My Best BTS themed Birthday Party

Pepero.. cuz why not? Purple Marshmallow disks Pink Marshmallow disks

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  1. BTS – Love Yourself theme ideas

    (50 shades of pink, purple and a touch of flame)

    1. BTS – Love yourself cake (For me).
    2. Rustic pastel pink and purple layered cake with flowers (For dad).
    3. Strawberry (Pink) and Grape (Purple) cupcakes.
    4. Chocolate chip cookies smothered in cream.
    5. Vanilla and Cherry wafers covered in butter cream.
    6. Red Guava (pink), Black current (Purple), Pineapple (yellow), Orange juice.
    7. Custom made BTS collector card image cups with pastel pink and purple baby bows (Pick your bias).
    8. Italian Christmas cookies.
    9. Pink and purple marshmallow disks.
    10. Rock candy (orange – for the flame touch).
    11. Gummy bears.
    12. Pepero.
    13. BTS memes and jokes/ members on pink and purple Balloons.
    14. White, pink and purple sweet table cloths.
    15. Pink, purple, orange/gold and silver translucent glowing jars/bottle.
    16. Members' collector card images cut out and placed randomly everywhere.
    17. Lots and lots of Floral decor cause BTS are the perfect definition of flower boys. (Preferably 2 shades of pink with off white roses. If needed you can include a very light shade of purple).
    18. BTS songs + dance party.

    Since all of my friends and little buddies all admire kpop one way or another, it was pretty much of a paradise for all of us #Army and #kpop lovers. I badly wanted to include EXO since I started out as an EXO-L, but there just wasn't enough room.

    I sincerely appreciate my parents who helped me pull off this massive bts party. Since my dad and myself shared the same birthday, he was automatically included in the BTS theme and had a jolly good BTS party for himself as well…lol.

    Plus I'm really glad that I was able to spread BTS and their powerful message to everyone, who were either unware of kpop or unaware of BTS (yes… I know it's hard to believe that they exist). Some were so interested in RM's summarized message that I interpreted and wanted the whole message. So I had to print it out after the party and I was ever so glad to do so. (p.s. It was a reverend nun). #ftw

    Feel free to get to back to me with your comments on what you think about my BTS themed party. And also please remember to LIKE and SUBSCRIBE. Also hit your notification icon to stay in the loop.

    Stay Blessed.

    Love ya loads,
    Taro 🙂

  2. Such inspiration!i was planning to make a bts themed pool party but nothing to cringy you know,thanks now I have more inspiration 😁

  3. Me and my friends are doing a BTS theme for our BFF b-day! She's such an AMRY! 😀 i share it to my group! Thank you for the idea!

  4. Happy Birthday unnie! And also, my birthday is almost near!! I can't wait !!!!! It's 1st September!! I was born at 1st September 1998..

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