Movie Review– The Hangover Part III

forcing experts welcome everybody to well what the fletc hangovers three this was really good
because alonzo was here on the air and
apparently jenkins bhai plot that i had to be the
can it’s integrated depositing in here and
have fun today with the hangover part three roman numeral three let no man is
a very serious out of it direct cell and the centrist is the
third installment in a hangover challenging the private need even be a
second language first what was so wonderful and sent on a list of trash but uh… this time we got a much more
seriousness darker direction alan at these act out the neck is
character has gone for this man and spiraling out of control and so the
members of the world happened and i think apparent helms and and justin part
back and get in and he really and it is right
here in just a good thing i think of a clatter all the time you have time today stepping into intervention and
proper to drive him to a treatment center in a resented that this hopefully not be an innocuous
little job through the desert work description of the movie was better than the move campaign so here’s
my like the city and shocking events are saying this
because i or part two of that was the worst movie of that year i was so angry uses must leave the here again cynical
be for bb has a problem well blonde under the change by yourself and love
that back the interior the little with the direction timely emotionally structurally is in the dark
filmmakers into dangerous places in there is a very genuine consequences
here beyond jest whacking asset for the crash last least
isn’t going to industrially i think it definitely does in terms of and really
taking a look at ac allen’s and mental illness is beyond
just a source of last at this point i mean its the indicators seriously this time i think we provide to stand here and
there are going to do linkages pointing at the at the within the community and
they are in their government there are more quiet and down more intimate that
we’ve seen that in the previous films i get that sent the action is trying to
do something different and that alone i appreciated daring here and we have not
seen since the first one and on i’d just like the he dared to
illini could very high instead maybe still the so successful if you don’t want to the thinking is
going to be a comedy cave in the area showing be let’s let
cinderella arrogant attitude cos it was here and there is a actually wasn’t even
remotely funny for a second and not having left of time in half of it yeah there was a early scene i’m i don’t
care about giving one line away the that early in the movie you can see it coming
as soon as it develops they kill a giraffe and happy he’s decapitated on interstate but at least ben bradley cooper said you
know when they’re all ago my god bradley cooper says because your apple gives a propaganda
for a moment ago or maybe this is going to be a little subversive but that
mentality that if the movie sort of the uh… i think maybe flirts with the idea
of of of the movie did you magically saw how i’m going to then you know where we’re worried you
know they’re they’re driving there is only a negative nabs and and your primary noble cake finally
these guys with the paper being like obnoxious you know when the white guy she went to
the victims were close to the world and this wreak havoc and not ever pay any
consequences but no no no no we’re back to the usual hijinks advance i’ve never been a fan of the series i
think that if you’re going up for the first
hangover i like the premise of the time of the idea of a bit of these we do that
kind of comedy it has to be clockwork precisely digger reconstructing the night before it’s
gotta be this happened there attitudes of the puzzle sloppy movies so
that by the the second one is derived from that all over the place and lazy disposes flat-out not funny and it’s not just me
and then i went last night at ten p_m_ red exemplary city magnet with regular
folks for house we’re going to see the
hangover part three on wednesday night critics see criticism you lose your
their room getting sucked up with something like that and i was like
supporting honors locker room at the super bowl for that leading ejup survive a have taken your
mood at me maybe pac does big screenings they packing it will be
making some to live together folks who were pbl pumped lasting affect your mood
in the opposite way to have it be don’t know how it was dead there’s no question
that uh… if you could have said i could see that
the studio with people who say cluster there’s no way and then i was going to
go ahead and nobody knew that there was a anger
after the movie there were people bond guy behind this was a arguably would
start thirty th barkin box on that and then just i mean
the silence was really like before trudging out of the theater we
didn’t have joined as well i think is that they were tried yet of the republic
we all just to welcome a dream it turns out it’s nineteen seventy seven we all
work and soviet coal mining town girls as it was
just delivered was developed and death motel hollywood comedies catches met
expectations and as a matter of expectation a mile or do they heating to
so much of the season referendum is that character suddenly these are legit
cardboard cutouts they plug into situations is i don’t like is the only ones doing
anything remotely interesting or funny i’m sure he’s making half of it up and uh… you know i mean you know it’s it’s a such stock
situations all this is this the same chosen before
week more ten jong who decided will be more time dynamic care about him as a human being with you
on that little bit of ten john goes a long way anywhere nearly a little bit of
his act out the next decade was a long way but there is privacy there’s
actually development to these people there are other side of the nearest
shaving in mister challenged a the whole sequence words it’s it’s not find and lacking two boxers it’s like
dark and scary in that depend how sweet at caesar’s when if i find and on i
would say that that is on darker look at hand and a closer look at
his estate topics all then just the weapon is a disturbance
calumet jumps all this is an constitutional and yelling i want to
look a little bit of a compliant i echoed well-acted belly-up i mean if
you get a lot luke and john goes a long way i’m not a fan has been a deadly show
like loneliness igneous that came here and
start is that i was only a reminds them of ira all four like let’s take a
popular franchise and turn it on to your money defiant occasions let’s give the
audience and they didn’t know they want to make or maybe they don’t want it all this is not that easy induces shared
services that caramel movie i’m sorry i anything easygoing meeting is gonna be a darker movie name
ready for that maybe you’ll enjoy it more ideologically but it’s not that the
other hand it’s not a good darker gerry adams the leader in other
words not only a few of the people and i’m not mistaken but as i mentioned
earlier is that there’s not a big carries anyways now that’s the only thing is that the
figure out how fast certainly just about to disappear did they do that every
weekend in every way they showed more than that of the sidelines could respond
or and then decide whether they get a rap
represented the because they can be realized there’s a whole other city to go to
there’s a whole other set of steps that have to be completed
the republican plan anything you know god is ever going to be over those of
you know i mentioned the giraffe you know they that the draft if they have
had the smothered with big budget with a panel of the
berlin and they in the ticketing killed two books you know and the okay i guess that’s
dark but it’s not like your each time it’s supposed to be funny and and it is this the funny thing on
the twenty states at least anti anti police updating the perspective of
running a little bit and i won’t go there they dealt with it yeah i think is not going to be find our
last year and it was mccarthy step is greater than our plane moments an
individual mind a lot of witnesses act out expected a lot of is meant to be
good for you for a month funny movie it’s not interesting drama adequately dramatically all and i don’t and those who for example and things so
much was funny as the with you recognize just a moment when she’s not even
speaking by just got a and i was there with my
girlfriend while so i was like most oppressive super account she just sort of there’s a there’s an
aggressive talent that’s in every city in the present even
in over parts for small it’s worth noting this is the first ones not
written by the guys who wrote the first two with some co-written by prototype tools and the guy who wrote
identity witnesses for about an hour and a system witnesses much better that you
have it by having you know then again i don’t know but again i would say yes
that’s what you’re going to three times before and watch this again machine guns and that their are we can’t
say that file i think you should start earlier and jake in atlanta for a seven six
point seven seven always shared people more than anyone else forty one percent i want to me is there
another picture sites needled liked this movie i’m ok admission on this i’m really kind
of a way that idea which of the cinema stories deliberately vegetated hang over
to your leading disappointed in this e-mail it and that alone make it better hot dogs are set out all the zero point
six dispassionately now a lot of those little time with number although it is a
perfect vendors will be hurt may terrible deserve what fuckin happy shot what dot hemisphere struck a protons landed at
the federal warner clarified butter will spill over your cold winter it christine
jumped up to a two point sections are overall rating to forty two percent in
intimate again do you want to get there are two other
signals opening today the remote letter we get to those decided to not receive
the spy

