*Wa-pish*Top of the mornin’ to ya laddies! and welcome to a game called “Party hard”! I just plugged out my headphones, shit! *laughs* Okay, so this is a game I, I cant remember if I’ve played this before I, well not this game but there was a game awhile ago on GameJolt that was very similar to this. There’s a party goin’ on, you’re not happy with it cause its too damn loud Doesn’t sound like me, I just join into the party, take off my shirt, and bounce around But! The idea of this game is that you get in and you have to stop the party by any means necessary. So it’s a stealth- It’s a stealth kind of game – where you get in, you have to like figure out, “Oh, this does this” “Bring this guy over here, you have him killed so you’ll not get caught by the cops” So, kill everyone in the party as sneakily as you can, kinda like Hitman game. But it has just – sick music and I really love the like 80’s style like the VHS style of it. Ahh, it’s soo cool! But also, the game had a Youtuber mode which I absolutely love. And massive props to the developers for doing that Because what Youtuber mode is, in most games, is that you turn on a – a copyright-free soundtrack, so some of the songs in this might be different than what you actually play normally but it stops any sort of like copyright claims happening to your channel, which is AWESOME, so thank you developers for that, so… NEW GAME! I haven’t played this so I’m probably gonna be terrible at it. *laughs* Ohhh… *music start*
That’s me! That music was too loud *laughs* I like that. I love the fact that the whole premise of the game, and that, you’re a murderer is just because you wanted peace and quiet. What if Jason had just wanted peace and quiet? *laughs* Ok, use these to move, so… it’s a very Hotline Miami looking game. Oh the music is so cool! “Press E to kill while no one is watching you” There we go. *laughs* Nice! Hello everybody, how’s it goin’? Activate Trap! Throw person on fire. Nice! C’mere. C’mere! Heh, yeahh… Deh! Deh! YEEEAAHH! I did it! “Tutorial a-complete.” “Kill others.” Ahhh this dude. Didn’t even see him. He just blended into the background, what was I supposed to do? All done! Wooow! Who needs the fuckin’- who needs peace and quiet when you can PARTY HAAARD! But it’s – it’s more fun to actually play the game. *laughs* Ah yeah! *chuckles* “If only the stupid bastards knew…” Poor stupid bastards. Right, le-oh Jesus fucking christ… Okay, objective: kill them all, so I’m right here, by the way. this might get very confusing after a while and I apologize ’cause it’s very hard to, like, see everything that’s going on, so… Read paper! “With sword you can make cleave attacks” That was the headline on the newspaper? Okay, so there’s a bunch of people passed out, that’s good there is a bunch of people congregating down here, so.. the idea is To get people while they’re alone. I assume they’re gonna find a body, can I kill you up here? Yes! Nice! Killing all these people in this room, oh shit, oh shit, oh shit! Oh shit! Fuck! Damnit! Damnit! Damnit! Damnit! Damnit! Damnit! Oh man! “Start a fire” Sure, why the fuck not, I like to start a fire… Fucking start a fire up in the club with my dance moves! “You are under arrest!” I burnt myself to death! *laughs* Okay, getting the swing of it, getting the hang of it! I was too caught up in the moves! When they said start a fire I thought they meant like… *dances* Fucking straight fire! Why is there a horse here? Why is there a horse at this party? Who ca-oh everything’s different. Okay, this room is all different now! Okay, that’s going to make things quite difficult. Cause there was two dead guys in here before, Shit! Okay, can I cause a distraction to get a bunch of people in here… And then… What is this? “Climb” Okay I can climb out through the windows, that’s good. Kill you guys… I have to think ahead! Why is there a UK flag on the wall? Uhm…Why would you want ice? Who needs ice when… the party is on fire baby! Maybe that’s why we need ice , to cool off Er, right, so… I can kill you… It said pick up body. Why would I pick up the body? Oh, when he’s dead! If I can create a distraction in here… and then get everybody to come in here and just burn em’ all to death, but look at this guy’s sick moves! *laughs* Right, oh, lol. Oh, Tiffany, so relatable. He dead? Okay, now let’s go up here… Climb out through, no one’s watching. No one’s watching, heh, come here! Heh! Yes! Nobody saw a thing… Except she’s gonna fucking see when she gets up there. Don’t go up there Cindy! Police will take care of this… Mighty fucky Goddamnit, climb through, start a fire, start a fire, nope! Climb through, you didn’t see anything! No one knows that I’m the murderer! Goddamn this game is hard! *singing the music* There goes the killer, officer! You saw nothin’! It wasn’t me, I swear! ok so thi-, it shows which one they’re going after Screw it. *laughs* He is just leaving. *chuckles* Cut down tree. Fuck! I didn’t mean to cut down a fucking tree! The ambulance killed some people! Dude, nice! Thank you! Sick! Let me see this thing I’m fine. I’m not the killer. Okay! So it’s not like kill everybody and don’t get caught at all. You can actually escape. Nice! It gives me a little more leeway. Oh! Somebody in the bathroom? Takin’ a whizz? *recognizes typical horrormovie sound* Yes! I got the fucking creepy- the creepy horror music! Okay, dump the body, dump the body, dump the body, dump the body. Hide the body! Yes! Nice! What are you seeing? Who’s- who’s screaming? Who’s seein’ shit? Ain’t nobody seein’ anything! I’m the murderer around here. I like to just leave the dead body there. Everyone’s like “Ah! Someone killed Chad!” What are we gonna- aw fuck it Okay, you are freakin’ out. I don’t know why. Stop freakin’ out, dude. I can see another bod- aw god damnit man Why are you all seeing bodies? Who are you? I don’t know, but Imma kill you. Here we go! Nice! Nobody was comin’ in here before. Fuck! They can see through the windows! Damn it. I didn’t think about that! *laughs* “Start a fire” Okay, erm I’d rather just cut down a tree and kill whoever is in this room. Will that work? ‘Kay, found a dead body, that’s fine. You shouldn’t find any more dead bodies or we all be good mister police officer, sir. Imma do this! I’m the best killer! Music’s awesome. Uh-oh. Uh-oh. Uh-oh. Uh-oh. You ain’t seein’ nothin’! Imma start a fire. Imma hide this dead body. Here we go! Fire started! *sings* We didn’t start the fire! Oh! The fire department’s here! Can I cut down this tree? Ha-ha! He’s dead! Can hide a body in here if I get one Urgh! Nice! Everybody die! Can I kill the fire officers and steal their outfits? That’d be kinda cool. *laughs* Ooh! I can put more in there! And more in the ice now! Sweet! What are you fuckin’ selling? Get item. Poison! Yes, please. Did I get it? Poisoned booze. I don’t need the poison booze. Read paper. “Use your surroundings wisely” Okay. I can poison booze… Wait, this said “get item” aswell. What am I getting an item off? Get item. Poisen. Cool, I had the poison! That fucking dude was just *dances* rocking the hell out! Ohh… Can I poison booze up here? What is th- I need a victim, okay. I’ll guess you’re a victim dude, don’t you worry! So, I’m right here. The little circle around my feet. You all ready? Oh, oh, oh, oh! Yes! Another one bites the dust! “Break electrical box” Just gonna kill people nearby? I don’t know Poison booze, okay I need a victim. How?! How do we do that? What the fuck is that horse doing to that guy? Oh I broke electrical box. Oh yes! Did I get her? I- I don’t know. I don’t know what’s happening. I didn’t even do that! Somebody punched the shit out of her! Occifer, it wasn’t me! I swear! God damn. Poison booze, I need a victim. I just fuckin’- Ah! It wasn’t me! I swear! Don’t get me, don’t get me, don’t get me. I’m doing so well! I have 21 out of 47 people killed. Why are so many people at this party? I guess wouldn’t be a party if there wasn’t this many people at it. What do I know about parties? Need to bring some people down here, so the cops fucking kill them Ah, shit. Not toda- aw I can’t hide the body? I’m going to the toilet- I’m going the the toilet, I’m fine! I’m just taking a wee Ah, takin’ a weewee, takin’ a leak. We’re fine. We’re good. I got this. Who needs to worry about the police when you can dance all night? Oha! Uh, poison food! Hell yes! Wait, isn’t that punch? Nobody