Montenegro birthday party – Countryballs

Happy Birthday! Thank you so much guys Can we open the presents? Sure buddy Cool man thank you so much! sure man Here comrade some vodka and ak47 he he he ahhh… thank I guess I got you the best present this year spend some time looking for this hope you like it is this what I think it is? Oh man this is the best present ever! Wait what? …. It’s just a rock.. Ahh.. Montenegro like it so much It kind of looks good now I need it I need it !!! I need that rock Sir we just found a country that has a lot of oil Do I look like I need oil ? We need this f*king rock!

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  1. Please write your questions for the upcoming Q&A. I can't promise to answer everything, but lets give it a go (ᵔᴥᵔ)
    Also like the video if you enjoyed

  2. можно было изобразить то что Россия дарит нефть или там газ

  3. Well guys if it were not for the rocky terrain and hills and mountans and gorges we wouldnt have our freedom.
    The rock is symbol for our people.

  4. Idea:
    Poland is working ….
    Poland I'm tired accidentally sleeps
    Germany : Poland wake up!
    Poland: wakes* wha-whaaa fells down from chair
    Poland gets turned. With white on left red on right with bandage on top left
    Germany: what the-p.. Poland?
    Poland: yes Germany sorry!
    Italy : oh Malta where were you come let's go home!! How did you became so big let's go towards doctor! ( Italy thought Poland was Malta and drags him to hospital .)
    Poland wha-aaaaa! Stoop!
    Doctor Switzerland : it's Poland!
    Italy: no u r kidding
    Doctor Switzerland : lemme show you * shows a fake rocket template near the window*ooh kurwa! jumps falls down
    Poland got turned again and becomes normal
    Italy :oh
    Malta came and says -"hey Italy I was looking for u"
    What the-
    (show less)

  5. Turkey: nasılsın amerika A.B.D:çok iyiyim Turkey:yunanistan nerede A.B.D:almanyadan kaçıyordu (yunanistan gelir) yunanistan:hey türkiye eski dostum bana acil para lazım Türkiye:kapat o siktiğimin çenesini (pompalı tüfe sesi) PLEASE TRANSLATE

  6. Idea:
    Poland: Hello germany!
    Germany: Hello poland!
    Poland: Do you want to hear a joke?
    Germany: ……ye………sure…..
    Poland: You!
    Germany: I didn't understand the joke…
    Poland: Can i kick a joke?
    Germany: If you want to.
    Poland: (Kicks Germany)

  7. Singalluminati
    Singapore:hi malaysia
    Malaysia:hi singapore
    Russia:no talk with him he is an illuminati
    Malaysia:wow you dont lie russia
    Russia:i need vodka

  8. Nigeria: I wish Montenegro could stop being mean to me
    Montenegro: um I am sorry.
    Nigeria: Nigeria Forever!
    Nigeria kills Montenegro with a gun

    The End

  9. Freedom for America:
    U.K.:drink the tax juice.
    America mmm… thats good but now tax so freedom.
    America:No more taxes
    France:Is America okay?
    U.K.:Ah ah yes of course he's okay.
    France:Are you sure?
    U.K.:Ah ah yes I'm sure
    U.K.:Are you crazy
    U.K.:Ok! I s…s…surrender

  10. Montenegro

  11. France: passes Andorra
    France: "Hey"
    France: Passes Romania
    FRANCE: "hey"
    France: passes Moldova
    France. : "huh. I am experiencing Dacia Vú"

  12. montenegro: hmm what do i need ak47 for
    croatia invades montenegro
    montenegro:well i guess i can defend myself now
    croatia:haha i will easily kill montenegro
    croatia got annexed by montenegro

  13. Scotland and Hungary's warning

    (secret science base)
    Hungary:Scotland you gotta see this,
    Scotland:What happened?
    Hungary:The time has come
    Scotland:No it cant be we must have more time left
    Hungary:we dont have any time left
    Scotland:we must call him
    UN:and this is how we could make a worl…
    UN's iPhone rings
    UN:Hold on
    Scotland:The time has come
    UN:No it cant be
    Scotland on Phone:You said we wont ever use the Earth core heater
    UN:I didnt give anyone permission to use it
    UN:Who used it!!!
    Canada:Wait wheres Russia
    USA:Sir i think Russia stealed the weapon
    UN:How we keep it safe
    everyone looks at a broken door saying nothings here
    Russia:Hehehe thats right
    earth explodes whike a spaceship evecuated everyone else
    UN:Lucky we built this spaceship

  14. idea

    nuclear weapons flying everywhere
    poland:dare you america!
    usa:not me!(nuked)(dead)
    china and russia:dare you china/russia!(both nuked and dead)
    germany:(turn into east and west)
    west germany:(laughs)oh yea i got small and harder to target(nuked and dead)
    east germany:oh shit.
    all nukes stopped.
    east germany:yay!
    nukes split to more
    meamwhile on space…

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