Mom Wants to Charge Admission to Birthday Party

One single mom recently decided that
any kid coming to her twin’s fifth birthday party will have
to pay a cover charge. According to the Daily Mail,
Ruma Ali invited 60 of her children’s classmates to the party and plans to
collect $10 per child at the door. It’s a door charge. Now, Rumor reportedly insisted that all
the money will go towards the parties expenses, and that each kid
will get a gift on the way out. While many parents feel like it’s the
height of rudeness to charge per child. Other parents think it’s a great idea and
are considering doing the same, so Tamara you have two beautiful boo boos. Including a five year old. Would you charge at Aidan’s party?
>>Okay, if I am honest, I went hard for
my children’s first birthday party. It was really expensive. It was so expensive that I told myself
I am never ever ever doing that again until they are 16 years old.
>>Right. There are ways that you can have really
cost-effective birthday parties. You don’t have to charge
to go to a birthday party. I think that that’s unfair. Why am I gonna pay for
something that you invited me to? I think that,
>>[APPLAUSE]>>It’s true! All you have to do is
keep the party simple. Kids only care about cake,
ice cream, games, and their favorite friends and
they’re gonna have a blast. I mean, there’s water balloon toss games,
there’s potato sack, I mean that’s so [CROSSTALK]
>>Is it more of a competition thing between parents?
>>Well, and that’s the thing. I believe it’s up to you as a parent,
if you wanna spend a lot of money, you’re gonna spend a lot of money. And I think moms, they sometimes wanna outdo the other moms.
>>That’s what I’m saying.>>The birthday party really isn’t about the child themselves.
>>Right.>>I even see times where moms do the birthday party really for themselves.
>>That’s what I’m saying.>>Like the color coordination, the beautiful centerpieces and stuff
that the kids wouldn’t even remember. However, I remember when I was growing
up we didn’t have a lot of money and I remember my mom having to ask me “ok
Kong” Kong means daughter in Vietnamese. Who do you want to have there? And she asked me, and I would kind of go,
My God, I love everybody, I love Sam, I love Frankie, I love Ronald, why do I love all guys?
>>[LAUGH]>>But I had a lot of friends, and then she would say, pick your favorite
five, or your favorite eight kids. And when I picked them, it was fine. But then later on as my brothers came into
the family, we made more money and so they were allowed to have
maybe the whole class come. And I realized that my
mom had to budget and had to cut corners because we
would go to Chucky Cheese and she’d have to give every kid a roll of-
>>Chucky Cheese is great->>For the tokens. Yes, but everything did cost money. And it depends, it’s relative, right? How much everything costs? So I don’t think it’s
right to charge people to be invited.
>>But I think there’s ways to go around it,
even maybe asking to help as a pot luck. Maybe all the parents could bring
something if you know that price is a problem. I think she did go all out. She invited 60 kids to her parties,
but she has two kids, she has twins.>>A lot of kids.>>And they had different classrooms, but you don’t have to invite everybody. Not everybody is a friend.
>>[APPLAUSE]>>That’s the thing. They just want their favorite friends.
>>Man man, you guys. [APPLAUSE]
>>I’m on the opposite side of this one.
>>Okay.>>I was like, sounds fine to me as long as you give the parents a heads-up that,
hey it’s gonna cost $10. I think it’s rude that if they arrive and
then you’re like, I need $10.>>Right, give them a heads-up.>>But it’s like a field trip. If you give somebody a heads-up,
and you’re like, hey I don’t have the money to pay for
like the food, the cake it’s expensive if everybody
can just pitch in, it’s like going to a birthday dinner as an adult.
>>Yes!>>And everybody pitches in and the birthday girl doesn’t pay,
to me it feels the same. The other thing is, someone said does that
make some people feel embarrassed cuz they’re asking for
money if they don’t have money. And my thing is, why would you let your kids hang out with
somebody that would make fun of them? Or that isn’t close enough like family
where if you needed the help you could be like hey, things are a little
tight right now doing something for the kids but I like don’t have money for
the cake or the food to feed all the kids. [CROSSTALK] pitch in.

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  1. This is why my mom brang me out to a restaurant of my choice and 4 presents of my choice and some people in my family would me cash on top of it

  2. Okay this point may sound a little rude but um why should other parents pay for your child’s birthday. I mean if u can’t afford it then don’t do it hun xx

  3. If think what is my child paying for. If they wanted to play lazer tag or go swimming or some activity then I would not mind paying.
    If it's just for the food I can feed my own kids and make them a cake myself for the go to the party.
    It depends on what type of birthday party it is

  4. I remember there was me and this other kid in 5th grade and we were friends and this one kid was having a birthday party and he invited everybody in the class to come except for me and my friend. So I pretended like it didn't bother me but I was upset so my friend asked the kid "why weren't we invited" and the kid said "there weren't enough invitations I ran out" smh

  5. Mothers are trying to outshine the other moms. If you HAVE the money and are fortunate enough to have a big extravaganza, then knock your socks off, but a lot of the moms make it aboit them. I would NEVER charge per person. That is rachett!

