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home holiday event wedding and DIY decor today I’m gonna show you how to make a
dress for baby shower centerpiece and setup here we go today I am super excited to make this
baby shower centerpiece because I am giving my dress form a baby bump
let’s get started alright guys so I’m going to get started by grabbing a small
nail from inside my picture hanging kit I’m not sure where I got this kid from
but I believe is from Dollar Tree if not I probably got it from Home Depot
but you can get this kid pretty much anywhere and the nail is about two
inches long and it’s pretty thin okay and what I’m going to do with this nail
is I’m going to poke her belly oh my god that sound so bad I’m going to poke the
belly so that I can grab my half ball my foul ball and my half foam ball and I’m
going to push it against the nail so he can stay there but I’m also going to add
some hot glue around there so it can you know secure it a little more okay so it
will look something like that we’re gonna apply a little glue around
the nail to secure next I’m going to be using this blue
stretchy material that I got from Hobby Lobby this is a quarter of a yard you
don’t even need that much it was only a dollar 40 so I really didn’t like spend
a lot of money on it but you can get whatever color you like if you want it
for a girl you’re obviously going to use pink or you can use green or purple
whatever color you like but just make sure that it’s stretchy and I’m going to
bring it all around the only thing that I was worried about it was that it was a
little short but I’m gonna be able to stretch it so that’s gonna be alright
and I’m just going to glue it back here I’m going to place the rough edges you
know first and then I will place the nice edge over just hold as tight as possible she is
trying to show somebody’s and I’m trying to keep her up all right so I’m going to
add a little glue right here so this man rolled down and I’m able to see her
boobies so just really lightly and so far so good look like you she
looks so pretty all right now I’m going to continue by
gluing the bottom so you can look smoother see little creases there we
went to smooth that out by gluing D dress to the bottom of the form next I’m going to add some blue to the
middle as well and I’m going to bring this side over and it should look something like this
you can decide whether to leave it as it is or you can cut it off I haven’t
decided yet what I’m going to do because I have something that I’m going to put
over I I’m most likely gonna cut it off and I’m going to place something down
the middle to cover it up or am I just leave it on I don’t know I kind of like
it next I’m going to use this tool
princess skirt that I found on Dollar Tree I am going to place it over her
belly as a skirt so I’m just going to pull it off and I’m going to actually
cut it open a little bit because it’s a little bigger than what I need so
there’s this middle part here where they sort it together you’re just gonna cut
that open then you went to place a skirt over her belly yeah so if you find that
your tool is a little wrinkled try to iron it before so you won’t look you
know bad and tacky so I decided to keep this I’m just gonna trim the bottom it’s
gonna add a little blue there now I’m going to trim the tool right
here down the middle is to make it a little neater now I’m going to glue it together yep nice okay so this I decided to keep
this little train thing here I am going to cut it off a little bit about belly
it’s not letting me do too much just like when you’re pregnant huh can do
everything you want so I’m going to tuck this and I’m just going to glue it down
and here is how it’s looking like right now it’s not the prettiest sight but um
it’s totally secure there and now I’m going to add a vase to my pregnant girl
here I don’t know what to call her yet and I’m going to use this clear salad
plate because this is pretty light and he will fall over if somebody you know
leans against the table or bumps the table so I’m going to add this plate so
it can be to be a little more solid okay so it’s gonna look something like that
and I’m going to be using hot glue for now because I’m doing this in front of
you but if you want this to be really secure go ahead and use e6000 it takes
24 hours to bond but that’s your best bet
okay now you’re gonna grab your second tool
skirt and you are going to grab the longer part of it which is the under
part and you are going to and you are going to grab the ribbon part of the
skirt and you are going to glue it all around the top of the dress all right
so all right are you going to go as far back as you can so I’m just going to add
a little glue right there make sure not to add glue to the dress form just to
the dress oh my goodness guys I am so sorry I did
not realize my camera wasn’t recording the next step and I am so mad about it
but here’s what you have to do all you have to do is cut off the excess tool
and pull the tool together and glue it’s basically the same step as you did with
the bottom of the dress next I’m going to add a couple of rows of Diamond wrap
from Dollar Tree I’m going to add it right on top of the rubber band as a
belt I’m going to make her a nice necklace
with two rows of diamond rock and I’m just going to bring it together here in
the middle okay so she is very fabulous and very wealthy so she can’t afford
this big big necklace of diamonds around her neck all right so you’re just gonna
add a glue right there in the middle and then you’re just going to add a
little bit of hot glue to the back to secure it and here she is looking lovely
and delicate us ever I love it I didn’t wanted to mention that I changed the
base of the centerpiece for a totally clear solid plate also from Dollar Tree
instead of the one with the designs and I think this is a better choice because
it looks much more polished okay guys this is a this is my baby
shower centerpiece and I absolutely love it I love this centerpiece how cute is
she pregnant she is so cute I just got her married and now she’s
having a baby I still have to make the groom so I don’t know how she got
pregnant without the groom but the groom is coming I promise yeah I totally love
it the only thing I will tell you to be aware of is the glue on this side it was
totally a no-no so I will suggest for you to wait to add that glue once you
place the second tool for the ribbon on top of the dress so I will add the glue
then to keep the bottom dress up so like that you will come off logic with the
ribbon so yeah that’s the only thing I wish I would have done different but
other than that I love it I hope you guys enjoy this video and if you did
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here love to chit share with you guys all the time until next time bye you

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