My Cafe: Decorate your Cafe for 90s Party!

hey everyone i’m Ola and today we are
going to play My Cafe: recipes and stories. in this video I’m going to
prepare My Cafe for the 90’s party so let’s go! so this time guys I suggest that we just
have fun for a while and we will redecorate our cafe and prepare it for the
90s party. I’m thinking of using the colors that we see in the update like
yellow, violet, pink, blue – some neon and bright colors, and now let’s start. I
don’t pretend to earn a lot of tips or don’t pretend to give you any advice on
that – this is just a video how it can be done and I think it’s going to be fun. so
let’s start. so first of all as you have noticed I have changed clothes of my
staff, if you have changed it but haven’t reached the dialog yet, then you will
actually see it after you fulfill 15 orders, and when you dress Ann like that
she will give you a blue gift. so now let’s start redecorating, and, first of
all, I would love to visit the Northern Lights style, because it is full of neon
colors and I really love this night sky flooring, but there will be another one
like crystal flooring, you see. this is all shiny and bright, and blue. as for the
wallpaper I was looking for different wallpapers… oh wow take a look at that
the crystal vase of flowers! have you seen it, by the way? just take a look at
that! let’s place it at the entrance. if you know when it was added then please
write it in the comments because I’ve never seen anything like that and I
really love the crystal centerpieces, beautiful! let’s place them on the tables.
actually, guys I don’t really want to remove the tables, because I think they
fit all right, especially the chairs, and we definitely need to change the
wallpaper, but first of all take a look at this crystal couch! I think we should
add it, first of all, because it has purple in it. let’s place it right here
for now, but we will probably move it a little bit later. everything else looks
alright maybe we should opt for Milky Way wallpaper, because it actually
matches the crystal flooring very well. definitely need to change the stands and
the bar counters. I know that in the 90s there was a lot of furniture from wood,
but I don’t really like it because we are in the 21st century so we will just
make something similar to the 90s, but we want to copy everything from there,
because otherwise it will look just ugly. so I have decided that I go to
the American retro and in the American retro I really love the flamingo bar
counter and stands. so I will probably replace everything
with those items and will come back to you later.
now when we have replaced the bar counters and the stands, I haven’t
changed the oxford stools, because I think they look just wonderful here. we
need to replace the service table and probably move it somewhere. this is the
Flamingo service table and we definitely need to place it to the bar counter,
because it has a different siding. another thing that is standing out really
much here is the topping shelf section, so I will also replace it all, but
probably with the northern lights style and I could have replaced it with the regular
topping shelves but this will bring me more tips. thus we have replaced the
shelves and everything looks good here. however, I really want to change this
table and to move the couch right here and I will tell you why, because I’m
going to make a corner like it was in the 90s with posters on the wall, with
different pics and artefacts from the 90s here, but to do that I also need
to place some windows, because without windows it actually looks very weird. I
think I’ll go for loft style because I really like the marshmallow window
there. why? because it has very interesting structure and if I place it
just behind this chands I will not see that wooden siding, and I don’t really
like it .so we will just have these two windows right here. for the menu we’ll
come back to the Northern Lights, and I think we will place the Northern Lights
menu, too, because I really like the cups, I really like its design, it also has
some yellow and red, and all different colors, so this is how we will place it.
so now let’s go to the storage because in the storehouse we have a lot of
posters and artifacts from the update. let’s take a look at the couch for
friends – it is actually brown, and I don’t really think that it fits here just
perfectly. but we will decorate it with some other things. now we also have this
floor lamp for friends ,which I also really like, it is definitely taken from
the TV series, all in that style. it has green, purple pink and white
colors and definitely I’m lacking green here,
except for Margaret’s clothes and for Mary’s clothes, so we will probably do
something else about it. for example we can place a guitar, it is also a unique
item that you can purchase in the special offers, and it makes a special
sound like this when you tap on it, and definitely we
need to place the doggy drummers. by the way, guys there was an option to sell
Lucy the guitarist, and it was a lot of pain with the players because they sold
that accidentally or just deleted it from the storage, and we have decided
to give it back to the players, so if you have deleted it you will have it back.