  6. i dont make your budget. . . you want me to pay i wont go my kid wont be there either. . . i invite people over i take care of everything you invite me over im not paying

  7. For parties, if you can't afford it, don't throw it. Kids need to be taught that not everything in this wold is about being materialistic

  8. i think that if u don’t have enough money to through ur child a party don’t have a party maybe just do a little hang out with your 5 of ur child’s closet friend. all it requires is a cake and a box of pizza

  9. Why invite 60 kids. Do the kids even play with all of them. Just invite 3 or 4 of the closest friends and some family and your done. That how we always did parties in my family

  10. The traditional etiquette is to bring a gift when invited to a bday parrty. Especially when its a kids party. Not only does this woman not need sixty toys for her kids, they are also "special needs" and are limited in what they can have. the mother requested contributing to the cost of the party, in replace of bringing a gift. You dont have to spend your day picking a gift, and your kids get a fun day out of it. Plus a party favor gift included? I;d take that anyday.

  11. So this story specifically, the mom asked parents to NOT bring a gift. Just bring the 10$ in replacement of that gift.

  12. It's just trying to get other people to pay for your kids party, its trashy I'm sorry… you dont need to have a 60 kid party if you cant afford it… sounds to me like the party ends up being more for the adults then the kids….

  13. why not just celebrate with the family then?? instead of inviting kids? In portugal people bring a cake to class and celebrate there, everyone gets cake and is happy and there is no extra money spent on a party that the kid will remember

  14. My parents wouldn’t pay to go to a birthday party if I was invited and we don’t have that time of money to just be giving away I just wouldn’t be able to go

    Like if you agree 👍

  15. I had a birthday party as in the beginning, lol. How about you go to somewhere like Chuck E. Cheese, the parents pay for their own kids tokens and stuff. Then you wouldn’t be asking, it wouldn’t be rude and awkward. Who charges a child? Don’t invite someone and then charge them. I think she just wanted $600 free

  16. I just wouldn't have the party and explain to my baby that we can go to Chuck E Cheese and hopefully next year mommy can throw him a big party with all of his friends 💖

  17. Like what Tamara said, kids are happy with the simplest things. I would never charge anyone to come to my child's party lol

  18. It's like paying admission at any other place. If the parent has on the invitation that you have to pay, I don't see a problem. If you get there and the parent is talkin bout "you gotta pay 10 dollars", then that's definitely wrong.

  19. I imported everything for my son's 11th birthday and invited his class of 45 and only 8 showed up. My cousin visited from the USA and charged for her daughter's party and people had no problem paying. Since then my youngest brother and friends did a list and passed out. Food for girls and drinks for guys. Turned out to br one of the biggest parties of the year for years !

  20. In public schools you do have to invite the whole class especially if it’s a younger grade because they don’t want anybody to feel left out I know this from personal experience

  21. If I got to pay for my kid to come to your kid's party then we're turning right around and going to Chuck E. Cheese. If I'm going to spend my money at least the both of us can have a good time.😂😂😂

  22. I have never been able to have a birthday party for any of my 3 kids. I truly don't know how people can afford it every year for each of their children.

  23. In some cities, that's illegal.
    My child wouldn't be joining their friends.
    I mean, if you dont think you'll be able to afford it, dont do it.
    Dont make other working parents give you money that you dont have to spend.

  24. This story was twisted out of context! I watched the actual interview with the mom and her explanation. This is such a trash show

  25. lmao I’m not giving my kids birthdays till 4-5 they don’t remember anything before 💀 imma tell them I took them hoes to Disney world

  26. This works for me. I always send $10 and a giftcard when my kids go to a party. I don't have time to go toy shopping for every party. Their friends are always excited about how much money they get on their bday.
    Btw, the mom wasn't throwing a backyard party. It was at a place that charged admission. She was paying half the price and told the kids not to bring gifts because her kids are special needs and probably wouldn't have been able to play with them.

  27. In my culture, whenever we go to a birthday party or a wedding we have to pay though. It does not matter how much you pay it's up to you but you have to pay. It's just a culture thing.

  28. If you can’t afford the party then don’t throw it. I’m not paying for the party that you invited me to. If we’re going out then that’s fine, but I’m not paying to sit in your living room

  29. Just make it a family affair, if you dont have the money just dont go all out. Have hot dogs, chips cake and ice cream. Kids don't really care.

  30. Invite some ya kids friends for a sleepover,order a pizza,buy a few sodas popcorn and candy and cereal for the morning,maybe rent a movie,it’s not that expensive??

  31. For my son’s first birthday we went all out! We went to the zoo, had a Winnie the Pooh themed party with lots of food. For his seconds birthday we just had family, had sandwiches and cupcakes. We bought him a little pool that he played in during the day. Probably half the cost of this first party. At that point in his life he just liked playing in the water! So he did his favorite stuff which was playing in the water, seeing family and eating cupcakes 🤷🏻‍♀️ keep it simple

  32. If I can't afford to throw my child a party then I just don't, and I just buy my kid a cake.

    Now, if the charge was to go toward a charity. I would not mind at all

  33. If you can’t afford a party…you can’t have no party!!! Stop living above your means. Invite 1 friend each to a sleepover and call it a day.

