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  1. This is something a mother shouldn’t go through, so sad, all my prayers and condolences go out to this mother, her son, and the rest of the family ❤️

  2. I really HOPE that he lives long enough to have another moment like that one with his mother!!!🙏🏼🙏🏼😢

  3. It is really heart breaking. But I pray that the next time we see them is some 24 to 26 years later when they dance together ones again at his wedding…

  4. Every person deserves a chance at life. Pro choice use excuses on why to kill a child.

  5. I really wish Parents wouldn’t go through horrible pain like this. No one should ever have to experience this. She’s such a strong and beautiful women it must be so painful for her. She is his mother for a reason and I hope she can find peace🌹

  6. Hopefully she will be alright. She should be checked to see what may be wrong with her or go with in vitro next time. Spina bifida is caused by hereditary issues or malnutrition or being around dangerous substances. It's rough but she is lucky she even got time with him because of medical advancements. Back in the day most cases of this happening the babies died. I feel for her and her baby.

  7. So she knew he would be born this way and still gave birth to him? And then danced with him for her own memory?

    Talk about selfish.

  8. Dear God,
    Why always the little childrens suffer with all this kind of problem? Why you dont give this to all the bad guys who made terrible crimes. Religious person always answer "God always have a reason". Why? What kind of reasons who made this children suffer so much? It hurts whenever i see little children like this. They didnt do anything

  9. I feel so bad, he's adorable but I'm happy because he knows love and was shown it his whole life how ever long that maybe.

  10. So sad Story and heartwarming dance of Mom and son ….. I pray he survives 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏😢😢😭😭😭 cute baby boy ❤❤❤😍😍😍😃😀

  11. I know that what I’m saying right now is very out of topic but i just saw that it is now Mar 1 and mar 14th is the day I’m going to get a dog 🐕!

    Please do reply to my comment cuz i never ever got replied to

  12. This made me cry so much because one of my brothers looks like him and I feel so bad for this baby he’s so cute best of luck 😭 😭 😭

  13. He’s so small & so adorable. My heart goes out to this mother. I’ve buried 2 . Making memories is so important. He looks as if he’s enjoying the moment. God bless this family & stay beside them. God they need your strength to get through each day & moment. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  14. Your a strong mother Samantha I pray that your son grows up to live a successful life. God is the only one who knows the answer put this in God's hands and just love your son and spend every second you can with him. I'm so sorry for the pain your going through at this moment but your son loves you and you love him. There is no greater love than that of a love of a mother and son or daughter . The only exception to that is that God is the greatest love of all.

  15. Judging by the distant look on his face, even if he lives, no one but a freak with a fetish will marry that.

  16. I'm so sorry.. so sad. my preys go out to you kid. i hope somehow Jesus helps.

  17. This warms my heart… He may not have time to live until he gets married but he at least has his loving mother by him…

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