Mozart – The Marriage of Figaro – Academy of Ancient Music, LIVE HD with English subtitles

Five… Ten… Twenty… Thirty… Thirty-six… Forty-three… I couldn’t be happier.
It looks just made for me Five… Take a look, darling Figaro Take a look at my hat Yes, my sweet, it’s lovely.
It looks just made for you On the morning of their wedding
the bridegroom is enchanted… …by this lovely little hat
that Susanna made herself What are you measuring,
Figaro dearest? I’m checking if the bed the Count
is giving us will fit here – In this room?
– Yes, the master has kindly given us it – You can keep it
– And the reason? – The reason’s in here
– Can’t you send it over here? I don’t want to.
Aren’t you my servant? But why don’t you like
the most convenient room in the house? Because I’m Susanna,
and you’re a fool Thank you, high praise How could we
be better off anywhere else? If by chance
that the mistress calls you at night Two steps and you’re there Then there’s the chance
that the master wants me Three strides
and I’m at his command And if the dear Count
should ring one morning… …and send you three miles away… …the Devil leads him to my door,
and in three strides… Susanna, calm down – Listen
– Out with it If you want to hear more… …put aside your suspicions which do me wrong Doubt and suspicion
make my blood run cold – Now, listen, and shut up
– What’s all this is about? The Count has tired of chasing
after women outside the gates… …and wants
to try his luck closer to home But it’s not his wife
who’s whetting his appetite – Who is it then?
– Your little Susanna – You?
– None other He hopes keeping us close by
will help his plans Excellent! Go on This is why he takes such an interest
in you, and your bride – So generous of him
– Ssh! You haven’t heard the best bit My singing teacher, Don Basilio
plays the go-between at every lesson That scoundrel Basilio Did you think my dowry
was all down to your lovely mug? Well, I flattered myself… He’s using it to get the thirty minutes
with me that is his feudal right… – What!? Hasn’t the Count abolished that?
– Well, he’s trying to resurrect it for me That’s lovely, my dear Count.
We’ll see about that – Who rang? It’s the Countess
– Goodbye, dear Figaro – Be brave, my sweet
– And you, use your head Bravo, my master.
Now I begin to understand the mystery I see your plans for what they are London, you say?
You, the minister, I, the courier And Susanna… …a secret attachée It will not be.
Figaro says so My dear Count, if you wish to dance,
I’ll be playing the tune If you come to my dancing school
I’ll show you how to jump I’ll do… But wait… Deception is the better way
to uncover every secret By parrying, pricking, and feinting,
I’ll turn your plans upside-down My dear Count, if you wish to dance,
I’ll be playing the tune And you waited until the wedding day
before telling me this? Even engagements further advanced
than this can be broken off Quite apart from this contract
he owes me certain obligations Anyway, we have to convince Susanna
to reject the Count’s advances In revenge he’ll take my side
and Figaro will become my husband I’ll do all it takes,
but don’t keep anything from me (Imagine making him marry
my old housekeeper!) Vengeance! Vengeance! A dish for sophisticated palates To let an insult pass
is cowardly and humiliating By using my wits and judgement
I could… This is a serious matter But trust me, we’ll succeed Even if I have to read every law book
I’ll find some loophole… …some caveat will be found The whole of Seville knows Bartolo.
That scoundrel Figaro will be beaten I haven’t lost everything,
I still have hope Here comes Susanna.
I’ll pretend not to see her – Is that the jewel he wants to marry?
– (Does she mean me?) But what can you expect from Figaro?
Money does the trick (How rude. Just as well
everyone knows what she’s like) She’s clever, with that show of modesty,
not to mention… – (I should go)
– What a lovely bride – Your servant, my lady
– I wouldn’t be so bold, madam – After you
– No, after you I know my place,
I wouldn’t be ungracious – The bride-to-be
– The lady of honour – The Count’s favourite
– The love of all Spain – Your qualities
– Your dress Your position Your age I’ll lose my temper
if I stay here any longer Old witch, she just makes me laugh Who do you think you are, just because
you’ve read a couple of books? – Is that you, Susanna?
– Yes, what do you want? – What a disaster
– What’s happened? The Count has thrown me out because he
found me alone with Barbarina yesterday If the Countess doesn’t intervene,
I’ll have to leave – I’ll never see you again
– Never see me again! So isn’t it the Countess
you’re secretly sighing for any more? I’ve too much respect for her. You’re the lucky one,
seeing her whenever you want You dress her in the morning,
undress her in the evening You pin up her hair.
If it were me… – What have you got there?
– A ribbon for her night-cap – Let me have it
– Give it back I wouldn’t part with it
for my life – What a cheek!
