My Cafe: 3rd Birthday Party Decorations

hey everyone I’m Ola and today we are
going to play My Cafe: recipes and stories. In this video, it’s high time to
decorate our cafe for my cafe Birthday and also to answer some of the most
popular questions about update 20 19.5, so let’s go! so here we are in our cafe, and I have
chosen the Northern Lights style, pink lightning, and here is a crystal
wallpaper. I also took the flooring from California in American retro. Those are
flamingo tables for four, and those are Scandinavia tables for two, and here we
go! This is the birthday couch, and just take a look at it ,it looks so nice – it is
not big at all, it is very compact. And as you can notice, the unicorns are also
not really big: this is the synthesizer, and this is actually the only thing that
I’m waiting for, is that Cleo will come over and play it. Actually, we can only
inquire about different gifts for different astrological signs from Cleo.
and actually Chloe and Ann are Gemini, so let’s get to know what they want.
Actually, they love board games, and video games they will rip the paper right
off, and spend the next two or three hours studying their new gift. Wow!
Is that true? so that’s why we have the bunny, and that’s why we are all playing my cafe! well, that’s nice actually. Also, by the story we could get this unicorn horseshoe, this is how it looks like. It is not very big ,as well, but it’s very
beautiful, and subtle, I would even say. So it also fits in every corner of my cafe, as well! Here we come to the cakes: actually, this is the birthday cake that
you are going to get by the story, and if you tap on it in several times, it’s going
to give you the pink gift. Those cakes don’t give us anything, but they all look
really wonderful all together. Please, tell me in the comments if you have all
three of them. And this is also the wedding cake for Mary and Bill, and if
you go to the story, at level 32 you should probably know that we have the
new customer Daisy. I was telling you about it in my previous video, and
actually by the story at level 32 you can get two gifts: the first one is the gold
gift from Petrovich by the first story. By the second story, at level 32, Daisy is
going to ask you about which gift you want for the help, and then just have to
choose: you can choose any gift that you want, and even if you choose Nothing, she
actually gives you a gold gift. However, if you choose pink gift, or blue
gift, or a simple gift, she will give you exactly what you want. When you finish
the story at level 32, you may notice that Daisy stops arriving into your cafe at
level 33, but it’s okay because she will definitely come back with the new stories.
So, she will be there. Don’t be surprised that she just left.
You also have Margaret or Carl, who are going to buy something from the old
furniture: up to ten items per day, and if you don’t really want to sell something,
you just say: no I will not sell it, and it happens sometimes that their prices can
change to the better. It is actually nice if you want to declutter your storage,
but bear in mind that you will not be able to sell the unique items that you
get by the story. Instead of that, you can just place them in your cafe, and they
will bring more tips, and on the whole your cafe will look really beautiful. And
just take a look at our staff: I’ve dressed them in the happy day costumes,
and they really look nice and beautiful all together.
And we are finally here with the parrot. And the parrot is actually a temporary guest,
that will arrive in our cafe from time to time: it will ask us different
questions, it will tell us some important news, when we talk to him. He just
delivers the news to us, and then he just flies away, and each time he flies into
our cafe, I just talk to him: it’s a talking parrot so just please do that.
And actually guys, this is it. I hope you also have fun from decorating your cafes for Birthday, and make sure to take part in our contests for my cafe birthday in
our social media. And in all, I wish you wonderful weekend with My Cafe. thank
you so much for playing with me, I hope you enjoyed this video! If you did, then
please put your thumbs up, subscribe to my channel, and let’s play together! Don’t
forget to click the bell to get all the news and tips about the game from my
videos. I have rewarded 10 best comments under my previous video with the red
gifts, and the happy winners are right here: Guys, thank you so much! I really
enjoyed reading your congratulations with My Cafe birthday. You are really great!
The red gifts will be sent to your in-game mail. This time, I’m going to
reward 5 best comments under this video with the pink gifts, so if you have any
ideas about how to decorate your cafe for my cafe birthday, please write it in
the comments below. I will choose 5 comments by next Friday, so don’t forget
to leave your player ID: this is a combination of numbers in the bottom
right corner of the game settings. Till then, have fun in the game and see you
next time bye bye

