My 18th Birthday

I was born on the tenth month on the
10th day at 10:10 p.m. and I’m the tenth member in my paternal family I’ve
celebrated most of my birthday’s with my friends and it’s okay but I think it’s a
good idea to celebrate a few with your family it doesn’t have to be a big party
it just needs to have me and my family it could be me and Ahmed Playing Xbox
and we’d keep asking each other for a rematch as to decide who’s better or me
and Sania sharing some new songs we heard recently and talked about life
well mostly me asking for advice on things it could be me and mama as a tell
about my dreams and the things that I wish to do and she would pray for me or me and Baba watching old films together it could be me and Grandma talking about the
times we used to live at Kashmir point and we’d go and sit on this rock and look at the
mountains in front of us it could be mama making all these
delicious treats and trust me nothing is better than that
and at the end we’d cut the cake and make prayers for the coming days I
officially turn 18 today and I’m grateful for all that I have I’m glad to
have a family like this who supports me in every situation
thank you Mama Baba Sania Ahmed everyone in my family thank you for
always being there for me and I’ll be there for you I love you all always and forever take care of yourselves and Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna
Allah Hafiz you

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  1. They way you speak in that dramatic voice reminds me of my baby brother..😭😂 he exactly used to say this line as a joke.. kabhi alvida na kehna bari behna 😭😭

  2. Beautiful depiction of life and it's achievements.

    AL HAMDU LILLAH to have brother like you, and tuney Mera clip dala na ab Tu ruk something miraculous is coming your way too 😂😂.

    Baki, happy to be a part of this beautiful family AL HAMDU LILLAH 💕

  3. Your accent reminded me of your fathers one. He is great man great teacher. Happy birthday brother May Allah usher success upon you God bless you

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