– Silence! – I’ll swap it for this song of mine
– What would I do with that? Read it to the mistress, to yourself
to Barbarina, Marcellina – Read it to every woman in the palace
– Cherubino, you’ve lost your mind I don’t know what’s happening to me,
I go from hot to cold Every woman makes me blush
and sets my heart pounding Just to hear the word `love’
unsettles me To speak of it fills me with
a desire I can’t explain I speak of love when I’m awake,
I speak of love when I’m dreaming To the river, the mountains,
the flowers, the grass… …to the echo and the wind,
and they carry my vain words
off with them And if no one is listening… …I speak of love to myself – Disaster!
– Oh no, it’s the Count Susanna, you seem
somewhat flustered Sir, I’m sorry, but if someone surprised us here…
Please go In a moment.
First, listen – I don’t want to hear
– Just a word You know I’ve been
made ambassador to London I’m taking Figaro with me – If I may…
– Speak, my love and by that right you take today,
ask, command, compel… I don’t claim any rights, and I don’t want any.
I’m so unhappy But I want to make you happy Basilio has already told you everything If you would meet me for thirty minutes
at dusk in the garden… – You’ve just missed him
– Who’s that? – Go, and keep everyone out
– And leave you alone here? – I’ll see if he’s with the Countess
– I’ll hide here – Don’t hide
– Just get rid of him What are you doing? Susanna, may heaven bless you.
Have you, perchance, seen the Count? Why should I have?
Come on. Get out – Figaro is looking for him
– The man who hates him more than you do (Let’s see how loyal he is) I’ve never heard it said that a man
who loves the wife must hate the husband – As the Count loves you…
– Out of here, you vile go-between I’ve no need of your morals,
the Count, or his love No harm done,
each to his own I thought you’d prefer a gentleman
to a young fellow, a page To Cherubino? The amorous cherub who was
pacing outside here this morning – You worm! That’s a lie!
– I know what I saw Tell me about this song
I’m your friend, I won’t tell a soul – Is it for you, or madam?
– (Who on earth told him?) You should tell him not to look
so brazenly at her during supper If the Count noticed
he’d be furious – Why do you spread such lies?
– Me? That’s unfair I don’t add a single word
to what everyone else is saying What do you mean,
what everyone is saying? Go this instant
and throw the seducer out Forgive me,
I’ve come here at the wrong time What a disaster,
I’ve never felt worse The poor girl is fainting.
How her heart is pounding Gently, in this chair Where am I? What are you doing?
Leave me alone We’re here to help you.
Don’t be upset All I was saying about the page
was mere suspicion It’s a trap, sheer malice.
Don’t believe this liar – The little dandy must go
– Poor chap! Poor chap!
But I too surprised him How? What? Yesterday I went to see your cousin,
but her door was shut I knocked, and when Barbarina
opened up, she seemed agitated That roused my suspicions
and I looked in every corner And when I lifted
the tablecloth… …I found the page – What’s this?
– Just my luck Better and better – Most honest lady! Well now we know!
– It couldn’t get any worse Every woman behaves like this,
there’s nothing new about it Go and find Figaro.
I want him to see… …and hear. Off you go No, wait.
How can you defend yourself? – The innocent need no defence
– When did he come in? He was here when you came, and
asked me to intercede with the Countess He was flustered when you arrived
and so he hid there – But I sat there when I came in
– Then I hid round the back – And when I went there?
– Then I hid here – So he heard everything I said
– I tried not to – Quiet, people are coming
– Don’t move an inch, you little snake Maidens, honour our master
with this offering of flowers His generous heart preserves
the purity of a fairer flower What’s all this nonsense? – (Play along)
– (I’ve lost all hope) Sir, don’t reject a tribute you deserve
for abolishing such a right That right is no more.
What is it you want? Today we’ll harvest
the first fruits of your wisdom Please crown with this veil one who has
been kept pure by your gift (Too sly by half,
but I’ll keep my composure) I’m sure I don’t deserve this tribute In abolishing the right
I was restoring the rights of nature – Virtuous!
– And just I promise to perform the ceremony.
But not just yet I want to crown your happiness
in style, in front of all my loyal servants (I need Marcellina)
You may leave us Aren’t you cheering? He’s upset because he’s been thrown out – On such a day
– A wedding day – When all admire you
– Forgive me, sir – You don’t deserve it
– He’s just a boy – Not as much as you think
– But I shan’t say… Very well, I forgive you.
In fact, I’ll do more There’s a vacancy for an officer in my regiment.
It’s yours; off you go – Wait until tomorrow
– No, now – I’m ready to obey
– Give Susanna a last embrace Give me your hand, captain.