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  1. Feliz con la nueva actualización chicos muchas gracias! Amo mi cafè, con el mini juego y el auto se hace más entretenido. Una sugerencia podrían poner algún regalo que tenga tickets de premio, me encantaría. Gracias por entretenernos y sigan así mejorando cada dia. Saludos a todo el equipo desde Argentina. Cariños y bendiciones. ID39006556

  2. มีข้าคนเดียวหรือเปล่า ที่ฟังไม่ออก

  3. Yo la decoraria con el estilo Aurora boreal tanto la soleria como el papel de paredes rayo Rosa,además va muy bien con el sillón de cumpleaños me encanta y ni que decir de los unicornios son algo mágicos,obviamente con el pastel y los globos y flores para decorar además para que quede más bello vestiria a Ana y a los demás con el traje feliz día
    Y por último pondría el letrero de feliz cumpleaños
    Mi ID 71514732
    Feliz cumpleaños my cafe espero estar con ustedes muchos años más ,amo este juego

  4. Amazing celebration week ❤❤🎉 this preferred game play
    I'm very very excited i would like to win
    My ID:74180884

  5. Me again!!!! Happy birthday chloe!! Well, I just want is for my servers and bartenders to have their own suitors and lovelife!!!! Hehe I played mc for 1week already and I just wanted that I have a job so that I cam buy diamonds, gifts and coins but sadly Im going to earn everything by patience haha thanks.
    Id: 78523880

  6. i would prefer decorate with purle color dominan in every details because its similar to the birthday cake's main color
    username: sophie

  7. 🎉 🎊 Felicidades por el aniversario!💕💕💕
    Sugerencia: ojalá den la opción de dejarles monedas o diamantes a los demás cuando visitamos sus cafeterías 😄 como en un buzón o algo así y cuando el compañero abra su cafetería le salga un aviso de quien lo visitó. Mi ID : 55451451
    Abrazos desde Colombia 🇨🇴

  8. You can put fireworks on the last days of the celebration or put free gifts distributed to customers at the door of the coffee shop, for example drinks and also think about the distribution of small cards and perhaps make customers dressed in celebration uniforms at a very symbolic price or free of charge You can also celebrate in a different place like the garden You can also make a group dance

    player ID 70711908

    thank you

  9. The game should have interaction with other players, like i you can do a limited exchange for day with other players

  10. Ola, adoro seus videos sobre o café, e eu gostaria de que nesse aniverssario, vocês colocasem presentes para quem olhar as ofertas diarias, ou colocar uma missao de perguntas do aniverssario do my café, e que tambem, diminuisem os valores dos presentes para podermos comprar estimularia para podermos frequentar mais o jogo e completar cada vez mais missoes, o tabuleiro tambem deveria ter mais presentes, eos visitantes que devemos completar pedidos para ajudalos em algo deveria dar mais presentes como recompenssa ao vez de expeciarias, mas tudo isso sao ideias para o aniverssario do my café e a temporada do aniverssario tambem poderia durar mais tempo dando mais chances e oportunidades para noz jogadores de ganhar algo lucrativo e estimulador para o jogo obrigado e adoro o jogo.
    Meu ID: 56409177

  11. You guys did a great job. Happy anniversary 3 years my café. Really loves the new update as always.
    It will be better if you let the township members to do an exchange especially in spices.
    And also id like to say thank you soo much for the special offers, it help me alot on buying some stylish machine.
    Last but not least, if you havent join any town yet you may to join mine. neoroyalhook. Esp for Indonesian. 😀
    ID: 11628126

  12. Hola 🖐 llenaria de muchos globos la cafeteria, pondria los pasteles, los unicornios, vestiria a todo el personal con atuendo dd fiesta y con los gorritos 👏👏😊😊 ID: 75798221

  13. Cara eu amo este jogo mas estou um pouco decepcionada. Tudo custa tao caro nao e fácil conseguir diamantes as especiarias algumas custa muitos diamante pra desbloquear as receitas são muito caro as roupas dos festivais São bem caras

  14. Hi, I'd like you to put the first anniversary cake as a gift in Liam's dice game. It would be beautiful to be able to obtain it. Beautiful game. my name is lujan Herrera my ID 25111733.GRACIAS 🎂🎂🎂 HAPPY ANNIVERSARY

  15. Me encanta ❤️.
    Apenas me encomendaron adquirir el unicornio y tengo poquitos diamantes 😭.
    Sin embargo, estoy comprometida a lograrlo ❤️❤️❤️.

