Mr Raiko Fujioka 10th Year Anniversary Speech

Let’s give a big round of applause, once again, for Mr. Fujioka. Wow! I’m really exciting! I have a speech. I try. If I stop, please wait. Notable guests, ?? of QQEnglish, business partner, QQEnglish employees, friends, ladies and gentlemen, a pleasant afternoon! Today, I stand here to thank and congratulate your whole 10 successful years. That journey I took to reach this success was never easy. It was hard, and at the end, it was rewardings. 10 years ago, we started QQEnglish with only 7 teachers, with no proper office, with no available student; with nothing. At that time, I was little scared because nobody had that business that ?? English school which teaches both online and offline in the entire world yet. What’s worst, no one believed in us! And our proposal to start QQEnglish has been rejected many times. I almost came to the point of giving up but I realized I am a man with high hopes and big dreams. I challenged myself and started QQEnglish in the Philippines. Why did I start to choose in the QQEnglish in the Philippines? The answer is very simple. I strongly believe that Filipino are the best teacher in the world. Of course, right? Why? Because they speak like native English speaker even if English is not their mother tongue. Moreover, in the recent business English index, Philippines has always been number 1 all over the world for 3 years. With this, I came to realize that if Filipino can learn English quickly, then they can also teach English with quality. For the past 10 years, I never regretted trusting the excellence of Filipino teachers. From team of only 7, QQEnglish now a company with more than 1500 staff from around the world! Including 1200 Filipino teachers! To my dear business partner and QQEnglish family, thank you for making QQEnglish the biggest English school in the Philippines. Your loyalty, passion, and love have made us the strongest school in the world today. Together, let us work for QQEnglish success! QQEnglish aim to empower its family. Our vision is to become gateway to the world. Our mission, improving together. Our value, please remember: A: adapt to new things B: be customer focused C: change yourself, okay la? Congratulations! Happy 10 years, QQEnglish!

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