My Birthday is RUINED

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So I decided for her birthday, it would be really fun if we
went to Just Add Chocolate. So Julie told all
of her friends, but then, I found out
that I was wrong. She does have school
on her birthday. What do you want to do? If you didn’t have to worry
about hurting anyone’s feelings, what sounds the most one to you? Because you’re
the birthday girl. [inaudible]. Can I join you? Sure. I think I’m gonna break the bed, and I’m worried
because Eve’s below us. Okay. I think if Dad
came up on the bed, he might actually break it,
and we would squish Eve. Okay. So here’s the deal. Here’s what’s happening. Julie’s birthday is coming up, and I thought her birthday,
they didn’t have school. Her birthday’s on a Friday, and on my calendar,
I have it written that there’s no school that day. So I decided for her birthday, it would be really fun if we
went to Just Add Chocolate, and then on Saturday,
we would go ice skating. You follow me? So Julie told all of her friends about going
to Just Add Chocolate. But then, I found out
that I was wrong. She does have school
on her birthday, and I said,
No, don’t worry about it. We’ll move Just
Add Chocolate to Saturday, and we’ll do ice-skating
maybe for my birthday. So then Aunt Bonnie
called and asked if we wanted to go
snow tubing on Saturday. I may have made the mistake of
giving Julie too many options, because now she’s
facing the decision of disappointing her friends, and telling them,
Oh, never mind. I’m not going to have a birthday
party with my friends. We’re not going to go
to Just Add Chocolate. Or disappointing Olivia
and the kids, because we won’t be
going snow tubing. Did I get it, right? So she wants to know
what she should do. Oh my gosh, your pillows. Your pillows are slippery, on this silk pillow
grandma gave you. Let’s just lay
on the silk pillow. There we go. What do you want to do? If you didn’t have to worry
about hurting anyone’s feelings, what sounds the most fun to you? Because you’re
the birthday girl. Do you have any advice
what you think she should do? I kind of told her what I think, but I wonder if it’s the same as
what you think. You can never go
wrong with chocolate. That’s what I said. That’s what I said. Honey, you’re not going
to disappoint Olivia. I don’t even think Olivia knows
about the plans yet. Because her mom
is smarter than me, and she doesn’t tell
her kids anything until it’s set in stone. Yeah. Do you know what I mean? Olivia doesn’t even know. And the kids don’t even know. Like Russell doesn’t know. Her mom wouldn’t be okay if she knew that it
was Julie’s birthday, and Julie had plans. No, of course not. And she would be like, oh,
we don’t want to impose. Of course. Absolutely. They’ll just move the tubing
into another day. What do you think? She is not– Look. The kids are not going
to be disappointed. Olivia is not going
to be disappointed. It’ll be fine. Did Just Add Chocolate say that they can do Saturday
instead of Friday? I haven’t looked. Okay, so we requested
that Just Add Chocolate– Okay, so let me explain. Just Add Chocolate is a really
really fun place in Utah county that you go. They literally have
like hundreds of things you can make chocolate out of, and you make your own
little chocolate box with a little chocolate. Like they have everything, from pretzels to banana feel
to cordial cherries to– Have you been there before? Candy bars. Oh, yeah. Daddy and I went there
on a date night one night. It was so much fun. And the guy that owns it, that runs it,
is a professional like chocolate maker, who worked in, I think you worked
in Vegas for a while, and has done like amazing,
amazing chocolates. And he teaches you, it’s an hour-and-a-half class
where he teaches you how to make
professional chocolates. And you come home
with all this chocolate, and it’s so good. I think it would be
really fun to do. And you already told
your friends about it. So I’m not going to tell you
what you have to do, but I’m kind of encouraging you
to keep your birthday plans, and forgive me because I feel like it’s my fault
for yapping my mouth so much. What do you think? I think I’ll just
do Just Add Chocolate. I’m proud of you, honey. And I did ask her
if it was okay, if we filmed this. I think my kids are
pretty on board about sharing the realities, and I think they share
the same mission I do. In living a very open
and vulnerable life. I’m proud of you
for making that choice. If you change your mind,
let me know in the morning, but I think you should be able
to at least get some sleep now. It’s like almost midnight, dear. You’re going to be
so tired in the morning. What do you think? Do you feel better? It is so much better to have
so many good choices you can only pick
a really good choice. I mean, that’s kind of a cool
bad situation to be in, right? Your bad situations
is you have to choose what kind of fun things
you’re going to do? That’s kind of a cool
bad problem to have, don’t you think? I can [inaudible] you. Like a bowl ice cream, or a box of chocolates. But I have to ask you an even
more important question. What do you want
for your birthday? That’s– That’s more easier
making that decision. Oh, do share. So you know that that [inaudible]
Grandma got me for Christmas? That makes bracelets? Yes. So I kind of want more string
for that so I can make more. Oh. Anything else? I don’t know. You’ve always been
easy to please. I’ll never forget one of the very first birthday
vlogs we did of you, you got socks for your birthday, and you were so appreciative. And you got a few other things. At the end of the day,
I asked you, what your– You’re talking on
the phone to Grandpa, and you’re telling him thank you
for the gift he’d sent. And I asked you what your favorite present
of the whole birthday was, and you said, my socks. And you meant it, because you– before that, all of your socks
have holes in them, and you were so grateful
to have socks that didn’t have holes in them. I actually kind of want
those really long fuzzy socks. Oh. And I kind of want
a Gizmo watch. Gizmo watch? Now, that’s a far cry
from fuzzy socks. Yeah. I love you with all my heart. I love you too. I have a really good feeling that you’re going to live
a life full of choices. And they’re going to be
choices of what’s good, what’s better, and what’s best. Because you’re a good girl, and you care
about other people, and you’re always mindful
of other people’s feelings. That’s why this choice is
so hard for you. Because you didn’t want
Russell to feel bad, or Abby, or Olivia. And it’s your birthday. You do what you want to do. But I think that that kind
of attitude is going to lead you to helping lots of people, and having many
good opportunities come into your life. So next time you have to choose between a good thing
and a good thing, you can always talk to me. We’re not even going to tell
the other kids, okay? And you know what? We’ll come up with
another tubing day. We can go tubing. We can go tubing all winter. All right? Are we gonna go skiing? Are we gonna go skiing? I don’t know. Do you want to go skiing? We’ll see. Can you get some sleep? Okay. I love you. I love you too. Good night. I’ve got Julie tucked into bed. All the household
is ready to sleep now. And I’m really crossing
my fingers that this place, Just Add Chocolate,
can do it on Saturday. Wouldn’t it be terrible if I
talked her into that decision, and then come to find out
they can’t accommodate us on Saturday? Oh boy, I gotta learn to not… Yap so much. Have you ever had a decision you
had to make between something that was good, and something else
that was good too? Boy, those choices can be
really really hard. Because it’s pretty obvious
when the choice is between like something
good and something bad. Like, choice is obvious. But between good choices
and good choices, it’s really hard to tell. So I totally get stressed, especially when other people’s
feelings are on the line. Do you guys have any good ideas that I could get Julie
for her birthday? She’s turning 10. So if you have any great ideas,
let me know. Okay, you guys, we’ll keep you updated
on all the birthday plans. I’m really excited to make
this day special for Julie. Because I remember
when I turned 10, I was so excited because I can use
two full hands, and I didn’t have
to put any fingers down. I was two full full hands. Good night guys.

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