(We’ll speak before you leave) Goodbye, Cherubino.
Your destiny has changed in a moment Say goodbye to gadding about,
upsetting women, you pocket Adonis No more pretty feathers, fancy hats
so fine and dashing Nor that gallant air or girlish complexion In the midst of soldiers,
curly moustaches, heavy backpacks A shouldered musket, a sabre at your side
head straight, chin up A smart helmet,
plenty of honour, not much money Instead of a fandango,
you’ll have marches through the mud Up hill, down dale,
in the snow or burning sun To the sound of cannonfire,
bullets whistling past your ears Off to victory, Cherubino.
On to military glory Love, offer some relief
to my sorrow and my sighing Give me back the man I love
or simply let me die Susanna, tell me
the rest of the story – There’s nothing more
– Did he want to seduce you? That’s not the Count’s way with women
like me, it was a question of money – He doesn’t love me any more
– Then why is he so jealous? Like all modern husbands, unfaithful
on principle, fickle by nature… …and jealous out of pride.
But if Figaro loves you, he might… – The mistress is anxious…
– Nothing to worry about What does it all amount to? The Count likes my bride, and secretly
wants to revive his rights – It’s quite possible, and natural – Possible? Natural? Perfectly natural, and if Susanna agrees
utterly possible – That’s enough
– I’ve finished So he’s decided to make me courier
and Susanna secret attachée And since she continues to turn him down
he’s threatening to take Marcellina’s side – How can you take this all so lightly?
– Would you rather I didn’t? Here’s my plan:
I send him a note via Basilio… …about an assignation you’ve arranged
with a lover during the ball – To such a jealous man?
– All the better This way we can
embarrass him, trick him… …foil his plans
and make him suspicious… …and open his eyes to the fact
that the tables have been turned He’ll waste time on a pointless search
and before he can stop us… …it’s time for our wedding,
and he won’t oppose it in front of you – But Marcellina will…
– Just a moment Tell the Count to wait for you
in the garden this evening Cherubino’s still here, and we’ll send
him dressed as a woman in your place When the Countess surprises him,
he’ll have to do as we wish – What do you think?
– Not bad When he’s sure…
Have we enough time? The Count’s out hunting for a while.
I’ll send Cherubino for you to dress him And then? If the Count wishes to dance
I’ll be playing the tune It pains me that the young man
heard the Count’s protestations If you only knew… Why did he not come to me directly?
Where’s the song? Let’s have him sing it to us In you come, mister officer Don’t call me that. It reminds me
I’ll have to leave the kind Countess – So lovely, too
– Yes, indeed You big hypocrite! Let the mistress
hear the song you gave me – Who wrote it?
– Look at his blushes – You accompany him
– I’m so nervous… – But if madam so desires
– She does, so get on with it You women who know about love,
say if that’s what is in my heart Let me tell you what I feel.
Something new I don’t understand I feel this yearning
sometimes pleasure, sometimes pain I freeze, flare up
then suddenly I freeze again I’m searching for something I don’t have
and I don’t know what it is I can’t stop myself
from sighing and moaning I never have a moment’s peace
yet I don’t want it to stop Lovely!
I didn’t know you could sing so well He does everything well.
Now, soldier, Figaro told you… – He told me everything
– Now let’s see This will fit perfectly,
we’re the same height. Off with that – What are you doing?
– Don’t worry – What if someone comes in?
– We’re not doing anything wrong I’ll lock the door What shall we do with his hair? Fetch a cap from my closet – What’s that piece of paper?
– My commission – That was quick
– Basilio just gave me it – They forgot to put the seal on it
– What seal? – On the commission
– He was in a hurry! Be quick,
we’re in trouble if the Count comes Come and kneel here,
and don’t move an inch Now turn round.
That’s right Turn your face toward me.
Look at me Straight at me,
the mistress isn’t there The collar a bit higher,
eyes lowered Hands at the waist.
Let’s see how you walk Look at the little scamp.
He’s beautiful If women fall in love with him
you can certainly see why – Such a lot of clowning
– I’m jealous of him myself Stop looking so pretty Let’s complete the transformation.
Roll the sleeves up – Like this?
– Further up – What’s that ribbon?
– One he stole from me And the blood? I slipped and grazed myself
so I tied the ribbon round the wound Show me. It’s nothing.
His arm is whiter than mine Go into my closet
and fetch some bandage I’d like the ribbon back
because of the colour – What about his arm?
– Fetch a different ribbon, and my dress – That would heal me quicker
– But this is better When a ribbon has tied the hair,
touched the skin of… …someone else, it heals better?
I never heard that before – You’re laughing, and I must leave
– Poor fellow, what a tragedy – Now he’s crying
– Why can I not die? Perhaps on my deathbed
those lips would dare… Be wise.