  34. We went to Chuck E Cheese for 7 years and I'm done with that. My son has friends that will come over and we just do a simple cook out and my friends bring their kids and have a great time

  35. y'all have never been to a brown party have you? we don't "charge" but we host parties at banquet halls and restaurants and invite 40+ ppl. guests gift us money instead of material things (cuz who wants to carry home 2 car full worth of gifts when you have kids). it's a tactic we use to receive money to make up for the cost of the party.

  36. Tacky as hell!👎Don't throw a party if you can't afford it & NO, it's not like going to a birthday dinner with your friends. This chick was trying to make money off the parents.

  37. People want to flex with things they can't afford or got. That's why you have poor children that haven't hit all their milestones thinking they're rich when they get new Jordans or a fake Gucci belts.

  38. If the parent don’t have it or it
    Doesn’t feel
    Right THEN DO YOUUU!!! $$10 bucks isn’t much but some don’t have it.. respect those who don’t or pay for them …

  39. It’s classless to ask people to pay and moreover why have kids if you can’t afford to pay and why have a birthday party if you can’t afford the food? Would you ask people over to Christmas and ask them to give money and buy you a gift? What is the world coming to.

  40. Adrienne must have had some rough days. Bumped her head. Lost her mind. I don’t know. But her respondes have been so annoying. If I invite everyone for my child’s birthday, I’m paying for it. It will be for what I can afford. The only time I may ask the parent to contribute to their own child having fun is if we are at Chucky cheese or something and they need some coins to play games. And 9 times out of 10 I probably won’t even ask for that.

  41. Wtf no u don’t charge it’s a kids bday wow…that’s rude as hell especially if u get invited…then A saying it’s ok wth obviously she has money so charging to her is ok NO

  42. Love how much Loni loves Tams kids. As a person with very few friends and them all being fake, I love seeing this. Nothing like having another person whose crazy about your kid(s) , other than daddy 😍

  43. Growing up we got a cake,ice cream, chips, and my grandma would make our favorite meal. We would have a little party with mainly family and it was amazing! We had big birthdays for our 13th, 16th, 18th, and 21st but that was it! I think a good idea would be like hey bring a little something food wise like I think that would be fine if you are inviting people who are close to you.

  44. Low Life To The Fullest !!! So sick of people bringing children into this world and thinking other people should support them. This is outrageous. I would never ask another parent to pay for anything for my child. Insane !!! Sad !!!

  45. As a poor kid growing up I wouldn't be able to go to a party that charged. 🤷 Just invite the people who are closest to the child.

  46. What's the problem if I give the parents a heads up? Both you and your child will be eating and having fun… why not help out? When you leave I have to clean etc… but you are ok with going out to dinner and paying money for one plate and that's it?? You will have food and entertainment… sometimes 2 and 3 plates with different choices. I think it is sad that this won't be an option for some. As a community, we turn our noses up to some odd things. By the way, I don't have children…lol… but have given money for many nieces and nephews to go have fun and sometimes in addition to a gift.

  47. Some schools have rules where if you have a party you ‘have’ to invite the entire class and if that’s the case in her situation I completely understand

  48. That is so tacky. That's your job to pay for your child's party. Dont do it or invite people if it's not in the budget.

  49. Adrienne you have no clue what you're talking about. Your ego is getting out of control and you take over every conversation.

  50. I think that if u don’t have the money for a party then u don’t throw a party. I’m not paying anything for something u invited me to even if u tell me ahead of time and explain your situation why do I have to pay for your kids party? There are plenty of ways to celebrate your children without charging the guests

  51. How big is Tamera's garden that she is able to have 60 kids over playing in the garden for a cheap party 🤔

  52. Just say instead if getting presents for the child – so as to not have 60 gifts, parents come with $10 and that can go in a pot to help cover cost of food, toys, and games. Granted my kid doesn't need 60 people at a party. I didn't have birthday parties growing up, just my parents and my siblings, cards, cake and money and that's all I needed. It's just doung too much.

  53. For my first birthday my mom, aunt and uncle, some of their friends literally just got me a cake that i ate alone, because i was the only baby, then they bought a keg. I don't even remember but I've seen pictures, kids don't need a big party just give them cake and toy to play with they'll be the happiest

  54. Hell yeah here's how it wks 🎁 table & those two little tables flanking the 🎁 table has envelops where u can make a cash 🎁 no lower than $20 adult or $10 kids

  55. I get both sides tbh buh I can’t get over the fact that she invited 60 kids like half of those kids aren’t ur children’s friend😂 and that by itself I wouldn’t attend the party bc it doesn’t seem like she can’t afford it it seems like she’s going beyond her budget to out do ppl

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