Molly Sims Gives Us Her Best Kids’ Birthday Party Ideas | Rachael Ray Show

I love kids, this is so cute. And then I– I also do this trick for grown ups, too. This is great for the little guys. So a little low seating, you gotta have, the one thing I’ve learned, my kids go to Montessori, so it’s all hands on, and I love this, I am all about a bucket. Juice, water, straws. Give the kids a beverage bucket like they’re in a fancy backstage dressing room. So it’s not “Mama, mama, mama, mama, mama, mama, mama.” No but I love it, I love that you know– It’s interactive and it’s fun. Interactive, confetti, we did different colored chicken nuggets, mac and cheese, fruit kabobs, all different things from the book that’s really super easy to make. Yummy, and you can color, and draw with the chalks, Exactly. Remember to buy washable markers, people, hello. Please! And note to self, we were just talking backstage with your producer, I love– I actually love it, and I hate it when someone will send me like, a Christmas card with confetti that goes everywhere. I’m like no no no, no no no!
Oh my god, I hate it! No no, I’m calling the rule on that, keep your confetti at your own house! Exactly! (applause)

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