MOM VLOG | Ziya’s 2nd Birthday + DIY Unicorn Cake!

(upbeat music) – Hey guys what’s up, it’s Raven. Welcome back to another mom vlog. This mom vlog is going to basically be all about preparing for
Ziya’s second birthday. Yes, she is turning two. A lot of you guys thought
she was already two about to turn three,
or even already three. But no, she is turning two. And tomorrow for Friday she’s
actually gonna be having a little party celebration
thing for her birthday at her school, at the pre-school. So I am bringing a pinata and
a cake to school tomorrow. Last year I filmed her birthday party. It was like kind of a shimmer and shine genie, genie in a bottle
themed first birthday. Last year I paid a lot of money for a big old giant, professional
heavily decorated genie themed birthday cake. I’ll put a picture of it right here. This year my mom and I
are actually going to try and decorate our own cake for Ziya. I’m gonna do the really
popular unicorn cake that I know you guys have provably seen. I’m gonna try and actually do that myself. So that’s why you guys are
gonna see later in this vlog. Right now I am opening this
package which has the pinata that I’m gonna be bringing
to her school tomorrow. So yeah, basically it’s
gonna be a unicorn theme this year for her second birthday. So I got a unicorn pinata. I just ordered it off of Amazon. They actually had a
unicorn pinata at Target that I also bought, it’s in my trunk. I don’t know why I ordered one and then also bought one from Target. One of ’em is for the
school for them to destroy and the other one is for
her actual party on Saturday to kind of like take
pictures with I guess. You like that? Uh-oh, uh-oh. Don’t break oh no! Don’t break it before we
even bring it to school. So yeah it’s basically a unicorn theme. We’re making the unicorn cake, which you’re gonna see
like I said in this video. I got the unicorn pinata, I got the other unicorn pinata, I also got some other unicorn. Everything is unicorn. Unicorn plates, unicorn napkins. She has a unicorn outfit
that she’s gonna wear. It’s a shirt with unicorns on it, a sparkly skirt that she
has and I even got this… Look, she’s carrying the pinata around. Be careful with it ’cause we
gotta save it for tomorrow. I went to Party City and I got a bunch of little party favors, small plastic toys, not too small nothing like coking hazard,
but I got all these little toys and bubbles and toy cars and stuff because this is what I’m actually gonna be putting in the pinata. Because for school they don’t want you to bring candy or
anything for the kids. Uh-oh, Ziya saw me talking about the toys. It’s for tomorrow, you
can’t have it right now. You’re gonna get it tomorrow at school and you have to share it
with your friends, okay? No crying. You’re gonna get some tomorrow. It’s your birthday so of
course you’re gonna get some, but you just have to wait. But yeah, so I got all
the little party favors. It’s like slinkys, bouncy balls, bubbles and little crayons and stuff. So this is what’s going
to fill up the pinata. – Look a unicorn. – [Raven] Unicorn yeah. And then at Party City they had a whole unicorn section so
I got this little headband that she can wear ’cause
you’re the birthday girl. So I’m gonna see if she wants to wear that to school tomorrow. If not, I’ll just use it for
some pictures the next day. Your little hair clip is just hanging out the back of your head. So I also just got a
couple of these little fancy gold and pastel unicorn plates and some matching napkins. Look how cute these napkins are. Tomorrow, Friday, she’s gonna have a pinata and cake at school
and then the next day Saturday, we’re just going to have a very very small get together to
have cake and open presents just at my mom’s house with family. I don’t even think really any friends or extra people are going to come. ’cause I didn’t really like invite people. It’s really not a party. It’s just an opportunity to have cake and open presents and take pictures. She has a really cute
dress that she’s gonna wear and like I said, I got a few little unicorn themed props so I can just kind of do like a second
birthday photo shoot. But, it’s really not a party. Sorry to disappoint if any of you guys thought that I was gonna
be doing some big party. Last year I just kind of realized like… I mean I’m glad I did more
of a big party last year, ’cause it was her first birthday but, for this year I
just didn’t see the point in doing some big thing that
it’s not really even for her. Because, she doesn’t necessarily have friends her own yet. She doesn’t have things
that she’s in to yet, you know what I mean? It’s gonna be a bit later down the line when I actually do big birthday parties for her and her friends. Doing things that they love
to do, that they’re in to. So I’m excited for the future to do really big, fun,
big birthday parties. But for now it’s kind of like, she doesn’t know what’s going on and last year she was really
overwhelmed by the birthday party. It was just a bunch of adults. We had like one kid and
everybody was all up in her face. I just felt like I’m having this big party but who is the party really for? It was like the party was really for me and the other adults who came. So this year I just wanted