What is this madness? – Who’s knocking?
– Why is this locked? My husband! And you in that state.
He’s got the letter, and he’s so jealous – What’s keeping you?
– I’m alone – Then who are you talking to?
– To you After what’s happened,
there’s no other solution Heaven protect me This is new, you’ve never locked
yourself in your room before Yes, but I was here
trying on… some things… Then Susanna went to her room Anyway, you’re in a fluster.
Look at this note (It’s the letter Figaro wrote him) What was that noise?
Something fell down in your closet – I didn’t hear anything
– You must be preoccupied – What about?
– There’s someone there – Who do you imagine it is?
– You tell me, I’ve just come in – Of course, Susanna
– You said she went to her room – Her room or there, I didn’t notice
– Why are you in such a fluster? – On account of my maid?
– I don’t know, but you’re uneasy – She makes you uneasy more than me
– Well, let’s see Come out, Susanna.
Do as I say – (What’s this? Where’s the page?)
– She can’t come out Who is stopping her? Her modesty She’s trying on a wedding dress – It’s clear her lover’s there
– What a terrible situation – Susanna, come out
– Stop, she can’t – At least speak, if you’re there
– I order you to stay silent – Take care, madam
– (This will all end in disaster) Take care, sir.
Let’s avoid a scandal – Are you not going to open it?
– Why should I open my own closet? Alright. We’ll do it with a key Are you intent on embarrassing me? You’re right, I can fetch what I need
myself and no one else will know Wait here But to put my mind at rest
I’ll lock this door too Would you do me the courtesy
of coming with me? Susanna will have to wait
until we return Open up, it’s Susanna.
Come out and run away – What a disaster!
– Don’t waste time This way… …No, that way The doors are locked.
What can we do? – We must keep our heads
– He’ll kill you if he catches you The garden’s down below Stop, Cherubino – I’ll only spoil some flowers
– It’s too high to jump I’d sooner walk through fire than cause
her distress. Kiss her for me He’s going to kill himself
Don’t! He’s off like the wind,
already a mile away Now I’ll go into the closet Let the bully come,
I’ll be waiting Everything is as it was.
Will you open up yourself? Hear me out.
Do you think I’d fail in my duties? As you wish.
I will go and see who’s in there – Yes, but listen calmly
– So it’s not Susanna No, but someone
whom you should not suspect We were planning a joke
for this evening, all quite innocent… – Who is it? I’ll kill him
– I haven’t the courage It’s a boy Yes, Cherubino (Am I doomed to find
this page everywhere I go?) Hasn’t he gone yet?
My suspicions were right This is the plot
that the letter warned me about Come out this instant, you young bastard You make me afraid for him Do you still dare to oppose me? – Listen
– Speak up When you find him
with his collar undone, bare-chested… His collar undone?
Bare-chested? – To dress him up as a woman…
– You shameful wife – Your mistrust and rage are offensive
– I’ll have vengeance – Hand over the key
– He is innocent – You know…
– I don’t know anything Get out of my sight, faithless woman,
intent on my disgrace – I’ll go, but…
– I’ll not hear another word I’ve done nothing wrong Your face says it all He’s going to die His blind jealousy will make him
do something stupid Sir, why so amazed? Take your sword, kill him,
the ill-bred page you see before you – (I can’t take this in)
– (Susanna’s there?) (They’re completely confused) – Are you alone? I’m going to look
– Look and see if anyone’s hiding I can hardly catch my breath Don’t be worried, he’s quite safe How did I get it so wrong? I ask your forgiveness,
but that was a cruel trick You don’t deserve to be forgiven – I love you
– Don’t say that – I swear
– Liar! You think I betray you Help me to calm her down, Susanna This is the punishment
for suspicious minds Is this the reward
for my love and loyalty? – Rosina
– I’m not that girl any more You’ve abandoned me
and take pleasure in my despair – I’m sorry, I’ve been punished enough
– He’s sorry, forgive him – What about the page locked inside?
– That was just to test you – Your nervousness?
– Just to trick you – Such a nasty letter
– Written by Figaro, sent via Basilio – The traitors!
– Those who don’t forgive deserve no forgiveness Let’s make peace.
Don’t be stern with me, Rosina See how soft-hearted I am, Susanna With men, we twist and turn, but it’s always the same Look at me,
I was in the wrong, and I repent From this moment on, may he
learn to be more understanding The musicians are here already.
Listen to the trumpets and pipes Let’s run to our wedding
to the sound of these songs – Not so fast
– The crowd is waiting Before we go
explain something to me – (What’s coming up?)