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  1. Because you can't have an opinion about anything, even a subpar director like Christopher Nolan, if you don't like the Batman.

  2. I agree with Christy, at least to a point. I think the movie benefits from having a darker, more unrelenting tone. Todd Phillips consistently shows himself to be a terrific director. Christy don't lie, there's some great shots in this movie for it being a "dark comedy" or whatever it may be. I think the script definitely falters in parts, but not for being unfunny. I think it could've actually gone darker (and should have) instead of still treating these characters as if we like them.

  3. When you get older, depending on the types of movies you watch, you may or may not begin to realize that Hollywood movies are incredibly tiresome and fail to get swept up in the latest pop culture every summer. You may begin to appreciate the movies that take risks far more than the ones that just play to mass appeal. As for liking Twilight, I too can't defend that, but at least she's not the only critic to say it.

  4. Are you implying that Star Trek Into Darkness and The Dark Knight Rises are well-done movies? Into Darkness is 3 stars at best and TDKR is 2 stars and that's being generous.

  5. You blast me for criticizing Christy for having an opinion and then you state that Nolan is a subpar director like it is a fact. Check your reasoning. One can have an opinion and not articulate well. Christy Lemire is a poor film critic because of that

  6. Sure, because I like to get under people's skin when they imply that Nolan's Batman films are the greatest thing around. I honestly don't care what you think of Christy or of her film critique, but there's not enough people willing to go against this intensely ingrained sense of esteem for Nolan, who's a needlessly elaborate writer and sloppy director in his recent work. Plus, I like that Christy can stick by her guns and argue knowing she has an unpopular POV, because she's true to herself.

  7. Sure, but that said, I don't think Phillips (and maybe it's purely of his own volition) has had much of an opportunity to spread his wings much outside of making comedies, and so I partly judge him on the amount of potential I see for him to make something way more spectacular than any of these movies, which he's clearly squandering his abilities as a filmmaker with less than worthy scripts. And given that he co-wrote this, I'll say it probably means he shouldn't focus his talents into writing.

  8. Oh God, Christy did NOT hate the TDKR
    She gave it a 5 meaning she didn't "love it" but still "recommends" it to a selective audience.
    If she had hated it, she would have given it a 1 which she has done to other films.

