I think we should put the table to that side or? no or? and later on I can stand behind the table you can make the colors go quick how? should I put it here what do you think Denice? here beside the door I think we should put it on the floor okay wait should we just put it up? what are you doing sorry there’s not much in there that’s too much hello? omg! It’s Denices birthday today x2 *singing happy birthday to you x2* Its helium hello your lips got purple no its the light *singing* can it fly! does anyone have a charger? that balloon died lol hi is it good? congratulations again your blogging we are going to take pictures before everyone turns fucked up where’s the music? yeah that’s the thing, we are going to take pictures first. I waited for everyone to come. one day we are all going to look at your faces and y’all have kids. 10 kids 40 kids 50 kids 99 kids Paolo one child, not even one, a half lol where’s the Bacardi? oh there * SINGS HAPPY BIRTHDAY * go to the other side happy birthday hey, you have such a beutiful eyeshadow what do you wear eyeshadow? and that made the religion.. preach can someone call assita I get you hit her hit her hit her hit her Mary tell her *lol* you are going to wear the bald hats me and Denice are traveling in February on my birthday are you coming Mary? for 2 weeks ask Gracia too, you fools why don’t you ask Gracia? if you ask your work now you can fix so you can have unpaid holiday what did you do after Denices party? after hammarby sjöstad what did you do? you went home right denice slept, you. slept Denice. we bought vegan cream because everyone here gets pain in there stomach lol the food is ready kids lets run and bring some smash girls you can’t touch any animal product and then touch the rice ok please I got it on film lol no animals okay im about to become sick right now who is going to speak? should I do that? thank you father you are the biggest god we believe in you, father I love you im sorry but I can’t do this sorry but? we are blessing me we are not blessing you, we praise the lord I think I am two faced no you’re not! its not wrong that you sit here and listen because its not you that says anything right we are blessing me so I don’t know what you are talking about okey go father we beg that you are going to bless us and Denice that you give her a wonderful life with blessings and that you protect her from dangerous people amen im not done yet, I wanna say something god thank you for letting us take our time to see each other to protect Denice that you ah got us along tighter don’t you feel ashamed, Thank you lord so much for the food and I hope that you blessed it with love you and I are the ones that is going to have kids last have fun when you are 30 years old lol yeah that’s when im getting pregnant who is going most likely to fight the most for surviving with money in the future i won’t answer this question I think its me because im the one that does not care about Money at all that’s what I wanted to say but I think its a mean question i don’t think that you care about that stuff then that’s something you will be needed to fight for in the future if you don’t focus on it right now i won’t focus to become rich you don’t have to become rich not needed of money, that you can spend on something whenever you want to without losing something you can have a cleaner in your house once a week and pay 1000kr because you can that’s not rich its financially independent that’s how Swedish families are, financially independent and not rich who is most likely to be most responsible in the future I think its me you Mary or assita would you rather spend a night in a bar or in a club a party in a club Samantha, drag the but on the floor its fresh here when did you buy this set omg imagine when I stand up omg did she really do it lol should we continue the game in here gracia ask a stranger if he wants to grab a coffee date who is going to take the challenge and why? everybody is going to do this on each others instagrams why do you go into this whores page you don’t have a profile picture i. beg you he’s going to be so happy take him why do you watch? its mine instagram im dying, I know! he follows her hes going to see im writing Mary l what. does that mean? it means Mary Lou Manizer I did her new account I wrote Mary L but please change picture you look like a model Mary hello he saw direct! the guy that I wrote to from Denices instagram ofcourse he watched direct lol its your dream date thats why you need to meet him I think he has a girlfriend oh its hes mother wow so beutiful hes writing what’s the purpose to answer? no don’t answer the challenge is finished leave it on read delete omg its ** pranking my mom that I am pregnant hello? sorry that I disturb you but everyone on my dinner now i talked with Samantha I think that I am pregnant first I thougt so, but then the test said yes and I can send a picture to you what are you pregnant? yes oh, I know im so sad but don’t think about being sad shes such a good mom god so hard… what are you going to do now? are you going to keep the baby? I think so yes okey well its your decision will I not become ugly then? what ?. yeah don’t you think im going to become ugly then? what do you mean? yeah pregnant, 19 years old I think im going to become ugly but Denice its not about becoming ugly? should I say that this is a prank? no continue she heard omg but she hasn’t said anything well mom its a prank! its not fun Denice mom… (Denice why do you do this?) what? … im sorry why do you do this? im going up 6 in the morning my friends. made me do it we played the game thruth or dare okey bye im dying of laughter hello ezzi I feel so bad! I got beaten up by some men and I don’t know what to do where are you? im feeling so bad what? are you joking with me? no Samantha just stared when this happened. she didn’t care can you call everyone on these men now! i beg you! you are joking with me he heard us laugh you are so boring *singing happy birthday* you have delivered cake now for two years for us we can use these ones on our sleepovers this is so beutiful! should I close the camera? im so thankful your so creative I got this idea like 6 months ago so I collected pictures with us it was that picture I wanted with us I love that one it was our first picture and we have taken 100 pictures we was in harrods here this was 2018 when we took a swim togheter and here we went to the movies

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