– (I need to play this carefully) Do you know who wrote this letter? No, I don’t – Don’t you know?
– No, I don’t – Didn’t you give it to Don Basilio?
– To pass on? – Don’t you know about the boy?
– This evening in the garden? You’re wasting your time lying.
It’s written all over your face My face may lie, but I don’t We’ve already told him all about it – What’s your answer?
– Nothing at all That’s enough, you idiot,
let’s just bring this to a close Let’s have a happy ending, and in
theatrical tradition close with a wedding Please sir, don’t stand in our way (Marcellina is taking her time) – What’s happened?
– It’s a disgrace! – Listen
– Then get on with it I see all sorts of things
thrown out into the garden But today was the worst.
I saw a man come down – From the balcony? Into the garden?
– Look at my carnations – What is this about?
– This will wreck things What’s this drunkard doing here? – Where did the man go?
– He ran away out of sight – You know the page…
– I saw it all What are you laughing about? You’re drunk from first light Tell me again, a man from the balcony,
into the garden – It’s the wine talking
– Carry on – Did you see his face?
– No, I didn’t What a fuss about nothing.
I was the one who jumped down – You?
– (What a brainwave) – I don’t believe it – How did you get so big? – You weren’t so big when you landed – That’s what happens when you jump – Who’d have thought it?
– He won’t give up – I thought it was the boy
– Cherubino? That’s the one, he came from Seville
by horse, so he’s probably gone back But no horse came out of the window – Enough of this nonsense
– Where will all this end? – So it was you
– I jumped down – Why?
– I was scared Shut in there, I heard you
shouting about the letter So in fright I jumped down… …and twisted my foot – This must be yours then
– I’ll have that – I’ve been trapped
– Keep your wits about you What is this paper? Hang on, I have so many – Perhaps a list of your debts – No, a list of your pubs – Speak up, and you leave him alone
– Leave him alone, off you go – If I catch you again…
– You don’t scare me It’s the page’s commission Oh, silly me It’s the commission
the page just gave me – Why, exactly?
– It was missing… – It was missing…?
– (The seal) – Speak up
– It’s usual… – I’ve caught you out
– It’s usual to add your seal (This man’s driving me mad.
I’ve no idea what’s going on) (If I survive this
I’ll survive anything) What are these three idiots
doing here? Everyone calm down
and say their peace He’s signed a contract to marry me
and I want him to honour it What? Silence! I am here to be the judge I’m here as her lawyer
to support her claim The scoundrel! Silence! I am here to be the judge I am witness to the promise
of marriage on which she lent money What a pack of idiots Silence, let’s see Let me read the contract.
Everything must be in order – I’m bewildered! Confused! Desperate!
– What a masterstroke! – I’m in despair
– They’ve been cornered – Some devil must have sent them here
– Some friendly god looks over us What on earth is going on?
An anonymous letter The maid locked in the closet,
the mistress ill at ease A man jumping from the balcony,
another who says it was himself It might have been one of my servants,
they’re capable of it But the Countess
has too much self-respect And my honour?
Honour… lost to human error (Tell him to wait for you in the garden) I’ve sent Basilio to find out
if Cherubino reached Seville (What about Figaro?) (Don’t say a word.
I’ll go in your place) He should be back before evening – (I haven’t the courage)
– (My peace is in your hands) If Susanna has opened her mouth
I’ll make him marry the old woman – Sir
– What is it? – You seem angry
– Is there something you want? Your wife has the vapours again
and would like your smelling-salts – I’ll bring them back
– No, you keep them – They’re no use to girls like me
– But you’re about to lose your bridegroom I’ll pay Marcellina
with the dowry you promised me – When did I promise that?
– That’s what I understood – Yes, if we had an understanding
– That’s my duty and my wish Why have you been so cruel
and made me yearn like this? A woman always takes her time
before she says yes – So will you come to the garden?
– If you wish, I’ll come – You won’t let me down?
– I won’t let you down I feel a warm glow in my heart Forgive me, lovers,
if I lie – Why were you so cool this morning?
– The page was there – And Basilio, who sent my message?
– We have no need of a Basilio That’s true.
Promise me, if you let me down… But the Countess is waiting That was just a pretext
so I could talk to you – Someone’s coming
– She’s mine (Wash your mouth out, Mister sly) – Where are you going?
– Without a lawyer your case is won “Your case is won”? Have I been led into a trap? The traitors! I’ll think up
such a punishment for them I’ll decide the sentence But what if he pays the old woman? Pay her? How can he? Antonio won’t allow his niece to marry
a Figaro about whom nothing is known By playing on the pride
of that half-wit… Everything favours my scheme It cannot fail Am I to see my servant happy
while I’m left to sigh? Is he to have
something I’m denied? She’ll marry
someone beneath her… …and shares none
of the love I feel for her I’ll not let you have this happiness You weren’t born to torment me
or laugh at my misery Only the hope that I’ll be avenged
cheers and consoles me (improv) The case is decided.