  9. Just watched this film and all I can say is that it was a hell of a lot better, story wise than The Hangover II. I hated The Hangover II because it was the exact story as The Hangover. I'd give this one a 6. Good, not great but not terrible.

  10. So The Hangover Part 3 is better then TDKR and Star Tek Into Darkness???? Anyone else thinks that???

  11. I wasn't really into the 3rd one, as the critics said there were some crickets sounding off I mean it just wasn't funny. The story bored me and what the fuck was with Allan's wedding? They barely showed anything and then at the end…THEN comes the hangover after the credits begin? SO lame. They wanted to fit it in after making some dumb ass story about the wolf-pac trying to capture Chow. It's THE HANGOVER not capture the fucking Asian! They should have changed the title…

  12. Hate it so much when reviewers make factual errors that can easily be looked up. This isn't the first "Hangover"-movie that's not by the original writers, part 2 was also written by Phillips & Mazin. I know it's nitpicking but I cant help it, it bothers me.

  13. C'mon!! Chow is great!! A guy with the smallest penis ever shown on a non porn big screen becomes a big screen star…It does not get better than this.

  14. Sure, yes, I jumped on the hate cos I felt like it. Never mind that Begins and DK are two of my favorite films of all time… never mind that DKR was my most anticipated film for four years. I wrote a 3000 word review of the movie after it came out, that's how little I cared and just jumped on the bandwagon. Did it ever cross your mind that, just maybe, I was a huge fan of the series, but the third movie just isn't that good? Dummy.

  15. I downloaded it for free if you guys want to check it out: goo.glhVGYb, not the best of quality but hey its free!

  16. I didn't see this movie and I'm probably not gonna – but kudos to Christy for stickin' to her guns!!

  17. For the first time, in I don't know how long, I agree with Christie. Alonso and Ben are wrong about Hangover III, I loved that they tried something different from the first two movies. And it was funny, the movie was good. I also hated Hangover II, and really liked the third one.

  18. I don't know if my sense of humour is just stupid and twisted or if something's wrong with people, but I don't understand all the criticism this movie is getting.

  19. I guess it's the type of humor you have to have like Jackass. A lot of people think it was dumb as hell, but others thought it was hilarious as hell.

  20. it's the same movie….. same formula, asian man, awildlife, random celebrity and absurd things happen where have I seen this 1&2

  21. Totally agree with Christy–great movie. Love how it fucks with its target audience. And it WAS well shot. That scene near the beginning where the dad dies, really incredible.

  22. I liked the first, I "meh" the second, and I was entertained with the third. BTW In the many times I have seen it in the cinema (which was full) all people laughed. Especially in the last scene.

  23. Man, Christy is putting way too much thought into this movie. I think Todd Phillips just wanted to make a comedy, not look into the characters' souls.

  24. Damn, Quentin Tarantino's chin is getting fatter. Oh… That's not Quentin Tarantino… it's just a guy with an equally CRAZY under-bite…

  25. Usually I come down on the side of those who stand against many with their opinion when liking a movie that nobody else likes (hell I loved R.I.P.D.). But the Hangover III had nothing… it was no comedy. it didn't have enough thrills to e a thriller, not enough action to be an action movie. I am glad they tried to make something new and get away from a given formula. But in this case they really failed. This might have made a good indy film with a bit more action and played a little darker. (although for a comedy it was pretty dark). So I really don't know what this movie was about.

  26. All I can say is that it delivered as a thriller and it was a nice change in pace. However, I felt that the focus was too much on Chow and Alan, and Alan became more unlikable than ever. He already became sort of unlikable in the second film, but this one, I never thought he would go along with Chow's antics. I really didn't think too much of it, but I didn't hate it either. I gave it about 5.

  27. after 2, im glad hangover did something different, and it didn't need to be funny, go to the first one for that

  28. The Hangover 3 was the best of all the film's. It had laughs and was not about marriage and that boring craps. The only serious part about the movie was the killing but non of the guys were ever really thought to be in real danger, even though the head of security was shot to make a point. And again they wake u
    p hungover.

  29. F… Christy F… Christy most unprofessional, her opinions does not make sense holocast imagery in toy story 3, thinks there' character development in hangover part III a bit far stretch from that not great critic 

  30. "It's at 41% on RT, there are other people besides me who like this movie. I am comfortable with my position on this film." — Christy

    Too bad (or "little did she know") that it's at 18% overall and on Top Critics as of right now on RT. Sorry, Christy, but you are honestly one of the only people on this planet who thinks this way…yes, you are. And it's crazy and ludicrous. Please stop reviewing movies. Thanks.

  31. Thank u Christy I'm the only one who actually actually enjoyed this movie I like people when they have their own opinion

  32. Am I the only person who thinks Alan is the most annoying movie character in history? Painfully unfunny, even in the first one

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