to do something small, get some cute stuff that she would enjoy. Get some stuff for her friends at school so that they can enjoy
the pinata and the cake and have a fun school day. But other than that, I think we’re going to take her to this little… We wanted to go to the zoo. That was the big plan is to just do something small at my mom’s house and then take her to the zoo. That way she can do
something that she enjoys and just taking her by herself but, it’s gonna be bad weather I think. So, we decided to go to an indoor, it’s like an indoor kids activity jump around, play around type place. So, I think we’re gonna
take her there instead and just let her have fun and actually do something fun instead of throwing her into this big party scenario,
if that makes sense. Hopefully that makes sense. Oh, and I also ended up just going crazy with the unicorn stuff. I just started getting
a whole bunch of stuff. I don’t even know if she’s gonna end up actually using or wearing
this for her birthday. But I just got a plain t-shirt that kind of matched the
color scheme from Old Navy as well as these really cute kind of sparkly pink
leggings also from Old Navy. From Target I got these Cat and Jack socks that just kind of
matched the color scheme. She just needed more socks honestly but, they do kind of
match the color scheme. What are you doing? There’s nothing in there
for you, it’s empty. And then at Carter’s they
had these unicorn pajamas which just went perfectly with everything. So I kinda just got that just as I guess this is just an
extra birthday present, but look how cute the
little polka dot shorts and then the other unicorn pants. And then also at Carter’s they had this little princess dress. Short sleeved with the
rhinestones right here and then it goes into like a little tutu. So this is kind of a
plan B, because she has another princess dress
but when we tried it on she said it was really itchy
and she didn’t want to wear it. So this is like a more
comfortable version. So we might have to use this one instead. – Wow! – Where is the hole? Where do you put the stuff in? – Wow!
– Wow. Oh, here it is. See the problem with
having birthdays and stuff with little kids is you have to hide everything leading up to it because they’re gonna want it when they see it and not understand about
waiting until your birthday. Same thing for Christmas,
I had to hide everything. But now, I’m trying to do
this and she’s watching me. – [Ziya] A toy. – It’s not for right now,
it’s for tomorrow okay. Can you wait ’til tomorrow? – [Ziya] Wait to tomorrow?
– Yes. We’ve got bouncy balls, bubbles and you’re gonna share it
with your friends tomorrow. – [Ziya] You put it in there. – Yeah, you wanna help me? You take one and put it in the whole. Good job. Here, can you get them and help me put it in here? Put it in there. Some crayons, good job. Thank you, this is how you learn to share with your friends on your birthday. ‘Cause even though it’s your birthday that doesn’t mean you should
just keep all the toys. You should share and let
everybody else have some and have some fun too on your birthday. They had little unicorn erasers. It was like living out a childhood dream at Party City when I was
buying all of this stuff because it was like, I remember
going to Party City as a kid and seeing all the little
party favors and stuff and just wanting everything. And of course my mom would tell
me no, you don’t need that. Or no, we’re only getting
X, Y and Z for your party. But this time I was able to go in there and just literally get whatever I wanted. Of course it’s not for me to keep but, I was in there just like
you get in the cart, you get in the cart. We’re getting this, we’re getting that. We’re getting the unicorns. We’re getting the cars. We’re getting the clappy hands. We’re getting all the toys. And I would have went even more crazy if I was actually getting
candy to go in here. I woulda cleaned out that candy aisle. So yeah, they allow us to bring a cake but they just didn’t want me to also put candy in the pinata ’cause they try to like cut back on handing out candy and sweets
and stuff at the school. – Party. – Which I think that’s good and I think it’s nice for the kids to get little toys that they can actually keep and play with. Rather then just loading
them up on cake and candy. Look, little pigs. How cute. – So cute. – Alright guys, so it is Friday I’m on my way back to Ziya’s school. I got the unicorn pinata
in the passenger seat and my mom and also Ashley,
since Ashley’s in town is gonna meet me at the school as well. My mom actually has the cake. And yeah, so I dropped
Ziya off this morning at her normal time just so
she could have like a normal morning at school and then I’m just bringing the pinata and the cake and we gonna have a little
small mini school party. – [Grammy] Look at this. – [Raven] I see your cake. – Look, yellow and orange and red. – [Raven] It’s a rainbow. It’s your birthday. Do you know that this cake is for you? The cake and the pinata, it’s for you. – It goes right– – [Raven] Oh my goodness!