saw me do anything. Anybody want a drink? Uh! There is nobody here. I can kill you. *evil laugh* This game is awesome! Super fun! Erm, right. What are we gonna do? Erm…anybody alone? this guy’s alone… but there’s nowhere to hide his body K, bring him off Cowboy Johnson you’re comin’ with me nobody really comes into this room anymore so we might be good can I climb out WITH the body? Oh Balls, where are you going? okay heh! NICE *with game music* do do do do do do do do fuck yeah and this is free again yesss ha HA! See! If all y’all just shut the fuck up and let me sleep for five minutes none of this would’ve happened! why’s there two people in here? THIS is where I should’ve set a fire Niiice What did you find?! What?? See! people are getting killed without me Ohh it’s the punch Oh I get it Ohh I killed them! but it was only cause of my sick moves! they were all jealous of how awesome I danced that’s- that’s the real reason K, im’a frighten the horse Ow! The horse fucking killed me! I frightened the horse and it kicked me to death! motherfucker! is there a limit to how many bodies I can dump in this bin? cause i’ve killed 9 people so far and they’ve all gone in this bin I mean, sooner or later somebody’s gonna find it this is a bear trap that I’ve set up as well Ohh can one of you disappear? Ohh god Ohhh yeh! Fuck! Aw I can’t pick up the body! No! Shit! Okay, maybe the police will get stuck in my bear trap who knows Umm let’s start a fire Yeh tick’n up tick’n up tick’n up tick’n up tick’n up Oh god, Oh God, Oh God! OH GOD get outta there! I killed her! but he just said “Screw it” *laughs* he ain’t dealin’ with no bullshit Okay, Mr Clown fuck Super mario what are you doing here?! God damnit dudes! ..he’s attacking a tree? for some reason.. i’m gonna cut down the tree there we go Oh I killed all the fire department! Oh shit! *laughs* Aw man, why couldn’t I pick up this guy’s body that fucked it all up Okay, are you going- *Nyuh!* YESSSS Everybody dancin- Oh I was going to say does that mean that that will never… Shit, I can’t go through there anymore! that was my escape goal, what did I do! I killed all the fire department though *laughs* Oh nice nice one, Cindy! yeah, you die over there Nobody mind the dude with the dead body wa- running around “Someone call the police!” Um, no or unless you mean the band? the band? yes 16 people killed! I got this, this time i’m gonna do- *burps* i’m gonna do amazing! K, I need to work my way over here Where’s the dude who sold me poison before? I would like more poison Oh god, I broke the stove, is that gonna explode?? Oh dudes!! nothing’s happening Whoa! it killed him! Nice! I need someone to come into the bathroom though Oh, k electrical box ran out, FUCK IT God Damnit this isn’t going as well as I’d hoped i’m just gonna blend into the crowd! he killed a bunch of them! Yes! I’m just dancin! people are dying what the fuck! this is news to me, i’m, i’m acting astonished! Uh oh, is this gonna explode? Never mind! I’m outta here See ya laterrrr Oh god! *laughs* the officers just left! *laughs* Okay I.. kill you and hide your body in here Niiice! 22 out of 47 what did I get last time? 24? I can’t remember I’m doing better though! I need extra items nobody’s walking into my bear trap either that sucks break the fire extinguisher? Somebody die by that? Please? Come on! come on- explode! Yeah! I killed someone someone is better than no one No! No you fuckin’ don’t Shiiittteee Uh oh Uh oh! Uh Ohhh what’s the police doing? they didn’t- oh they did get out! you just leavin’ again? see you later! *laughs* Okay Imma break the bookshelf hopefully it’ll kill this dude maybe? this fuckin’ dude on his head! nice! bookshelf, are you gonna break and kill anybody? No “there’s another body” yeah there’s fuckin’ bodies everywhere, dude, get used to it I fuckin- I- I’m- I break bodies for breakfast! Oh It called someone in! “What do we have here?” Wha- what did I call in? Why? Oh jesus, Oh jeez- what are you guys doing?! Oh fuck! they’re creating some sort of gas bomb! What the hell?! What’s going on in this room?? I c- I made a phone call and now this is happening Oh is that a distraction? Oooh! this fuckin’ dude is just dancing in