Mutt & Stuff – Hallowoof Party

Happy Halloween! It’s dr. Kristina and she’s dressed like a veterinarian! You know, I’m not just a veterinarian. I’m also a – – an astronaunt Thanks for dropping by Hi everyone! Groom-a-zoom-broom! Look everyone its Gabi Groomer and she’s dressed like a witch. Come on in Gabi Hello! Hey everyone, it’s Johnny in Charge! At your barkin’ call! Or should I say meowin’ call? Great cat costume Johnny! Thanks! Ooh, maybe a little too good, Zippy thinks I’m a real cat Calling all passengers. I’m here for the Hallowoof party It’s Janine the flight attendant. Hi, Janine. I’m so glad you could ‘bee’ here Well, I would have arrived sooner but the airport was so Buzzzzzy Get it? Because (points to antenna on head) Happy super Halloween! Welcome to the party super Sammie Don’t you mean Super Cowboy? I reckon I do partner. Now get up in there and ride up some fun! Super Yee Haw What’s all this blubberin’ I hear about a Halloween Party? Captain Otto the pirate! I’m so glad you came Of course me laddie, but wait a minute while I put on me costume. Woah! You look like you’re ready to set sail to the dance floor Ahoy, I am! Ta-da! Boo! Happy Halloween! Dad you got me! Come on out, I want to see your costume! Okay wait until you see this I am you! Call all of the dogs. I am your teacher Calvin. Wow, that’s great! Now that everyone is here – Hold on. Wait for us! Happy Halloween everyone Wow! It’s my uncle H.R. Pufnstuf! And Cling and Clang! And don’t forget about me, first mate Freddie the Flute! We never miss a party Calvin and besides it’s not every day the mayor gets to wear a sailor hat Well now that everyone is here, time to get this party started Hey, I have another, watch this. Paws up tails out Let’s go to the Mutt & Stuff bus, pretty good, huh? That’s great So what do we do when dogs do a great job? Put our paws up and Super Paw! Come on Calvin, we can do a much better job than that! One, two, three, Super Paw! To see more Mutt & Stuff videos, hit the subscribe button below!

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