My American Girl Dolls Go to JoJo Siwa’s BIRTHDAY PARTY! Dress up and Pretend Play with Dolls

Yay! Today is my birthday! Happy Birthday JoJo! Time for photos! Time to open presents!

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  1. 1249Subscribed done..Your are amazing ……. We enjoyed watching..Big thumbs up.Great job… Awesome video thanks for sharing friend..full view from Toys 4 Kids.Let's stay connected!..

  2. I really love the birthday party… The decorations were amazing… I really love the decorations for the table… Ally enjoy watching as well.
    the presents time was very fun to watch… Awwww! she got a Ryan toys.
    Ally has the Elsa and Anna dolls..
    beautiful share…

  3. Fun video and outstanding presentation. Lovely decorations. Love how you even had the candles blown out. Enjoyed the stop motion. Cool!

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