– Look how cute. It’s so cute. – [Raven] I love your unicorn headband. And you got your unicorn shirt on, I don’t know if anybody noticed. – [Grammy] Look, how pretty. – [Raven] You wanna do the pinata? Remember we put all the toys in there? Now we can get ’em out. Wait. – That way there’s another rope – [Teacher] Okay, somebody
took the rope down. – We’re gonna get it in a minute. We’re gonna hang it up in the tree and we’re gonna hit it with the bat and try to break it open. She helped me put the things in there. Wait, wait, wait. Okay, yeah watch out. Let’s look, look, look, look. (speaking in foreign language) (singing in foreign language) – [Grammy] We’re gonna hit it and then the toys will come out. (crying) – It’s okay look watch, it’s gonna be fun. (singing in foreign language) (speaking in foreign language) – You wanna do it? (speaking in foreign language) – Ready. (singing in foreign language) – [Grammy] Ooh yay! (clapping) – [Raven] You do it, hit it. (speaking in foreign language) – [Raven] Good job. (cheering) You don’t understand what the pinata is? You think they’re breaking your thing? (speaking in foreign language) – [Raven] Yay! Here we go, yay. Yay! You gotta go the toys Ziya. – [Grammy] Get the toys. – [Raven] You can go. Look, right here. Look, yay. There you go, what did you get? – Bubbles. – [Raven] Bubbles? (speaking in foreign language) – [Raven] Ziya, hey I saw you do that. (speaking in foreign language) – [Child] I like that one. – [Raven] Ziya. (speaking in foreign language) (singing in foreign language) (speaking in foreign language) – [Raven] Oh gosh. – [Teacher] She loves your cake Ziya. (speaking in foreign language) – Ziya, Ziya, don’t eat the cake. – [Raven] Oh yeah, that’s
her birthday card I think. (singing in foreign language) ♪ Happy birthday to you ♪ ♪ Cha cha cha ♪ ♪ Happy birthday to you ♪ ♪ Cha cha cha ♪ ♪ Happy birthday dear Ziya ♪ ♪ Happy birthday to you ♪ ♪ Cha cha cha ♪ (speaking in foreign language) (singing in foreign language) – [Raven] Yummy. – I want some. – Alright so, we finished
up at Ziya’s school. It was really quick. Of course Ziya cried and got overwhelmed and was like, what is going on? But that’s okay, she will get
used to it over the years. And I think that was just enough birthday party action for her this year. You can see how anything more then that, if I would have threw a big party she would have just lost
it and not enjoyed it. So I think that was just enough plus cutting the cake at
my mom’s house tomorrow. Which by the way, I just pulled
up to Michaels craft store. My mom and my sister are
meeting me here as well ’cause we are going to go ahead and buy the cake supplies for this DIY unicorn cake that we are gonna be trying to make this afternoon. So, here we go. Wish us luck. Okay, so I think my mom and
my sister are already in here. Where is the cake aisle? Hello.
– Hey. We need fondant for the horn. I don’t know if we need this much. Let’s see if there’s a smaller package. – [Raven] Do we need the cake board? – No, it’s already on a gold board. – [Raven] Okay.
– How are we making the horns for that? – [Raven] You need a little stick like a skewer a wooden skewer. – I have skewers. – To be more professional, these
little actual stick things. But I think a wooden skewer
would work just as well. Yeah, this is more of the
decoraty sprinkley stuff. I like these little stars. Yeah, that’s what I was thinking. No I was thinking of… Those are not that shiny.
