Munch and Move: Celebrating 10 years

hi my name is Georgina. I’m the director at Care-a-lot and I’ve been here for 15 years. Munch and Move we’ve been involved with them for 10 years. I was probably one of the first to do one of their workshops and most of our staff members have all been trained by Munch and Move Munch and Move is a healthy eating and active play program for New South Wales early childhood education and care services the aim is to train and support early childhood educators to provide an environment that’s supportive of children’s development and well-being Munch and Move first started in 2008 so the program’s been running now for 10 years over the 10 years 2 million children who have participated in Munch and Move program Munch and Move is now being implemented in over 3,300 services which is 87 percent of New South Wales early childhood education and care services we’re also in 92 family day care service providers the greatest improvements were seen with our Munch and Move services is the implementation of healthy menus so that means that children are receiving enough fruit and vegetables whilst they’re in care as well as an cereal and dairy we’ve also seen a great increase in active play that they’re participating in which will help them later on in life people don’t understand that little children don’t naturally know how to run jump hop skip it’s actually skills that are taught and practiced we provide opportunities for children to practice those fundamentals movement skills which gives them the confidence to attempt them in a variety of activities the biggest change since implementing Munch and Move ten years ago I think families are understanding the importance of health and well-being for their children at an early age that it just doesn’t start at 10 years old just as important to start with it at two years old or even younger families have been very supportive in the Munch and Move program because it takes a lot of the thought process away from them and also the stress of what to pack for lunch Ella comes home from Kindy and tells us about what is a sometimes food and what is an always food the biggest benefits of Munch and Move is knowing that she’s active all day we know that the food that she’s had is you know sustained her because she’s a really high-energy child which we love they give me healthy food sometimes we make it sometimes Pizza somtimes from the garden this is one less thing for us to worry about as a parent it’s really important to set children up with a great start in life so developing healthy eating habits and physical activity habits early on means that they will go on to lead a healthier lifestyle as they become primary school children and then on to adulthood fruits and vegetables are an all time food Leah came to Care-A-Lot in 2016 she was in the preschool room she’s now in year one of the primary school Leah did not have a very adventurous taste palate when she was younger but after seeing her friends at school eating a lot of vegetables she became a lot more adventurous and that’s translated into her primary years and she now has quite healthy lunch box that she gets very excited about the children are much more confident within themselves healthier Munch and Move is not just about physical health it’s also about the whole well-being of the child

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