Either pay her or marry her – Thank heavens
– This is death – At last I’ll marry a man I love
– Your honour, I appeal The decision is just.
Pay up or marry – Well done, Don Curzio
– You’re too kind – A marvellous decision
– In what way? – We are all avenged
– I won’t marry her Pay up or marry her.
She lent you two thousand I am a gentleman, and without
the consent of my noble relations… Who are they?
Where are they? Have them found.
Ten years on I still hope to find them – A foundling?
– No, kidnapped What proof?
What witnesses? The jewels and embroidered clothes
that the bandits found on me… …are a sign of my noble birth And especially this mark on my arm – A spatula shape on your right arm?
– Who told you? – Oh God, it is him
– Yes, it’s me Who? Rafaello – And the bandits took you…
– From near a castle This is your mother – My nanny?
– No, your mother His mother! Meet your father Recognise your mother
in this embrace Father, do likewise.
Let me blush no more My conscience will not let me
deny your request His father… his mother
The wedding cannot go ahead – Beloved son
– I’m dumbfounded, I think we should go Wait, Count, I’ve brought the money
to set Figaro free – Beloved son
– Beloved parents What a traitor!
He’s already agreed to marry her – Get out of my sight
– No, wait Listen to me, darling Take this – She did it out of love
– I can’t contain my anger Don’t be cross, embrace his mother
who will be yours as well – His mother?
– His mother – Your mother?
– As he’ll tell you, he’s my father – His father?
– His father – Your father?
– As she’ll tell you, she’s my mother – My anger is almost too much
– My happiness is almost too much – My anger…
– My happiness… …is almost too much to bear Here is the fruit
of our old love-affair That was all a long time ago He is my son, you are my wife.
We’ll get married as soon as you want A double wedding today!
Here is the promissory note, as a dowry – Take this money
– And this – Keep it coming
– Let’s tell the Countess and my uncle Who could be as happy as I am? Me… Me And I hope the Count bursts with rage In my house you’ll find
the loveliest girls in the castle I’m sure you’ll be the loveliest The Count had better not catch me.
He thinks I’m in Seville If he catches you
it won’t be the first time We’ll dress you like us and then
we’ll present the Countess with flowers Trust Barbarina No sign yet of Susanna I’m anxious to know
how the Count reacted to her proposal It all seems a bit rash
with such a jealous husband But where’s the harm?
Swapping clothes with Susanna… …under the cover of darkness What a state my heartless husband
has reduced me to He’s subjected me
to infidelity and jealous rages Once I was loved, then insulted
and finally betrayed Now he makes me
call on my maid for help Where have the lovely moments
of gentleness and pleasure gone? What happened to the promises
that came from those lying lips? If everything has changed
into tears and sorrow… …why do I still remember that love? If only my constancy could give me
some hope of changing his heart I’m telling you, Cherubino’s still in the castle.
Look, here’s his hat But he should be in Seville by now For today Seville is my house.
He went there to dress up as a woman Let me show you
where he left his clothes – What did the Count say?
– You could see plainly he was furious – Where did you arrange to meet him?
– In the garden – Let’s choose a place. Write this down
– Am I to write? Yes, write
and I’ll take responsibility A song on the air… A gentle breeze
will be blowing tonight… …in the shade
of the pine trees in the grove… He’ll guess the rest I’ve folded it.
How can we seal it? Use a pin as a seal Wait, write on the back:
`Return the seal’ – This is funnier than the commission
– Someone’s coming Dear mistress, accept these flowers
picked this morning, a sign of our love We’re just simple country girls But the little we have
we’re happy to give These are some local girls
who have brought their offerings – They apologise for being so bold
– Thank you – They’re very pretty
– Who’s the shy one there? – My cousin, who came last night
– Let’s welcome the lovely visitor Give me your flowers.
She’s blushing Doesn’t she remind you of someone? There’s the officer! – Well, madam?
– I’m as surprised and upset as you are – But this morning…
– This morning… …we were going to dress him up
the way they have now Why did you not go?
I’m going to punish this disobedience Sir, you’re always saying
when you hug and kiss me: `Barbarina, if you love me
I’ll give you anything you want’ – Did I say that?
– You did If you let me marry Cherubino
I’ll love you like I love my kitten What do you say? You’re a credit to me (Some devil is turning
all my plans upside down) If you keep the girls back
there will be no party or dancing – Can you dance with your injured foot? – It’s stopped hurting – How will he get out of this?
