Mommy Daughter Road Trip to a True Girl Pajama Party

– I’m getting ready to whisk it away for a special weekend together a special mother daughter weekend. We head out tomorrow
morning and she has no idea so I’m gonna go break news to her. Bye. (upbeat music) – Hi everyone, I’m gonna let
you in on a little secret, shh. I’m getting ready to whisk Addy away for a special weekend together, a special mother daughter weekend. We head out tomorrow
morning and she has no idea so I’m gonna go break the news to her and I think she’s gonna be pretty excited. (upbeat music) Hello there.
– Yea – [Lucy] What you doing? – playing doctor – [Lucy] playing doctor with what? – Play animals – Play animals, can you
come here for a second I have a surprise for you. – What is–
– Wanna open it and see? – Okay
– Are you nervous? – Kind of.
– Kind of (laughs) – What is this? – [Lucy] Take out the paper. – Yay. – [Lucy] Do you know that is? – Um, is it the Secret Keeper Girl thing? – It is, tomorrow morning
we’re gonna head out to Chattanooga. So we’re gonna drive for two hours. And go to this True Girl Pajama Party. (Addy screams) And it’s just you and me, and we’re gonna stay the night in a hotel (Addy sighs)
and have some fun, mommy Addy time. – Yay.
– Are you excited? – Yeah
– Did I surprise you? – Yeah
– Did you have any idea? – No.
(Lucy laughs) – [Addy] This is your VIP ticket. You’ll receive reserved premium seating, dinner
– Premium seating (Lucy laughs)
– Premium seating, dinner, photo booth, meet-n-greet with the cast, VIP lanyard, VIP gift bag for daughter. (sighs) Wow. A while ago, we missed the
first one that we were gonna go to but then we gotta go now. – That’s right, we were
actually supposed to go back and I think was September when we had tickets
right here in Nashville. But I got sick, so we had to miss it and I saw there was one in
Chattanooga, a couple hours away. So I thought that I’d surprise you and Take off and we do it together. – Yay. – We gotta pack store girly. – Oh, oh
– We leave in the morning. Oh, oh.
(Lucy laughs) – Well, how many nights are we staying? – Just one night – And how many days?
– I’ll be there two days, I have some other fun,
adventures, over there. Not just True Girl. – Really?
– Mhmm. – Yay.
(Lucy laughs) (upbeat music) – Well for the second
day, I have an activity planned where you need to wear jeans and like a long sleeve shirts
and maybe hiking boots too (background noise drowns out other sounds) – [Lucy] Bring your
jacket too, just in case. – [Addy] Oh yeah unicorn jacket – We’re realizing that we probably need to do some laundry tonight because we’re in the middle
of a laundry room renovation and we haven’t had access
to our washing machine, they’ve been out
– For a week. – for a whole week and they just got put back in
like what an hour ago? – Yeah.
– So we need to do some laundry tonight – Right, lets go do it
– So we have clean things. – [Lucy] to take with us tomorrow. (upbeat music) – Laundry is done. (upbeat music) – [Lucy] Bye bye, big huggies – See you tomorrow (Lucy laughs)(background
noise drowns out other sounds) – When you are nine years old,
we’ll do this together too. Okay girly?
– Okay. Your special mother
daughter thing. And Colin, come here buddy. You be good for daddy, I love you. Are you gonna take care of Maya, for me? – No, I’m gonna take of him. – You gonna take care of him? – (mumbles) (Lucy giggles)
– Alright, be good, okay? I love you. (upbeat music) – All right Addy, we have a two-and-a-half-hour drive ahead of us. – Yeah
– You know what I think we need before we go? – I don’t know – a gas station trip.
– a gas station trip. – Oh yeah. – Bye. – [Lucy] We just pulled
up at the gas station, I figured we’d go ahead and
get the gas while we’re here– – All of hem are out of order. – All of them.
– And what’s the point, yeah, what’s the point of a gas station,
(Lucy laughs) if you have no gas? – I hope this isn’t a sign
of our trip to come Addy. And we pull up to the gas
station and there’s no gas. – Maybe we could go
another one to get actual (Simultaneous talking
drowns out other sounds) – If there’s treats inside
I think we’ll be okay. We have enough gas
– Yeah – to get to Chattanooga. – Yeah,
– We have an extra like hundred miles, I think we’re good, two-and-a-half-hour drive
I think we discovered. So we’re good, lets just get treats. – Yes, come on. (upbeat music) – What’s your favorite road trip snack? – I have no idea. – I’m guessing candy of some sort. – Yup.