– [Grammy] These stars. Oh those are cute. – [Raven] I like these. They’re like actually shiny. Those are like orange. – [Grammy] These are a dollar. These are $7.99. – Hold on, let me see
what make these $7.99. – [Grammy] I know. – [Raven] ‘Cause they’re real gold. No, not really. – I wish y’all would have told me. I got a whole lab of food coloring. – [Raven] Why? – And cake decorating stuff. I got a whole box of cake decorating, all the tips and everything,
everything, all of it. – [Raven] Why do you have that? You make cakes? – No, the only cake that I make does not require cake decorating stuff. My famous German chocolate cake. – [Grammy] You’re doing too much. – [Raven] These are
expensive but they’re nice. Oh this is the girl. This is a YouTuber who… I wonder if the cake is in this book? Rosanna Pansino, we’re gonna be trying to follow her YouTube tutorial
to make this unicorn cake. I don’t know if it’s in here. That’s cool though. Oh, she has her own… I didn’t know she had all this stuff. She has her own cake decorating. All this stuff is her brand. – [Ashley] Oh wow. – [Raven] Oh, that’s cool. – [Grammy] So this is pink and
purple in here, candy colors. But I mean, just a little
bit of red makes pink, right? – [Raven] Yeah you don’t need– – [Grammy] And this green. – [Raven] So what do we need? – [Grammy] You could probably
just get food color from HEB. – [Raven] Yeah, if you’re talking about just the basic food coloring and just mixing the basic colors together. – [Grammy] Into the icing. – [Raven] But then they
have these icing colors that are more like
different shades of stuff. – [Grammy] But we don’t need that. We’ll just go to HEB and get– – [Ashley] You sure? – Yeah, we’ll just get
regular food color at HEB. – [Raven] Those are like $10.00 each. – I have the decorating bags. Like I have this. But the tips, I brought my tips with me ’cause it looks like something is missing. I have these, but I don’t have the thing that screws on to hold them on the– – [Raven] There’s two
different kinds I think. – [Grammy] You screw this
in and then you put this on. But I don’t have that. This is the part that goes on the inside. If you take this silver
one and put it through here it ain’t gonna work. – [Raven] Yeah, because
they’re all different sizes. – This is the only one
I put it through here it’s barely gonna work. So I don’t know. I think we need to start
over with the tips. I think we need to just get–
– [Raven] Oh gosh. Okay but, here’s the thing. It all comes separate anyway, so we still don’t know
what we’re talking about or what we need.
– [Ashley] No, no, no, no okay, hold on.
– [Raven] It’s got the adaptor it’s got the thing, it’s got this but it’s all separate. – Let me show you what
I’ve got at the house and it’s a set. – [Robin] There was some
little things over here that look a little bit more beginner friendly Rosanna Pansino. – So I guess you just put
the tip inside the bag and you don’t–
– I think you do… I think you do have what we need but we need to lookup how to use it and we probably don’t need to buy this. You probably do have stuff
in there that’s usable. Got the goods. It was only like $22.00 I think and then the actual cake that we ordered, to cheat the process of not
having to bake the cake, was, you said $29?
– [Grammy] Uh-huh. – $29 so, and ordering a unicorn cake, like a custom unicorn cake fully made it was like 150 to $200. So, hopefully it comes out good but at least we saved some money. Wait Ashley, bring your foot over here. White toe gang. Back from school now and
we’re at Grammy’s house getting ready to decorate the cake. I don’t know if we got a good shot of Ziya’s little school birthday outfit. Wow, do you feel cute? Oh, and your water bottle
even matches your outfit. All pink everything. Okay so, we’re in my mom’s kitchen. We have compiled all of our decorating utensils and ingredients. We’re gonna be making our own buttercream. Well I guess I’m going
to be making my own. My mom said she’s not helping me. Buttercream frosting which is just powdered sugar, vanilla, butter and a little bit of milk. We’ve got the pure lemon extract which is actually what you mix with the gold pearl dust to make it like a little paint and we just got a regular
little paint brush at Michaels to paint that on with. Got a couple of options for candles. Not sure if we’re gonna use them or which ones we’re gonna use. And we’ve got fondant,
this is what’s gonna make the unicorn’s horn, the
ears and little star details I’m gonna put on there. Also got the decorating
tips for the icing. My mom had some already
but we got one extra one. These are the bags for that. This is the special, fondant rolling pin to roll this out with. Cookie cutters, I got
these really expensive gold star sprinkles to sprinkle on. We got the skewer to make the
base for the unicorn horn. We’ve got food coloring to mix up some pastel colors for the frosting. And I went ahead and got this black sparkle gel icing to just
draw the eyelashes on with. So we’ll see how that goes. (sharpening knife) Alright so, four cups of
sifted powdered sugar. We’re gonna go ahead and use the big stand mixer to mix this up. This is how you soften butter. – That’s not how you soften butter. (laughing) – Just se your body heat. One stick of butter. Two sticks of butter. Working on all this powdered sugar ooh, look at that.
– [Ashley] We need one more cup.
(mixer mixing) – The struggle.
(mixer mixing) – Yes.
– So we’re gonna try and mix together a very light pink color, a light lavender color and
like a light mint green color with just using our basic food coloring. So hopefully we can just get tiny amounts of food coloring so it’ll be pastel. ‘Cause I don’t want it to
be like actual rainbow. Alright, so we got our buttercream frosting all mixed up, looking good. Dividing it into three bowls for coloring. There’s several photos online that kind of go with the same idea
but this is a good one to kinda represent our color scheme. So we’re making these pastel colors and I’m gonna put it into
different piping bags. (stand mixer drops) – [Ashley] Woops.
