Mrs. Krishnan’s Party – Onam. Immersive. No Expectations

What’s “Mrs Krishnan’s Party” about, Justin? *laughing* I don’t really know what Onam is *laughing* It’s a harvest festival and so, again lots of food involved It’s a ten day festival and it strikes me, it’s a little bit like Christmas and New Year’s all rolled up into one Family getting together friends getting together the whole village getting together and celebrating the return of King Mahabali Ma – Ha – Bali Yeah, and I love, it seems to be about rebrith death and rebirth Yeah, of course, “Mrs Krishnan’s Party” started off as a follow on from “Krishnan’s
Dairy” you know, one of our most popular plays ever but it’s been really beautiful for me to
hear Mrs Krishnan now as an older woman dealing with uhh things that I might be dealing with as an older man *laughing* Change The audience will be in the stock room and part of the action that is happening completely immersed in the play It’s best not to go to a party with expectations! That – that is true actually! Yeah! Leave your expectations at the door but just come in and just – we’ll take care of you

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