Mr Handel’s Dinner – Maurice Steger, La Cetra (album presentation)

[Music] George Patrick handle the german-born composer went to England and started to get a new idea of music language he was open it was a kind of Union Baroque new language full of fashion full of passion and he invited many musicians from other countries too to build a new very inspiring sound of richness I would say [Music] [Music] my idea was to create kind of a historical program the music life was so rich in London at that time so many fantastic musicians they played in Handel’s orchestra they were not only players but they were composers this program directed by George III Handel should represent a kind of a colourful tasteful and very much in fashion of the time panorama of a concert in London about 725 [Music] the place of the recorder during this time was kind of prominent many many books were printed for recorder players in consorts and as soloists many of the lords were playing the recorder because it was also a general instrument for everyone and I’m very happy about these many works Handel road for the recorder [Music] this style of newly Union Barak open musical language of handle in his works should represent all the colonists and the full and rich sound of this recording and I think for this idea it was important to represent also many dollars of music not only as or not about also concerto arrangements [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] Latika Baroque Orchestra from Basel are so experienced in in playing this this works by Handel and they have recreated together a huge sound which is so full of sonority and kind of pure gold which is so important to make this handle style so emotional and so rich in my opinion we called this this really beautiful touching sound [Music] [Music]

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