– [Raven] Ooh. Okay, so the first color
I’m gonna make is pink because that should be the easiest. – [Ashley] Oh no, no, no, don’t pour it. – [Raven] It’s liquid. – [Ashley] Where’s a toothpick? – [Grammy] Pour it in something else and then use a toothpick to–
– [Ashley] Here, what is this? You ain’t gonna waste
it, just pour it out. – [Raven] It won’t, I’m trying to… It’s hard. Starting with this amount. I think that’s not gonna be enough. – [Grammy] One drop, one drop, one drop. – [Ashley] Wait, wait, wait,
wait, wait, wait, wait. One, two, three.
(laughing) – [Raven] I think we could
have just did one drop. – [Ashley] Oop, there we go. – [Grammy] Stir it with your toothpick. – [Raven] I was just trying to get all the coloring that I
had on this toothpick. (stirring) – [Grammy] It’s very, very,
very, very, very light pink. – [Raven] Okay, we need more. Oh God, that’s good, that’ll be good. (stirring) – [Grammy] Okay pink, now it’s pink. – [Raven] To make light purple, it should technically
be a half a drop of blue and a half a drop of green. Green?
– [Grammy] I mean of red. – [Raven] To make purple you need a tiny drop of red and
a tiny drop of blue. Whoop! I don’t know if that’s gonna be, boop. – [Grammy] Okay, let’s see. (stirring) I think it is. – [Ashley] That is, it’s
turning into purplish. – [Raven] All this dye is right here. – [Ashley] You don’t think
the spoon works better. – Oh lord. Okay, so we’ll be back
after we finish this ’cause this is taking forever. – [Ashley] Okay, 10 drops of red. – [Raven] Alright so we discovered that there’s actually food
coloring recipes online to tell you exactly how many drops to make every kind of color you want to make. Frost by numbers. So, we got smart. We figured out what it was for purple. I mean we kinda already
messed up our purple and then tried to fix
it, so it’s not the best. But this one came out really good. – [Ashley] That’s a pretty color. – [Raven] So we made that with just using these food colorings. So now we actually have to go get the cake out of the fridge and start decorating it. Look, we’re so professional. – [Ashley] We needed to get that stand. – [Raven] No you don’t,
you just need a cup. There. – [Ashley] Viola.
– [Robin] Innovative. – [Ashley] She’s so innovative. – [Raven] I highly doubt
I’m the first person to think of this but,
here’s a little tip for you just use a glass to hold your icing bag. And it can hold it after
you’re done with it but it can also be used
to just prop it up. Put your bag inside so
that you can scrape your icing and go on ahead and put it in there. So this is the cake we had made at HEB. We just asked for… It’s vanilla, right? – [Grammy] Mm-hmm.
– [Raven] Just a vanilla cake in this–
– [Grammy] Raspberry filling. – Oh, it has raspberry filling. But we just asked for this specifict, specifict, specific shape and size and then just with white frosting. And they did a pretty
smooth job of frosting it, so we’re not gonna put fondant around it ’cause we would totally mess
that up I’m pretty sure. So we’re just gonna leave it like this. Hello.
(laughs) hello and welcome to Raven’s cooking show. I’m about to attempt to ice rosettes to make the unicorn mane. It’s gonna go like a
little bang in the front and it’ll go on the top and
then swoop around the side with all these three different colors. Our purple kind of looks a
little bit gray but that’s okay. I’ve got different types
of tips on each one so it’ll make a different swirl. Let me test it on this napkin first. – [Grammy] That’s cute. It’s beautiful. – Alright, so I’m gonna
start with a little front thing on the front right here. – [Grammy] Perfect. – First little thing then I’m
gonna do one on either side. (upbeat music) So now you kinda see
like, this is the bang and it swoops around. Now I’m gonna fill it in
with the different one. (upbeat music) Wow, that wasn’t as hard as I thought. That looks nice. Okay, so the iced cake
is in the refrigerator. Now for the fondant stuff. We’ve just bought a pack of white fondant. I’m gonna open that up. I just need to make a snake for the horn but I need to make a
flat thing for the stars. So you’re supposed to make it skinny to thick so that it makes like the shape. – Okay, I’ll hold one end. You gotta roll down there. Don’t roll it so hard Raven. Want it thicker on that end? – [Raven] I think this
is the max thickness. – So then this part needs to be skinnier. – [Raven] No, this is the max. We’re trying to make this
way thinner then that. – [Ashley] I need this to be thinner. I need this part–
– [Grammy] We’re gonna start off much much thinner down here. – [Ashley] No, no, no
because I don’t want this– – I’m rolling out some flat pieces so I can cut some stars out, which I guess we’re still using. Ooh, look at that
satisfying smooth fondant. (upbeat music) – [Grammy] And you can always just push– – [Ashley] Yeah, they are. We’re forming as we go. – [Grammy] You gotta make it tighter. – [Ashley] Well, hold on. So we’ll just start over. – No, no, no, no.
