♪ This is a sod house
from northwest Alaska. And it looks really different
without snow all over it. My grandfather told me that he used to live
in a house like this. ♪ ♪ Reading information is helpful because it’ll help you
learn some facts, like the word “igloo”
comes from the wordiglu.In my mother’s language,
St. Lawrence Island Yup’ik, they call itnenglu.But they all mean house. Bye, Molly! Bye, Molly! (taps keyboard)Mahsi’choo.Thanks for asking,
and see you next time. “Party Moose.” ♪ ♪ So the rabbit goes around
the tree, down the hole… Ugh! Dad! I need your finger! Sorry, Moll, my fingers
are a little busy right now. Never mind! I got it! (paper tears) (gasps):
Oh, man. I’m the worst wrapperer ever. (door opens and closes,
bell rings) Hey, Molly. Is that your present
for Nina? It is. My new favorite book:Try This Trick:1,000 Fixes
for Outdoor Mishaps.
I love that book! Did you read the chapter
on tickling fish? No. I’ll show you. There. It’s hysterical. (laughs) So where’s the party box? It’s in the book nook. (Molly laughs) Why would you
tickle a trout? Whoa! TOOEY:
Does Nina know about this? No. She’s up north,
filmingvadzaih–caribou. I bet she doesn’t even remember
it’s her birthday. How are you gonna
get it up there? Mama’s resupplying them today. So I’m going to hide
in the plane with the box. As soon as Nina shows up
to get her stuff, ta-da, happy birthday! Nina willfreak!I know. Best. Plan.♪ Ever ♪Hmm? Uh… Why is there a sock in here? It’s one of my presents. Uh, don’t most people
wear two socks? Yeah, but I only had time
to make one. Knitting is hard. What are these? Noise makers. You go like this. (noisemaker rattling) ♪ Happy birthday! ♪ Plus, I’m bringing
hats and horns, and I made a cake. Wow, it reallyis
a party box. Wanna see my present? (reaching in pocket) You made that? Yup. Mr. Patak showed me how. It’s super-loud. (blowing whistle loudly) (yelps) Too loud! It’s perfect-loud. What didyou get her, Trini? This. It’s a spruce cone. It smells like fall. (sniffs) (sighs) She’ll love it. ♪ ♪ (engine starting,
propellers whirring) Safe travels! Bye! ♪ ♪ I can’t wait, Mom! Ican’twait! (laughs) Nina’s gonna
be very surprised. (sighing):
I love Nina. If she was on
Who’s Your Favorite Canadian?,
I would totally vote for her. Is there such a show? No. But if there was… (yawns) Well, we have a long trip
ahead of us. Go ahead and get some sleep. (snoring) (chuckles) ♪ ♪ Starting descent. Altitude 2,057 feet, ten miles south
of the runway. (yelps) Did I miss it? (chuckling):
Of course not. We’ll be landing
in about five minutes. Wow. It looks so wild. Where are we? MOM:
Molly, welcome to the
Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. (gasps) I see caribou! MOM:
Uh-huh. Lots ofvadzaih.What is that? A rock? Who would put a rock
on a runway? Hey, can you dig out
the binoculars? Huh, adinjik,amonstrous moose! No worries. I’ll circle the runway. That should drive him off. (whirring) He’s not moving. I’ll go a little lower. (whirring more loudly) ♪ ♪ He’s going! (sighs):
To the other side. I’ll have to call Nina
and see if her team can help. Don’t tell her I’m here. (laughing):
Of course not. (clicks button) MOM (on radio):
Nina at base camp,
calling Nina at base camp.Layla, yeah, I was wondering
why you weren’t landing. Ah, there’s a moose
on the runway. Sure thing. We’ll see what we can do. (radio beeps) NINA (quietly):
Whew, he’s big. Any ideas? I don’t do moose,
only caribou. How about we say “shoo”? On three. One, two, three! Shoo! Shoo! Shoo, moose!
Shoo, moose! Shoo! ♪ ♪ Not my best idea. What are we gonna do? We need those supplies. Calling Layla, calling Layla. Hey, Nina. NINA (on radio):
We’re not sure what else to do.
