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– Speaking of which, Ms. Wanda,
do you believe that Marsau has been with 20 women? I do not. When Melody made this
statement to Tisha she said, “You need to roll up on him.” One day– [GASPS] [AUDIENCE MOANING] [LAUGHS] One day, Mrsau left home
at 2:00 in the morning and I rolled up on him. She rolled up. [CHEERING] And he wasn’t with anyone. He went where he
said he was going. She was following you. [LAUGHTER] I didn’t even know that. I rolled up. Y’all ain’t nothing, boy. Y’all ain’t nothing, man. I didn’t even know that. I didn’t tell Tisha anything. I didn’t even tell
Marsau anything. I just wanted to know
where he was going. You were curious? Because I was being curious. So you don’t believe–
and that’s a good thing. You don’t believe that
he’s with 20 other women? No, I do not. You know, Tisha also
does not believe that. Do you believe that he could
have been with one other woman? Maybe. That may be possible. I wouldn’t– I wouldn’t– I wouldn’t doubt it but
you’ve got to look at Marsau. Look how handsome he are. So, you know, you got womens
out there that look at him– and I’m not saying
did it happened no time soon, but maybe
about seven, eight years ago. But you think, a long time
ago, maybe he slipped up and that’s what–
– Yeah. –that’s what the
Holts are talking about. Maybe when he
first got married. But during the
last past 10 years, I don’t think so because
I be there a whole lot. [LAUGHTER]

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  1. This is covering up Martel is not lying – he couldn’t confirm himself that he didn’t or isn’t cheating and his own brother who is always his mouthpiece couldn’t defend him – anyone with a mother-in-law like this has a side chick – they’ll need one putting up with her – she has no respect

  2. Man the homie cheat , say wht you want . Whn men have options we tend to cheat .
    Wht is the reason not to cheat ?? I’ll wait

  3. Girl that doesn't mean nothing. He could've stopped the affair after the accusations. I'm not saying he had an affair I'm just saying it's possible

  4. Ahhhh, stop saying WOMENS… 🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️

  5. I feel like when Ms. Wanda rolled up on Marsau, if he was doing anything suspicious she would have jumped him. That's what I feel. But also she could be covering to keep her daughter's feelings from being crushed. So to say I think he cheated when they first got married 10 years ago but not recently. She covering

  6. I believe what Ms. Wanda believes about Marsau. If he cheated we may never find out. Therefore, Tisha will likely remain married to Marsau and not leave him as I thought she would, and I do not want her to leave him based on rumors. I hope that they will live happily ever after.

  7. Tisha mom needs a man period. She needs to mind her own damn business. I’m sorry but that’s when my mom would be told to leave my house and go back to hers. You don’t follow my husband learn your place this is my marriage not yours.

  8. If y'all follow Melody on IG. She said that Tisha said out of her mouth. Long as he keep paying the bills, she will deal with it

  9. Now Ms. Wanda you been keeping it real this far, don't start ducking out now!!! Ms. Wanda knows darn well Marsau ain't Sh#t, she's just trying to save her daughter's face. That's why she slipped that comment to Marsau about not bringing home any babies, and the next episode he goes to get a vasectomy!!!😂😩😩 ARE WE ALL WATCHING THE SAME SHOW???? Ok, cover for your weak daughter Ms Wanda, after all she is a reflection of you and what you've instilled (or not) into her….🙅😩

  10. Too messy for me……it's one thing to support your child, but it's another when you bring confusion and drama. Not cool

  11. For the love of God our children do not belong to us. They belong to God. Her actions are just as controlling as Martell. She married the male version of her mom. Tisha needs to speak up and get her mama out her business and divorce her self righteous husband.

  12. The sigh of relief when her mum confirmed she didn't believe her husband had been with 20 women, so deep her chest visibly dropped.

  13. We Love! Us some…Mama!
    Wanda!!!😍🤗😍….She has some!….BROOKLYN!!!😁 in

  14. @Oprah 💛…..Mama Wanda!😍🤗 need her OWN! Show!👏👏👏

    Maybe…a Relationship Advice! Show!🤗 or a …show like…

    She is…Amazing!!!🤗

    Love You💛 Mama Wanda🤗❤…


    From.a Sista🤗…Alllllll the way from…Brooklyn!🤗

  15. Marsau is the type you have to catch red handed in the act. He keeps Tish on a leash so even if she got suspicious he would do whatever he needs to do in order for it not to come to the forefront. Men who get caught cheating usually wants to be caught.

  16. Marsau better keep all his hoes happy from here on out👀 cuz baaabbbyyy if he don't…. That's when we are all going to know the truth.

  17. Ms. Wanda is looking out for the best interest of her child. Actually I would have done the same thing especially if Marseau would have left the house at 2AM. I would have woke Latisha up and we would have rolled up on Mareeau together 😊. I don't dislike Marseau because of the "Adam's Family " Holts allegations. I dislike Marseau because he is a chauvinistic pig who only sees his accomplishments as important. He devalues his wife, and believes as a parent , he offers financial support, but seems disinterested in their nurturing and development. Marseau and Montell are two of the most narcissistic people on the show.

  18. Tisha & Marsau don’t have to worry about Mel & Martell breaking up their marriage, Tisha’s mom will eventually do that if they don’t make her go back to her own house & get her own man ! Lol

  19. If you watch the show, you would know she didn't get a chance to have a good education. It is in poor taste to make fun of someone who didn't get the same opportunities as others

  20. I REALLY enjoy Ms Wanda's wisdom for her daughter. She brings IT. She's checking for the twenty women's 😁😁😁 PLEASE make her a regular on the show.

  21. Marsau is cheating. He spotted Ms. Wanda and made a detour. He has been cheating long enough to know how not to get caught. He is very calculating. Tisha and Ms. Wanda won't be the ones to catch him.

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