(laughing) – [Raven] Too many cooks in the kitchen. So I’m currently painting
our little fondant stars and the unicorn horn
that we made with fondant with a mixture of the gold pearl dust and the lemon extract
to make a little paint. But, I don’t like how
it doesn’t really look very metallic or sparkly on it’s own it kinda just looks yellow. So, I went and got some disco dust. This is holographic. Where is the bottle, here it is. Holographic disco dust is
basically just like glitter and that’s what it looks like on it’s own. So I’m gonna do a
combination of painting it with the gold pearl
dust and then sprinkling a little glitter on top to
give it some more sparkle. And these are the ears that
I just shaped out of fondant. I just cut out the shape
just kinda freehand. They’re a little rough, but
it’s okay and I painted them. Alright, cake out of the fridge. Here’s the best they
could do with the horn. – [Grammy] Looks good. – It’s not the exact gold
metallic I was hoping for but–
– [Grammy] It’s very pretty. – The icing’s hard now. – [Grammy] That’s okay, I mean you can pipe around it if you want to. – The icing’s hard so I
need force to actually– – [Grammy] So push.
– It’s really hard. – If you pipe around
it and then adjust it. – Or you could scrape the icing off from the bottom where you’re gonna set it. Remove the horn. – [Raven] Alright, that looks good. We’re having to do surgery on the unicorn. Yeah like right, or maybe a little– – [Grammy] Towards you, towards you. – Towards you a little bit, right. – [Grammy] Yeah let’s, scrape that. You got more icing to pipe right over it. Don’t be scared with it. Do it bigger. – Okay, so the ears are on. They’re a little wonky, but it’s okay. Now we have these little stars which I really wasn’t sure exactly where or how I wanted to place them. I kind of like it without
the stars to be honest. The icing’s hardened now,
so it’s hard to place ’em. (upbeat music) Alright, now for the grand finale which is to draw the eyes
on with this gel stuff. I just practiced it over here. That’s pretty much what I’m
going for, her little eyelashes. So, this is one try you
can’t scrape this off. So here we go. Lord I’m scared. – [Grammy] Just do it nice and slow. (upbeat music) – [Raven] Ooh, that’s perfect. That’s perfect, okay.
(upbeat music) – [Grammy] Perfecto baby.
(upbeat music) Oh yeah.
(upbeat music) Perfect! – [Raven] Yay! – [Ashley] You’re not gonna
use the sprinkle stars, think it’s too much? – [Raven] Yeah, I mean I like it as is. I feel like we don’t really need ’em even though they were $8. – [Ashley] Well you can take
them back they’re not opened. – [Raven] Yeah, I feel
like we don’t need it. Yep. – Unicorn. – [Raven] Look boo-boo. – [Man] See the cake,
it’s a unicorn boo-boo. – [Raven] Is that pretty? – [Grammy] Say, I’ve been wearing my unicorn hat all day today. – [Man] It’s got one
big horn like a unicorn. One big horn like a unicorn. – Okay so this is the finished cake. I’m pretty proud of my creation even though we cheated on the cake base. I feel like the hard
part, the real hard part was decorating it. And I think the icing
swirls came out really good. The gold metallic effect turned out to be pretty cool even though it wasn’t what I originally had in mind. And surprisingly, I was able to put the eyes on there pretty good so, I think it came out really cute. I love the color scheme and
I mean I had fun making it. It was kind of stressful
getting all the supplies and stuff but, I had fun. So, comment down below and let me know if you think I nailed it or failed it. And yeah, I mean that’s
pretty much it for this vlog. You guys will see part two which will be us actually cutting this cake and celebrating her birthday tomorrow so stay tuned for that. But that’s it for this vlog. Make sure to like and subscribe
if you haven’t already and I’ll see you guys in my next one, bye.

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