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Come on kids, it is milk time Drink milk… You are a good kid, please drink milk I don’t like milk Milk is very healthy You will get powerful after drinking Please Hahaha Aayu please drink some milk. My good boy Please drink milk my good boy. I did not do that. You spill it. I didn’t wanted to drink it. Daily your milk get spill on the floor. You never want ot want to drink milk. How will your bones get stronger? You only want junk food. You do not want to drink milk How will you get power? How will you become healthy? Finish your milk fast. Are you drinking milk? Yes a small portion. Half of the milk is spilled. Finish the remaining milk. They made so many excuses for milk today. I will try to give them good habit of drinking milk. aayu and pihu come here Yes mumma coming Milk again ? In morning, I drank half glass milk. Not now. There are just 3 little glasses, just finish these. Ok this is a challenge No it is not pizza challenge This is Milk Challenge OK, I got it. We have to fill milk. Then add the item and drink it. Yes Just 3 glasses are there. You can finish it easily. Mumma, promise that we will get good items. We should not get bitter gourd. No one add bitter gourd with milk. Who will try first? Stone Paper Scissor. Stone, paper, scissor Aayu won… I choose, 10 number. 10 number Aayu open it. OREO First we will crush OREO biscuit… Then mix it with milk. Then we will drink that shake of OREO. He finished it 1 go. Wow Aayu… You finished it. Show it to me. Very good. Clean your face. Some milk on your lips. 11 Pihu got…. What is it ? Dry Fruit Mix Oh, It will taste very good with milk. It contains Cashew nuts and Almonds. Pihu will become stronger. Was it very tasty? Wow… Number 9 It has… Roohafza Aayu will like the taste. Yes Finish Number 5 Aayu got a very tasty syrup, in a bigger bottle. I also choose big bottle, hope I will get tasty thing. Let us see. 1 2 3 What is this? SAFFRON THANDAI (Indian Squash for summers) This is very tasty Normally, we drink this in summers. This is good. See I told you. 1 2 3 Finish Number 6 I have got number 6 Biscuit, I think. Good, banana. Laughing Aayu will mix banana in milk. First, I will mash the banana. Now, I have got Banana Shake. Number 3 Wow, Strawberry Shake. See Aayu, you got Banana and I get Strawberry. Now tell me which is better? Mine is better, let us see. Because I got Roohafza. Roohafza It looks like JAM. Mumma, I also feel like tasting it. Drink it Drink it. Smell is very nice. Very good. How was the taste? It taste like JAM. But still good. Now challenge is over. You can play. What? Why you kept so many items? For us ? No, your dad and I will do the challenge now. What? Yes You finished you items. No Mumma, we will do the remaining challenge also. We ill do it. You drank 3 glasses. Milk is very healthy mumma. Yes it is very healthy. Did you liked the taste? It is very healthy for bones. Mumma, we will be very tall after drinking milk. Do you like to drink it ? Mumma, yes we like to drink more milk. Will you finish the milk? Sure, OK Number 7 Aayu will open 7 by himself. Caramel Syrup. Aayu look at this. Drink this shake. It taste like a TOFFEE. It will taste like a toffee, because it is caramel syrup. Toffees are made with caramel. Now it is my turn. Very good. Number 4 Yes Chocolate Syrup I got brown which was very tasty. How was it ? Very Very Very Tasty I also liked that caramel syrup very very much. Number 2 My lucky number Honey Honey Honey Song How is it Aayu ? Super best. Even better than super best. Number 1 Jalebi (Sweet dish) What is this ? Aayu cannot control. Milk Jalebi for Pihu. Whenever we get Jalebi, We will drink Milk Jalebi together. Number 8 Open this Check what is inside. Is it empty? Is it empty? What is this? Saffron What is Saffron? It is a kind of spice which is added to milk and sweets. It is added in a very small quantity. It is very healthy Aayu there is more, you can drink more. Aayu, you didn’t liked Saffron Milk? I didn’t liked its smell. Now last. Whichever is remaining. For Pihu What is it ? Turmeric. Hahaha I will drink this also in 1 go. Mumma added Turmeric. Pihu drink this I like it a lot. 1 2 3 You drank it. Who won this challenge? Me Me Me Both No I won this challenge. You didn’t drink even a single glass of milk. I didn’t drank milk. But my challenge was to make you drink milk. and I did that. See…. If your kids also don’t like to drink milk? Then play this challenge with them. Don’t forget to like. Share and subscribe. Laughing… Mumma add more more more more Will you drink milk atleast once daily? No twice No thrice Drink milk stay fit and become healthy Keep Watching Aayu and Pihu Show Bye Bye Love you all

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