the middle of them that bookshelf didn’t break and kill people though “We’re done here” you guys didn’t really do anything *scoffs* or maybe I didn’t utilize you properly prob- probably the latter ok, 27 out of 47 20 left, I got this! Wait, I have a button to Dance? the hell does that do? I dunno. These two are just gettin’ it on over here! Niice oh wait, can I use this? “Push victim into fire” okay, not yet Ooh! here we go! yes! Give me items! Niice! you’re just gonna- where are you gonna sell them? right in the middle of the party? Please. Stop. Get item. what am I gettin? Poison? but poison is lame! K, kill you cause there’s no one in here go go go go go go go go go hide the body, yes! 17 left! ..I just kill both of you guys out here? There we go, that works! Oh shit. Oh shit it’s the POPO! hide hide hide hide hide! Oh wait! you’re not going after him could the bookshelf kill you now please? I broke this bookshelf ages ago but it’s not doing anything I’m just dancin! nobody suspects a thing! nobody suspects the dancer! *laughs* “Get lost with this shit” Are you saying my dance moves are weak, BRUH? I will – Ohh you’re definitely gonna get it wait are you selling more shit in here? fuck! I wanna poison booze but it’s not working anymore- Oh! worked on you no problem, I don’t know why go on, get sick and die get sick and die, lady! it’s all I need you to do Oh my god I can poison the dude who has the fuckin- the weapons?! Oh shit! Oh! Oh! you’re over here K, 40 out of 47, we’re doing good is he just gonna die now? Niice, hide the body in here okay this seems like the one i’ll actually be able to do it there’s not many of them left okay, how i’m gonna do this can I i’ve no poison left! I just poisoned the dude who was gonna give me more poison! what did I do! K, you’re going in here, that’s nice one less fucker to worry about Yeah there we go! Oh no one gives a shit about this dude? he just died right in front of you and no one cares? Okay kill you that’s fine- DJ doesn’t give a shit DJ just has his eyes closed, he’s like- YEAH! SICK BEATS! ok only 4 left, one two three four, yeah okay just these guys left, niice kill the DJ, how am I gonna get you guys? Stab! I mean Stab! his fucking head exploded! EW! k, I need a way of being able to kill all 3 of you at once Can I push all 3 of you into the fire? just rugby tackle all of you we’re gonna find out, aren’t we? i’ve no poison left *ergh* Uh, [Control] was to listen which means you can see all the things that you can interact with I don’t think I can use that gun, can I? If I could get the gun and use it that’d be awesome just shoot all 3 of them in a row “Break object” okay, i’m assuming that that’s just gonna kill someone if they go up to it see what happens to the bike if I can – If I break that *with game music* ba da do, ba da da do do “break down” really fuckin’ do anything did it? “Push victim into the fire” Stab! Stab NICE! I did it! Everybody’s dead, now I can go back to bed and just dream about unicorns and fluffy sheep again Now i’m the only one at the party dancing! nobody else is gonna steal my moves! Yeah! Barbeque party! what did I get? did I- did I do good? that’s not a great score “Escape: zero” was I supposed to escape? Okay! well there’s one level down Um.. additional levels.. barbeque party.. okay so you can unlock new heroes you can unlock new levels, there’s a shit ton of stuff in this holy crap! I might play more of this to see um, how many different items I can get how many different characters I can get and if I can get like, swords and everything that’d be really cool! definitely a very, like, Hotline Miami type of vibe to this which is not a bad thing! I love Hotline Miami as well and this game is really cool too, I love the style of it and I just love that you can get in play a level, and get out again really cool! ah! Anyway! Thank you guys so much for watching this episode if you liked it, PUNCH the like button IN THE FACE LIKE A BOSS! and high fives all around! *wa-pish* *wa-pish* Thank you guys! and I will see all you dudes.. In the next video! *outro music* Ooo! this posters’ got a butt on it! I wanna play that one!

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