we have also removed the possibility to sell it or to delete it ,so it will stay
with you, don’t worry. also we have those posters, I really love them, I will place
them in different corners of the wall, and now we will add some more posters to
create a huge wall with posters. this is going to be our main wall for the 90s
party. what else we have here is definitely ‘ I love 90s’ poster. let’s place
it here on top, and also a boom box decoration, we also have that ‘ back to the
90s sign’ which you can purchase in the special offers – I really love the
rollerskates they are really old-school. and let’s place some more decorations
from different styles. I especially recommend going into the American retro
because it has a lot of nice and bright pics , like take a look at this – it’s Andy
Warhol’s cupcake. take a look at those neon ice cream sign. let’s place it here
and ,yum yum, let’s add some rock and roll into it and I also love those floor
lamps because ,finally, I didn’t really love them and i couldn’t find a place
for them in any of the styles, but right here for the 90s party they make just
perfect decorations. and I will definitely add a lot of them: we have
blue floor lamps, it costs ten thousand, we also have the yellow floor lamp which
costs eight thousand. it looks like this. and we also have a green lava lamp it
cost 1500 coins this is not really much, so you can use it for your decorations
especially that we need green in our cafe. so let’s place more of those green
lava lamps. but this is not actually it, I really love the Coca Cola cap! there are
a lot of them so you can place them just all over the place just to make an
accent and balance the walls .I think they look good here. we’ll go to
flamingos and I really love this neon flamingo we also have this beautiful
my cafe neon sign. if we go to our storehouse, as well, we can find some more decorations like blooming cherry tree, this is my bonus
from season 1. and as for the magical fountain, guys I have really nice news
for you. I have mentioned it in my previous video that the magical Fontaine
will leave a bonus after itself in the exterior and actually the bonus will be
the fountain, guys, it will stay with you in the exterior, you will be able to move
it around, place it anywhere. you can move it on that side or on different
side, wherever. as far as we are having a party I would really love to have more
couches here so I will just remove those tables for two and I will actually opt
for the loft style and I really want to add this Scandinavia couch because it is
bright, it is beautiful, I love bright colors. yeah, the Northern Lights
fireplace – just take a look at this. let’s add some coziness here. but I also feel
that something else should be placed, and probably will come back to loft style.
and I really love the bicycle, maybe in the real life I will be able to purchase
a bicycle as well, woo! also i really suggest that you go into your storehouse
and you just take a look at everything that you have there like for example
this is the wonderful love sign. place evrything you can imagine here, heart
balloons also look great, because they’re bright, we can place them, I don’t know,
maybe somewhere here, this is the balloons from the st. Valentine’s update
and happy birthday balloons. happy birthday balloons also are very bright and cool
and they can just be placed anywhere, they’re bright and beautiful, and they’re
colorful, and if you want a party atmosphere, then these are the most
wanted items in the cafe. this is how everything started to look right now I
probably move this floor lamp right here, because I don’t really want a lot of
mess here, probably people will be dancing, hopefully. and finally let’s ask
Fernando about the tips: Oh see they all sit onto the same couch because
actually guys your customers sit at the most expensive furniture, first of all.
and now we can look at the tips like I have American style, I have French style,
English style ,I have loft style, and then Northern Lights, and even Chinese style.
so I’ll show you the tips are quite messy, but I just wanted to decorate my
cafe and to show you how it can be done, because it can be a lot of fun, probably
this is not the best example of how everything can
be decorated, you can share your opinion and please do it in the comments, like
what items can be added, as well what items can be removed. if you’re watching
this video in the social media, you can also attach a screenshot of your cafe
designed for 90’s party, according to your possibilities and according to what
you can afford in my cafe at your level. but if you have something nice to show
please do I will be really glad to look at all of that. well and thank you so
much for playing with me I hope you’ve enjoyed this video if you did then
please put your thumbs up and subscribe to my channel, and let’s play together. don’t
forget to click the bell to get all the news about the game from my videos. I
have also chosen five best comments under my previous video. guys, thank you
so much for your feedback! and the list of the winners is right here, thank you
very much, the pink gift will be sent to you very soon, please check your in-game
mail. and if you also want a pink gift, please leave your comment below this
video on YouTube, and provide your ideas and how to decorate my cafe for the
90s party, and I will choose 5 best comments by next Friday, so don’t forget
to leave your player ID, this is a combination of numbers in the bottom
right corner of yout game settings. till then, have fun in the game and see you
next time bye bye!

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