– Leave it to him – Luckily the pots were made of clay
– Absolutely. Let’s go – Meanwhile the page galloped to Seville
– Galloped or trotted. Bon voyage! – But his commission was in your pocket
– Of course it was You can stop making signals.
This person claims you’re lying He says it was he who landed
on the carnations this morning Does he?
Perhaps we both did – Both?
– Why not? I don’t dispute what I don’t know There’s the march.
Everyone take their places Your arm, Susanna – Such insolence
– This chills me to the heart We’ll speak later.
Let’s receive the happy couples She’s your favourite, after all.
Let’s be seated Let’s be seated
(and plan my vengeance) Constant lovers, let us sing
the praises of our wise master He has yielded up his offending rights
and gives you, chaste, to your love Let us sing the praises
of such a wise master Women love to put pins everywhere!
Oh, I see (Someone passed him a love-letter
sealed with a pin) (Now he’s pricked his finger on it) Get everything ready
for a sumptuous wedding feast tonight Everything must be magnificent,
singing, fireworks, dancing Everyone will see
how I treat those I love I’ve lost it… poor me!
Where can it be? I just can’t find it.
Where can it be? What will my cousin
and the master say? – What’s the matter, Barbarina?
– I’ve lost it The pin the Count gave me
to take to Susanna For Susanna? Even so young
you’ve got the hang of… …doing your duty so well – Why are you angry with me?
– I was just joking Look, here’s the pin for Susanna.
It was used to seal a letter – You see, I know all about it
– So why did you ask me? I wanted to hear
how the Count worded it A miracle! `Take this pin to Susanna and say,
this is the pin of the pines’ He also said make sure no one sees.
But you won’t say anything, will you? Of course not Bye-bye, I’m off to see Susanna
and then Cherubino – Mother, I’m destroyed
– Calm down, my son Stay calm.
It’s true it needs some thought But we don’t know yet
who the trick is on That’s the pin
that he picked up But all it tells you is to be on guard,
and suspicious On guard, then.
I know where the assignation will be – Where are you going?
– To avenge all husbands I must let Susanna know.
I’m sure she’s innocent But what if she’s not? Any woman not emotionally involved
must come to the defence… …of her sisters
when ungrateful men oppress them He said the pavilion on the left This one… or this one? But what if he doesn’t come? These people! I could hardly
get an orange or pear out of them `Who’s it for, missy?’
`Oh, just someone’ The master hates him
but I love him It cost me a kiss
but I’m sure I’ll be repaid – Who’s there?
– You sent for us You look like some desperate conspirator.
What’s the reason? Here we’ll celebrate the wedding
of my wife and the feudal lord Oh, I see.
(They arranged it without me) Don’t move away from here. I’m going to give a couple of orders,
then I’ll be right back When I whistle,
everyone come running out – He’s beside himself
– What’s the matter with him? Nothing, just that the Count likes Susanna
and she arranged to meet him – Why should he have to take that?
– Lots of men have to What has he got to gain? It’s always a mistake
to quarrel with the powerful Everything is ready.
It will soon be time Someone’s coming… is it her? No, no one It’s a dark night, and I’m starting
to learn the foolish trade of husband During the ceremony
he was smiling at what he read When I saw him, I laughed,
but the joke was on me Susanna, how much pain you cause me
with that frank expression… …those innocent eyes,
who would believe it? It’s always a mistake to trust a woman Foolish men, open your eyes,
see these women for what they are You sacrifice your ability to think
to these so-called goddesses They’re witches
casting spells to make us suffer They’re comets that flare
to blind us Thorny roses, pretty vixens
evil doves Mistresses of deceit who feel no love
and not a shred of pity I needn’t continue,
it’s all common knowledge – She said Figaro was on his way
– He’s here, keep your voice down So he’s listening, and the Count
is coming to find me – Let’s begin
– I’ll hide here – You’re trembling, are you cold?
– It’s damp, I’ll go in (This is the crucial moment) I’d like to stay a while
to enjoy the cool air – (The cool air!)
– You may He’s listening. I’ll pay him back
for not trusting me At last the time has come
to relax in my lover’s arms Don’t let any nervousness
spoil my enjoyment This lovely place seems to echo
the passion I feel And the night favours my secrets Hurry, my love, to the place
where love calls you… …while the moon is out of sight
and the world is silent The murmuring stream and playful breeze
refresh our hearts with their whispers The grass is cool
and everything calls us to love Come, my love,
to this arbour I’ll place a crown
of roses on your brow Did she lie like that to me too?
Is this a dream? – It’s the page
– Someone’s there I’ll follow Barbarina.