  16. My name is the singer in my cafe and I have a idea what if you added another character that looks like you!

  17. 🎉FELICITACIONES🎉 Es un juego bastante divertido, uno va entrando en el juego como si fuera la vida real y se preocupa cuando no se puede complacer al cliente… la verdad me la paso muy bn….

  18. Happy 3rd Anniversary! My daughter and I love this game!! It would be neat if there was some kind of birthday arch decor to go at the front door. Maybe something to mimic the beautiful cake or with unicorns.

  19. I wonder why the costume cost 465 gems? That costs so much. Could they bring it lower?
    ID: 37615458

  20. انا حزينه جدا العبها في هاتفي منذ أقل من سنه و هاتف الآخر منذ ثلاث سنين ولكن لا احصل على الكثير من الهدايا أو الجواهر أو البطاقات اتمنى ان تحسينها قليلا انا ادمنت عليها واعشقها

  21. I love the new decorations but please help me to improve my cafe. I really wanna have a good cafe to provide the costumers spice recipes.

    Account Name: Sheenang
    Player ID: 72495629

  22. Hola Olya, gracias por el regalo! 😘
    Respecto a la decoración, dije que decoraría muy bella mi cafetería y lo hice 🙂 Y todos gracias al mini-juego del conejito 🐰🎲 conseguí el Letrero para Fiestas, 2 Globos y el hermoso Sofá Arcoíris, me gustó tanto que lo publiqué en el grupo español 😍 Coloqué en la parte trasera los globos a ambos lados del sofá y las macetas de san valentín a ambos lados pero en la parte delantera, además de que a ambos lados puse 2 estatuillas de campeón de Bruno! Quedó bellísimo 😍🌸 ya que con el estilo Flamenco combina perfectamente ❤ Aún me falta el pastel de cumpleaños ya que solo llegué al pedido 21 de Max pero mi plan es ponerlo delante del sofá. Ej: xD
    ℋᵅᵖᵖᵞ ℬⁱʳᵗᑋᵈᵃᵞ
    🎈 🛋 🎈
    ID: 48084652

  23. Thanks for the video😁
    I have an question, do you know when we will get VIP 8 in the game?

    Thanks for all the video's, it's great😀👍

  24. I am on the 9 level but i deleted this game and i am not on the 9 level i am on the 1 level and can i come back my 9 level?

  25. I really enjoy this game but I would like it if we could unlock extra spice box that you get for VIP7 with gems. Other than that I love the update and you are so cute❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  26. I've been playing the game for some months now and I don't receive Daily gifts besides the simple gift from Ann every 24hrs

  27. Amo toda la decoración pero es triste que jamás valla a poder ver los unicornios justos 😔.

  28. You are amazing and you have the best decoration i think that thd cake is the bes decoration
    ID 74127163

  29. كتير حلو تحديث عجلني كتير كتير بلبزاف بموت عليه بس ببغاء مجنيش بصح لعبة كتير حلو 🎇🎆🎊😍😘💋💖💕💓💗💋💋💋💋💞💝💟💟

  30. hello. i am having an issue with support. its as if they dont understand english. i paid 9.99 but never received my purchase. sent them the receipt. but they keep talking about debit n receipts. apple n itunes debit…im like..hey all i want is my gems…this is my first problem after playin for over a year. level 33. im just not understanding why a game wants to steal money from its players

  31. If we did not tap on the special birthday cake to get the Pink gift, is the gift still in the cake several months later? I hope the Pink gift is still in the cake. Does anyone know?

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