My Boyfriend’s Birthday Party

Good morning everybody. It’s a beautiful Sunday here in Tokyo and since it’s my boyfriend’s birthday this coming week I decided to throw a little party for him today with some of our friends. I woke up bright and early this morning to get ready and there’s a bunch of things I need to do before everyone gets here at 1 o’clock So let’s go do them. (cute, upbeat music) I’d thought we start off with decorating because then even if I’m out or doing other things then people arrive earlier it’ll at least it’ll be set up and look okay. (cute, upbeat music) Here we go! I decided to go for some classic colours like the elegant man that he is with black, silver, white and a touch of red. Oh, and one of our friends has a little boy so since he’s meeting Rosie for the first time I thought I would also – I picked up this for him when I was grabbing the balloons last night. It’s a little pug dog balloon and you can drag it on the floor like this: Rosie! I can hear Rosie spazzing out in the background. This is my outfit for today. I’m wearing a dress from I put some shorts on underneath ’cause it’s slightly see-through and short. Um, these are from Zara. My shoes, they’re sorta Mickey Mouse looking shoes, are from One Spoke; and I’m wearing Cand- the Kylie Jenner li… Kylie Jenner lipkit in Kandy K on my lips. and there’s this little tie here. Alright; let’s go get the cake! (cute, upbeat music) Okay, home. That took a lot longer than expected. Have to hurry now. Noooo! This ‘b-day’ part will probably be the death of me. Stay up! I guess we can just he happy. *sing-songy* Happy! *sing-song; high pitch* Happy! Happy! (cute, upbeat music) Hey everybody. It’s the night before the party and I’m just preparing my which I’ve made before I think in my school lunch but I’m just making this again because it’s my favourite salad to make for a party because you can make it the day before. It tastes even better the next day. So it just makes things a lot easier. and more organised. So I’m going to make this; I’m just adding some chopped broccoli. I’ve got about 3 tablespoons of walnuts chopped, and then I’ve got…I don’t know how many, like 15 big, white button mushrooms. I removed the stems of these. and then I’m not going to waste the stems. I chopped up the mushroom stems finely and I’m going to use them in the dressing. and some, about, oh well this is probably more… you need about 3 tablespoons of sundried tomatos. So these are all chopped; these will be mixed together for the dressing part, to stuff these. and I’ve also made the salad dressing. It’s a parsley dressing. I made it the night before because I like it when salad dressings have time and the flavours mix together. So I think this will taste even better tomorrow. I used 2 tablespoons of olive oil, a half tablespoon of white wine vinegar, a little bit of salt and a little bit of pepper. Then there’s about, 1/3 of a cup of chopped fresh parsley, and 1 garlic clove minced in there. I’m just mixing it all together and I’m gonna keep it in the fridge overnight along with the rest of the ingredients. and then I will continue tomorrow morning. Okay, now I’m going to make the stuffed mushrooms. I just took out all the stuff that I stored in the fridge overnight; everything is looking good. Um… So I’m just going to lightly brush the mushrooms with some olive oil. On both sides of the mushroom… woah! and then lay it on this non-stick baking pan. Thank you!

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  1. Hey Taylor! I don't know how I discovered you but I'm glad I did. I've been watching some of your videos and vlogs and they're amazing!! You have a great personality and vibe. I love how you're into the vegan lifestyle, really looking forward to more vids from you and getting a glimpse of your life in Tokyo (Really wanna come to Japan btw!!) Sorry I'm rambling… just wanted to say I'm a huge fan. Lots of love from Dubai!! xxx Oh and I know it's late but Happy Belated Birthday to your boyfriend!! Tc x

  2. I just started watching your channel. Why did you move to Japan? just because you like it there or for a job opportunity?

  3. i just found out about u through venus' video and been watching ur videos since and i love love love everything about you. your hair your smile your eyes and i must say that you are a very thoughtful person. i noticed that u always get present for others and ure so positive. why didnt i know u sooner!! anyways love you taytay 💕💕 new subscriber from malaysia

  4. Oh My God I am so going to try making the broccoli salad because I love broccoli so much btw you're outfit was so cute

  5. You have a new sub now 😀 Taylor, I am now living though you since you live Japan, since it definitely a place I would love to live or visit. By the way loving your vlogmas vids too and kawai Rosie…

  6. Child laughter is always great unless you hear it at 4 in the morning & you live alone xD
    Now that would be terrifying

  7. Woah!…beginning shot looked like the background of one of jennie's pre-debut photos lmao! Blackpink trash right here! 😂🙌

  8. I just found your channel a few hours ago, and I have been binge watching ever since. I normally don't watch vlogs because I find them boring, however, yours are great! BTW I realize that you most likely get told this all the time but you are so pretty, and real nice too. I also like how I find other people to subscribe to through your channel as well, like Krist soup. I love Japan, and envy you jvloggers so much because you are able to live there, and make a living by doing what you love.❤

  9. Wow Taylor you're literally the perfect girlfriend aka wife material lol but I'm a girl and I don't swing that way hahaha.

  10. Gee Japanese women would have been sooo jealous and intimidated by you, I lived in Japan and didn't even look like you.

  11. That pug balloon was so cute! You have great clothing style, wish you had mentioned your thigh highs. You and your boyfriend are so in love, very moving. The food looks devine!!!!

    Hope you colaborate with Rachel and Jun.

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