Hi, we’re gonna go to church Cuz today is Church Day! 😀 Mhmm. Where are we gonna go now? (whispers) We’re going to church Church How are going to enjoy that? Uy! Look at your other arm, it’s not getting massaged It isn’t there yet anyways KATHNIEL! AHHH! *laughs* There’s a lot of people Yum~! Look at this and this How much is it? 1.5k *laughs* Rate the food from 1-10 Ten! Of course! (Ten?) Yes. You (sister) rate the food Te It was nice. (Rate the food) Oh. Rate. (You rate the food from 1-10) Ten! (Ten?) why? Me. I’ll rate the food like… (eight) seven Why seven? [No comment] Water bender?

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