(Lucy laughs) – Some sort of candy but
I don’t know which candy. – It’s funny how you have specific foods usually that you eat in the car rides. And specific foods for airplane rides. For example, if I’m on the airplane, I always want Mentos, the
fruit kind or mint kind It doesn’t matter, I love Mentos, but never any other time I that I eat mentos, it
is just like my airplane snack. And you guys, – I always get push pops for car rides – I’ve had them in the car
– but never on the airplanes – Yes, all the kids get push pops or ring pops for car rides usually. – Yeah, I have no idea why I usually get push pops
cuz you can save them but ring pops can’t. – That’s true, good point. And I tend to get like nuts
whenever I’m on a car ride, but I never ever, ever eaten
at home, isn’t that weird? Daddy loves like mixed
nuts, but I never do but car rides for some
reason, just do the trick. Rice crispy treats that’s
one thing Addy eats at home, on car rides, on plane rides
– I have (mumbles) – That’s something you
eat everywhere, all right? You love your rice krispy treats I think we’re ready to go, woohoo – Yay, I put all my snacks in here I have my Jolly Ranchers, two jumbo rice
krispies and a push pop. – Yes, we just got this
new car like three days ago. This is the first time
we’re really breaking it in with a road trip and I’m
very excited to get to do it with you Addy. My favorite thing about the new car is the console as we have
full control of the radio, but the bad part about it is
that they could turn it off. When dad’s driving it, he turns it off, but when mom’s driving she leaves it on. (upbeat music) – And I just checked in. We’re staying at The Read House in Chattanooga, elevator over here, Addy. And now we gonna head up
and check out our room on the fifth floor girly. – 509 – [Lucy] Oh, right here? – Perfect
– That’s really easy. – [Lucy] It is the first one off the elevator. I know
– love it when that happens, okay, check out the
room, do the honors Addy. – Yay – [Lucy] Go check it out. – This is big. – [Lucy] Oh, where’d you go? Oh bathroom over here. Okay, Oh, nice shower. Addy, where’d you go? Oh, you lounging already?
(Addy mumbles) – [Lucy] Are you Queen Addy today? – Yes I am.
– It’s a nice room. Good space, had a nice car ride out here. We turned off the radio and just chatted for the whole two hours, started planning her birthday party. – Yeah
– Just a few months away You have a red tongue.
(Addy laughs)(mumbles) That was really red, is that from your pushpop probably? – I asked her how to read Jolly Rancher. – Ah, okay.
– That’ll do the trick. – So what are we gonna do now? It’s one o’clock, we have to be at the True Girl Pajama party at 5PM Should we get lunch?
– Pool – Lunch and pool?
– Yeah, – I’m hungry, alright lunch
and a little bit of pool time. – Yeah
– Lets do it girl (upbeat music) They have some really delicious looking cakes! Maybe we’ll have to get
something to take back for late night tonight after our shows. Think so?
– Yeah I was trying to think of the last time Addy and I had mother daughter
weekend just the two of us and really I remember when I was pregnant with Maya, Addy, when I went to my dad in Las Vegas who was
there for a convention and so we stayed at a hotel Addy and we went to like an aquarium got to swim in a pool,
– Oh yeah. – You remember that? That was kind of our last mother
daughter weekend together, and that was like – 7 years ago.
– 7 years ago. Okay we got the cake menu now, salivating over them and trying
to figure out what would be our favorite cakes to get. What do you think you’d pick? – The M&M
– The M&M cake – If it wasn’t chocolate – If it wasn’t chocolate? Chocolates cakes are so good. M&M cake, Whoo. buttercream cake, Snickers
cake, Mint chocolate cake. And the butter finger cake looks good. Also Reeses cheesecake. Delicious too. (soft music) That’s pretty good, Addy (Lucy laughs) I know what we’re munching on before you go to bed tonight, Addy right?
– Yeah. Butter finger cheesecake and you’re gonna share with me right? – Yeah
(upbeat music) – We don’t have any pool toys with us, we are going old-school
and I’m throwing pennies in for her and she’s diving for the pennies She’s not having much luck because the pennies keep moving apparently and she doesn’t have her goggles I guess that the water’s
kinda stinging in her eyes Addy and I have our pajamas on, wooh You wearing your pajamas, Addy, – Yeah
– comfy and ready to go? – Ah huh
– The event is a pajama party, so we’re sporting our pajamas and we’re gonna walk down
the streets of Chattanooga. You go now, Addy?
– Yes. Towards the Convention
Center in our pajamas. Are you ready for that?
– Yeah. – Now I have a feeling that
we’ll be able to vlog the actual celebration, the show,
the singing, the dancing but I’m hoping we can give
our viewers a sneak peek of the VIP dinner we’re
going to ahead of time so
– Yeah – I don’t know what to expect
but we get to have dinner. I’m sure we get to get
have a good dessert, – Yeah,
– Photos with the cards – do we have our wristbands?
– Photos with the – I do have our wristbands and everything we need,
I’m excited for it girly. – Yeah, let’s go, come on.
– Okay, let’s go. They have so much fun True
Girl merchandise here, if you haven’t checked out True Girl, it’s an awesome website
with books and resources just for girls and for moms and daughters. All things about your inner beauty, what your true beauty is, and there’s Bible verse memories and memorizing and all
sorts of great experiences. She’s read the fictional stories, just by what it means to
be a girl in today’s world and it’s all really good
and really uplifting. This Eight Great Dates for
Moms and Daughters We have this, we haven’t done these yet but these are gonna be on our
list of things to do girly. This coloring book looks fun too “You’re God’s Girl Coloring Book”. (upbeat music) Just dropped off a little gift bag. See what’s inside, Addy. – Oh my gosh It’s like packed with stuff.
– It is packed with stuff – Oh my gosh, look at this. – [Lucy] God is within her she
will not fall, that’s nice. – I think that’s what it says here. – [Lucy] I know, on our name tag. Oh my goodness, look at all that candy. I bet that candy will be perfect for the show. – Yeah
– In case you get hungry? – Yeah, you can have some too. – [Lucy] I can have some too? Thank you. (upbeat music) And I think it’s about time
for us to go into our show. Thank you so much for
hanging with us today. We’ll see you next to my
Tic Tac Toy family and – Tic Tac Toy – and don’t forget to
follow us on Instagram @tictactoyfamily. What do we say? – XOXO.
– XOXO. – Bye.
– Bye.

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