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  2. Yes he can marry 4 woman if he can do justice for them, if he can handle that big responsibility , if he thinks he will be patient for wives. And it is much better to tell your first wife be fore marriage that you are going to marry an other lady after her , during any time you are ready.

  3. انا نفسي اتعلم الكوري بسسسس عشان اعرف اشكرك ع كلامك الجميل ده وتقدر تفهمني بجد انا بحيك اووووووي👏👏👏

  4. Jay kim , Marry me please👋😂😭❤…you're gentleman and very cute😍❤😇🌹…love you forever !✌☹❤🔥

  5. اذا كان رجل لعوب لا مكان له في الاسلام لان الزواج مسؤوليه ويحتاج الى المال والإجتهاد والرعايه وتربيه الاطفال إلخ😳

  6. Will , you know that god allowed this to mens because there are many girls that couldn't marry because womens are 4 times the men of the world 😰 , so if one man married one women , how many women will still single as you think ? 🤔🧐
    I think a lot

  7. بوييية شسوي بلنسوان الاربعة يشيبن راسك هسة دبر وحدة ولله كريم للرابعة يرادلك حفاضات لجهالك وحليب وملابس هاذ بس العندة قصر يزوج اربعة😂😂😂 اي عادي ازوج اربعة خمسة عشرة بس يتعبنك

  8. Beautyful vedio and thank you becauce you apper this show us this idea about Eslam and moslems people you are realy a good man😇💕

  9. 실제로는 정확하지 않습니다. 그렇습니다. 그녀는 4 명의 여자와 결혼 할 수 있었지만, 선지자와 사랑이없는 여자들과 결혼하여 그들을 보호하기 위해 결혼했습니다.

  10. لفديو رائع بالتوفيق لك وكلامك صحيح من العراق👍👍👍 بغداد سرى لشكرجي شكرا جزيلا لك

  11. There is also a reason why Islam allows 4 wives. Because as we all can see there is more women than men in this world and in future the increasment of women will be more. So, many women will not gonna have Male partners . That's why it's better if a man marry four women and lead a decent life. That will also prevent fornication and adultry.

  12. You are right because in İslam there is a lot of conditions to marry the second or the third one and also the majority of Muslims marry only one and I think it is the most sensible thing.

  13. The position is great, and you did well to clarify the idea as well .. As for your question (Where is my wife?) I hope you find the right woman for you.

  14. One reason is that many non-Muslim men have kept their mistress woman that's unfair and low-respect.
    Second reason, Some men fall in love with other woman, but he doesn't divorce first wife- keep both wife & their children for financial & other reasons.

  15. مين لحظة بالثانية 0:29 أستخدم أسماء فرقة بلاك بينك blackpink? 😁😁😀

  16. انا مسلم متزوج واحده وابي ايضا تزوج واحده وجدي ايضا تزوج واحده
    لنفترض انه حصل ان قرر الرجل الزواج بثانية والمراه لا تريد يمكنها طلب الطلاق بكل سهوله
    الغرب عندهم الطلاق شائع اما عند المسلمين الطلاق شيء بغيض

  17. Selamünaleyküm daud kim kardeşim Muhammed s.a.v birden fazla eşle evlendi sebebi ise o eşlerin dul olması halinde zarar görmesiydi ve onları korumak için nikahına almasıydı bu durum ise Allah c.c izni ile gerçekleşti ve adil bir eşti eşit davranırdı

  18. Bence peygamber s.a.v hayatını iyi araştırman gerek kulaktan dolma şeyleri araştırma kardeşim birde senden ricam peygamberimiz s.a.v ismini anarken ona selat ve selam getirmeni rica ediyorum zira Allah Resul'ü s.a.v benim ismim anıldıgında bana salat ve selam getirmeyenin burnu yerde sürülsün demiştir

  19. Selamünaleyküm Davud kim kardeşim sana bir kitap öneriyorum okuman için MÜSLÜMANCA YAŞAMA SANATI HADİS KİTABI YAZARI ÖMER NASUH BİLMEN. peygamberimizi. S.a.v ve sahabe i kiramı ve müslümanlıgı daha iyi tanıman için selamünaleyküm

  20. No daud its wrong that you think
    When ever a Muslim men or women divorce a person so it is his or her choice to marry another person as same is the rule for women
    It is the rule of Islam not to marry more than one wife in the persons present

  21. Hahaha so where my wife ???hahaha masih di simpankan sama Allah kim ..sabar saja kau …akan indah pada waktunya ..huhuhu i waiting for it too …

  22. حمكمة تشريع الزواج باربع ان
    بعض الرجال طبيعته يحب يهتم ويتحمل انه يكون اربع نساء في حياته
    فعشان لا يروح الى العلاقلات الغير مشروعة حلل اليه الزواج

  23. Hey, daud i recently stated to watch your v logs nd i am very happy to see that you converted into islam… God bless you MashAllah!!

  24. معك حق هذا غريب وانت بالفعل فطرتك سليمة ،فتعدد الزوجات خيانة للزوجة انتهاك لحقوق المرأة وكسر لقلبها ومشاعرها وقمة الأنانية من طرف الرجل ، ومن يقول عكس ذلك من الرجال فاليجرب ذلك على نفسه هل يقبل ان تتزوج زوجته أكثر من رجل ؟ كيف سيكون شعوره وهو يرى زوجته في حصن رجل ٱخر في الغرفة في المجاوة له ، إنه نفس الشعور القاسي تشعره المرأة عندما يفكر زوجها في الزواج عليها.

