Mortal Kombat Sitcom: Shao Kahn Comes to Dinner

“Get Over Here!”is filmed in front of a live studio audience Cheer with the door bell! Freeze-louise! Ah,is this Scorpion’s stage? Ice mask! Aren’t you supposed to say trick or treat? Boss, oh, sorry to keep you paused! Uh, come right in! Don’t mess this up for me, Sub-Zero! If i’m gonna get the big promotion, dinner has to be a Flawless Victory! Cool it, Scorp, I wanna dream up chill in here I’ve got a date. With twiiiiiiins!!! So I need your car. If they find out I don’t have a ride, don’t put me in the Friendship zone! You don’t even know how to drive!!!! I’ll read the manual! Scorpion, this cheesecake it’s a murder for! Is it a hell spawn recipe? Heh, just came off the top of my skull! You know,since Goro and Kintaro died I’ve been looking for a new second in command. How many arms do you have? Two…. But i’ve been thinking about getting more. Ha ha ha Scorpion, I am impressed. You might actually be the right person for… Freezus christ! He is out cold! No wait, He’s dead Sub-Zero! Get Over Here!

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  1. This isn’t even funny it’s just stupid. I get that it’s a parody of cheesy 90’s sitcoms but still it’s just not funny.

  2. Well scorpion i made it, despite your directions…
    Oh emperor Shao Khan! I hope you are prepared for an unforgetable luncheon!

  3. I was rolling when I first heard the narrator say "Get Over Here is filmed in front of a live studio audience." The absurdity of that statement.

  4. Sub-Zero: Freezus Christ! He’s out cold! Oh wait, he’s dead.


  5. Is that Mileena in the car? Probably a good thing Sub Zero couldn’t drive then. He could’ve gone somewhere and had his head eaten off.

  6. Foi só eu, ou ninguém mais percebeu que pareciam Allan e Charlie de dois homens e meio? Só faltou ter mais um ninja para ser como o Jake.

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