Oh, there’s a woman here I think it’s Susanna What if the Count comes now? I’ll creep up quietly.
It will pass the time If the Count appears now
it will be a disaster Susanna! She’s hiding her face.
I’m going to have some fun – Don’t be so forward, go away
– I know why you’re here – There’s my Susanna
– (Here comes the hunter) – Don’t be cruel to me
– (There’s another man with her) – Let me have a kiss
– (It sounds like Cherubino) – Why can’t I have what the Count has?
– (What a nerve!) – You know I was behind the chair
– (Everything’s ruined if he stays) – Take this kiss
– (Heavens, the Count!) – Take this as a lesson
– (That’s the price of curiosity) Now he’s gone, come to me, my love Here I am, sir (what an obliging woman) – Give me your hand
– Here it is – My sweet
– (My sweet!) Your delicate skin sets me tingling
and fills me with passion (His blind infatuation
has turned his head) My dear, as well as your dowry
take this ring – Susanna takes it all
– The best is yet to come – I see the light of torches
– Let’s hide away, my Venus Foolish husbands,
learn from this lesson – But it’s dark in there – Well, I’m not going to be reading – She’s following him!
– They’re in the trap – Who’s there?
– Just someone – That’s Figaro, I’m going
– Off you go, I’ll follow Everything is quiet and peaceful.
Enter the beautiful Venus… I’ll catch her and her Mars
in my net – Hush, Figaro
– The Countess! You’re going to see the Count
with my bride You’ll even be able to touch them Not so loud. I’ll not move,
but I shall be avenged (Susanna!) Avenged, how? – (He thinks he’ll surprise me)
– (She thinks she’ll surprise me) – If my lady wishes…
– Say what you mean I’m at your feet, filled with passion.
Think how you’ve been betrayed – (I’m itching to slap him)
– (My heart is pounding) – Without a shred of love?
– Indignation will have to do Let’s not waste time.
Give me your hand Here it is.
Take this, and this – Sweetest of slaps
– I’ll teach you not to play the seducer Let’s make peace, my sweet,
I recognised your lovely voice – My voice?
– Your lovely voice – I can’t find her anywhere
– That’s the Count’s voice Susanna, are you deaf, or dumb? He hasn’t recognised the mistress Let’s bring this to a close
and console the eager lover – Madam, I love you!
– My wife! And I’m unarmed – Please bring me back to life
– Anything you desire The scoundrels! Let’s run off
and find comfort in pleasure – Come here and help me
– The master! I’m in trouble This scoundrel has disgraced me
and look and see with whom I can’t believe this is true Come out, madam, and receive
the reward for your honesty The page… My daughter
My mother… The mistress Everything has been revealed – Forgive me
– Not a hope – Forgive her
– Absolutely not Then let me win their forgiveness (Good heavens!
I can’t believe my eyes) Countess, forgive me I am more tender-hearted… …and so, say yes All could find peace if we were thus Only love can end this frantic day
in happiness and joy Off to the dancing,
light the fireworks While the music plays,
let’s all run to join the party

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  1. Watched all I could last night before we had the usual Zimbabwean power cut. It was sensationally good, cannot wait to see the rest of it later tonight! Thank you so much for this.

    22:10 Figaro – 'Se vuol ballare signor contino' ('If you want to dance, sir count')
    25:55 Bartolo – 'La vendetta' ('Vengeance')
    34:01 Cherubino – 'Non so più cosa son' – ('I don't know anymore what I am')
    50:40 Figaro – 'Non più andrai' ('No more gallivanting')
    01:03:32 Cherubino – 'Voi che sapete che cosa è amor' ('You ladies who know what love is, is it what I'm suffering from?')
    02:12:21 Count Almaviva – 'Hai già vinta la causa' ('You've already won the case')
    02:27:33 Countess – 'Dove sono i bei momenti' ('Where are they, the beautiful moments')
    02:33:36 Countess + Susanna – 'Sull'aria' ('On the breeze')
    02:46:28 Barberina – 'L'ho perduta, me meschina' ('I have lost it, poor me')
    02:59:26 Susanna – 'Deh vieni, non tardar' ('Oh come, don't delay')
    03:12:52 Figaro + Susanna – 'Pace, pace, mio dolce tesoro' ('Peace, peace, my sweet treasure')
    03:16:12 Count Almaviva + Countess + chorus – 'Contessa perdono' ('Countess, forgive me!'); 'Più docile io sono' ('I am more mild')

  3. "Sensationally good" is exactly right. I saw it live – both at the Barbican and at the Grange Festival. I haven't seen a "Figaro" so sharply observed, so moving and so sheerly enjoyable for years.

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