We yelled,
but he’s not budging. MOM (on radio):
That’s about all y
ou cando.I’ve been looking, but I don’t
see anywhere else to land. New problem. We have just over
a half a tank of gas, which means
in about ten minutes, we’ll–
I’ll have to turn around. I need enough gas
to make it back home. NINA (on radio):
Oh, will you be air-dropping
the supplies, then?
If the moose doesn’t leave
in ten minutes, that’s what we’ll have to do. Sorry. NINA (on radio):
I totally understand,
though I was looking forward
to seeing you.
Me, too. You don’t know
how disappointed we– I mean, I am. Over and out. (clicks button) No! My best plan ever
smashed to shreds. Molly,
this is beyond our control. If the moose won’t leave… Then we have to make him leave! Otherwise,
Nina doesn’t get her birthday. How about we celebrate
when Nina gets back? That’s not for a month. You can’t celebrate somebody’s
birthday a month late. Why not? It’s against the rules. (sighs) If only we knew
how to make the moose leave. (gasps):
The book! Checking index. “M” for moose… “M” for moose-y moose,
moose. (gasps):
Page 57. “Stubborn moose
and how to move them.” Yes! (reading aloud quickly) What? Slow down. (chuckles):
Sorry. “Who hasn’t run into “an obsti… sti… -nate, obstinate…” Oh, obstinate,
that’s like stubborn, right? “Who hasn’t run
into an obstinate moose? (reading quickly):
“Here’s a surefire trick
to move a moose. Stay a safe distance away.” (laughing):
I can’t understand anything
when you read that fast. Do you understand? Uh… no. Then start over
and slow down. But you said we only had
ten minutes. As Grandpa Nat would say,
“Keep calm to move moose along.” (chortles) (breathes deeply) “Here’s a surefire trick
to move a moose. Stay a safe distance away
and make a ruck-us.” A what-us? I don’t even know
what that means! Oh! Wait, it must mean noise. There’s a picture of a person
making noise. Didn’t Nina
try that already? Yeah. I guess shouting
isn’t noisy enough. Hang on! This box is full of noise. Only, it’s up here,
and the moose is down there. Calling Nina,
calling Nina. I’ve got a plan. (plane approaching) Get ready. ♪ ♪ A party box? Oh, they remembered my birthday,
which is today! Hint, hint. Layla said to look for
noisemakers and a whistle. BEN AND LUCIA:
Shoo! Shoo! Shoo! (noisemakers rattling) NINA:
Oh, it’s not working! Shoo! Shoo! Only a few more minutes
of gas before we have
to turn around, Moll. Come on, moose. Vamoose! (noisemakers rattling) Shoo! Shoo! BEN:
Shoo, moose! LUCIA:
Shoo! (groans) Where is that whistle? ♪ ♪ A-ha! (blows whistle loudly,
moose yelps) (blowing whistle,
noisemakers rattling) It worked! Yippety-ay-oh, oh! (laughs) In the nick of time. Prepare for landing, Moll. (engine stopping,
propellers slowing) Ta-da! (sighs) That’s what I was going to say. Listen, Nina knows
about the party box, but she doesn’t know
about you. Go hide! (gasps):
You’re right. Congratulations,
you steely-eyed moose mover. (laughs) I couldn’t have done it
without you. And… a certain other person. Surprise! (gasps) Molly! ♪ ♪ I love this book! Uh-uh. Mine. You already have a whistle–
and a spruce cone. Uh, it’smy birthday, Ben. I get the stuff. You can have
some confetti, though. (laughs) (laughs) That book saved the day,
you know. Once you slowed down
and made sense of it. So how long before
I get the other sock? That one took me three months. For Christmas, then. Thanks, Molly. Happiest birthday ever. Hey, everyone! So today is Nina’s
birthday, and we are in
the far way up north, eating cake
and moving moose. And singing! One, two, three! ♪ Happy birthday to you ♪ ♪ Happy birthday to you ♪ ♪ Though the moose
almost blew it ♪ ♪ Our Molly came through ♪ ♪ ♪ Hey, everyone!Molly of Denali
is made possible in part by: a Ready to Learn grant from the
U.S. Department of Education; the Corporation
for Public Broadcasting, a private corporation funded
by the American people; and by viewers like you. Thank you!

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