  25. في الواقع هنالك الكثير من الصعوبات فالرجال المسلمين يتزوجون مرتين في ظروف وشروط خاصة جدا
    أرجوا منك مراجعة المواقع الأسلامية فيوجد الكثير من التفسيرات هناك
    شكرا لك
    actually there are many difficulties in that so men Muslims can married in special conditions and terms
    I please you to visit Islamic sites so there are more explanations there
    thank you

  26. Do you know if a Muslim man says talak (divorce) 3 times it happens.? A women can also do this. But they have to do it in calm mind. Then they got separated. But now law does not except it. I am from Bangladesh.

  27. I would like to share something. My father married a 2. Wife. Yes it was hard at the beginning and it's still sometimes tough since women get jealous easily. But we are even happier than before. We are a big family who support each other and lead each other to the right path of islam. So it is a normal thing kinda. Thanks for listening

  28. But muslim guy can’t do it if the first women don’t agree but that time he can marry another women if the first women agree

  29. it may be, but this is not welcome. Something like this only exists in Saudi Arabia. as far as I know. Turkey Suspended.

  30. شكرا جزيلا لانك وصلت لكل هذا الرقي جدا في نظرتك للمرأه الحمدلله الذي هداك للاسلام من مثلك تفتخر كل مسلمه في كل بقاع الارض ان تكون اخاً لها في الاسلام وهنيئا لاي امرأه ستكون زوجتك
    كدت ان أبكي لشعوري لتقديرك للمرأه اسأل الله لك الجنه أخي داود ^___^

  31. يجوز لك ان تتزوج اكتر من امرأه لكن بشرط اذا كانت زوجتك لاتستطيع اعاله البيت او انها كانت مريضه او توفت يجوز له الزواج

  32. no it also says the best is u marry 1 not 4 because u cannot take 4 prophet Muhammad married widows women older than her ppl get it wrongng way:-)

  33. نتمنى لك الزوجة الصالحة الوفية والمخلصةWe wish you a good, loyal and loyal wife. 🙏🙏🙏🙏👍👍👍👇👇👇

  34. The biggest mistake is that you not only have to get extra wives, but that MAN is allowed to marry, IF there are some special reasons, such as the wife faces an accident and becomes disabled if the wife cannot have children, and similar situations, it has been a kind of social security for these women so that the husband does not just leave the wife to get another wife. For further info you can google it.

  35. مش عارفه هتفهم كلامي ولا لا! ،بس دا مش سبب تعدد الزوجات ، تعدد الزوجات كان موجود قبل الإسلام والإسلام حدده وقننه وجعله بشروط ،يعني الأصل في الإسلام زوجه واحده فقط

  36. But men likes to tease their wives that they are allowed to have 4 wives in the Quran but failed to realise this verse.

    58: 11. Certainly has Allah heard the speech of the one who argues with you, [O Muhammad], concerning her husband and directs her complaint to Allah. And Allah hears your dialogue; indeed, Allah is Hearing and Seeing.

    This means that He hears women complaints of her husbands.

  37. Do U play keyboard….? Its not islamic….music is strictly prohibited in islam….if u are going to be truly islamic boy…..plz dont touch music…..you will go to hell…so avoid it…plz plz….

  38. non Muslim make a fun of us but they don't know . they exchange 10 boyfriends/ girlfriends .at least we are better .we have a limit 4.we don't play. we marry the ladies treat them equally,love them equally. take thier responsibilities not like non Muslims exchanging many .

  39. Asalamalakum Daud, thank you for clarifying this topic. May ALLAH(SWT) reward you and increase you in knowledge. I wanted to comment on something you stated. We have to be very careful on not talking about any of ALLAH(SWT)'s laws as being "weird" or "disrespectful" as ALLAH (SWT) 's laws are perfect and just. When we have that understanding, insh ALLAH, ALLAH (SWT) will guide us. We may not understand the wisdom behind everything because our knowledge is limited in this world. In the next world, we will know the realities of many questions we had. You explained correctly that marrying 4 times is not a joke and a big responsibility. It was done for important reasons and also if the man is able to afford and treat them equally. May ALLAH(SWT) reward you for spreading the word of Islam (Dawah) in Korea.

  40. You are wonderful person daud kim, I love you for your good heart 💖😊 and I always wish you the best in this live and in the next live , Allah t.a bless you and helps you everytime, Amin 🤲🏾🌹

  41. Umm…where is my wife!😍
    Your wife is waiting for marrying you..
    she's dreaming about you..
    is it me?😅

  42. Hello Mr.Daud.I am a member of a muslim family.And I heard that in your one video you say that you should pray only in mosque.It is not true.You can pray(namaz)at home too.Thanks for your attention.(sorry for my bad English) I want to you know this as a real muslim.

  43. all scriptures📚 on this 🌎…only Alquran told us..AQ:''if u can't be fair,so u can marry ONLY ONE''📒✌😇📚💞…shalom🇲🇾

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