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Furfuri town’s lovely children from all of us a Happy Children’s Day. On this day we have arranged a lot of entertainment and various food stalls for the children. Seeing the excitement of all of you we have decided. Which ever stall the children like the most and from what the kids get happy the most. That stall owner will be declared the Best Citizen of Furfuri town. Dr. Jhatka I have twenty years’ experience of organizing a stall. You see we will only become the Best Citizen. Let anyone become the Best Citizen but I will never ever allow Motu Patlu to receive the Best Citizen award. A thunderous idea is getting cooked in the kitchen of my devilish mind. Uncle, give me also the balloon, that red one, no, the green one. Child, I will give you both red and green just wait for a while. We have lot many balloons, everyone will get the balloons. No uncle, I want it right now, quickly give me the balloon. Balloon, uncle what has fallen down? Patlu, I did not find anything below. Why does it seem that the ground from me and I from the ground are moving away? Motu look up! How did you start flying up in air? Look uncle is himself become a balloon and flying up like a balloon. Patlu help! Save me Patlu. Very good uncle can fly also. Wow! Uncle can also dance while flying. Motu himself is like a balloon, why does he require a balloon? Great uncle! You were flying so nicely. Please fly one more time and show us, we enjoyed it a lot. The kids enjoyed and I got punished. All my bones are broken. Wow boss! What a breaking poetry you have recited! Good for nothing, here my bones have broken and you are bothered about the poetry. Motu you have landed down safely, now leave the balloon we will put up another stall. Hurray! Wow! It seems as if it is a snow fall. Thank you Motu Patlu uncle, we have never eaten such type of popcorn. No! I am making new plans to make Motu Patlu’s stall worse. And there the kids are getting happier. All my plans are failing. This way Motu Patlu will surely become the Best Citizen of Furfuri town. Boss! Listen to what I am saying let Motu Patlu become the Best Citizen as. As such you can never become the Best Citizen of Furfuri town. Than what is the quarrel about? I meant that you have to become the Best Don. Than what have you got to do with the Best Citizen award? I will not accept defeat so easily. As such someone has said “one who wins after losing is called the one who plays with dangers” And boss one who loses again and again? It’s a good question, Number 1 take him to one side and explain him the meaning. May all medicines goes in your mouth, hey what is all this happening Motu Patlu? All the children are entering happily in your stall but after that what happens? I do not understand anything friend. We also do not understand anything Dr. Jhatka. I think someone is surely becoming a hurdle in our path. What I am saying that both of you don’t put up a stall, think something else. Patlu, my brain does not work on an empty stomach you only think of something different. Idea! We will not put up a stall but we will take everyone flying in the hot air balloon. Long live! This is surely something different. Children it’s enough of playing, now we will take you on air trip in the balloon. Yeah! We all will climb inside the hot air balloon and fly in the sky, it will be fun. Children ready! In the first round the children will take a trip, after that it will be the turn of adults. Come-on everyone hop into the balloon one by one in a queue. Uncle, the balloon is flying off, save us uncle please, quickly uncle we are afraid. Children don’t be afraid, we are coming right now, just catch each other’s hands. Motu there quickly. Children, now there is no need to be afraid, we have reached here. Uncle, now it’s our turn. I am proud of you Motu-Patlu. Once again you have demonstrated your intelligence and bravery. Kids now the time of the fair is over and it’s going to be dark. You all take a ride of the balloon the next time. Now it is time to announce the Best Citizen award. Children today’s day is yours, you only tell us whose stall should get the first prize? Motu-Patlu uncle! Children themselves have decided the winner. Motu and Patlu are the winners of today’s first prize. We announce Motu Patlu as the Best Citizen of the Year. Oh my god! Who is this kid who is crying, where is he crying? Hey kid stop crying and start laughing. Motu and Patlu always win. Whatever plan I make against them fails. I don’t know how they have landed here eating which magical medicine. I don’t want to live on that ground where only Motu and Patlu are cheered. I am going from here. Boss, what will we do without you, take us also with you. Boss! Pull us inside. Boss, Motu and Patlu have again become the winner.

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