[My Celeb Roomies – DARA] Seho Made Dinner For DARA And P.O After Baking 20170714

We just need to spread it on the bread right? yes [Nuna first] Finally they tried it He didn’t give it to me Does it taste good? We don’t need to go to Japan [And one for P.O. from Nuna] I’ll make one for you It pops in our mouth It does look good How much must we put it in? San.. Only San It’s good to spend time like this We’re becoming close while making this [Cream bomb] It’s okay We need to make it bigger. Let me do it It looks delicious. [Well, they’ve managed to roll it] It’s done. It’s done. How did you manage to roll that? It’s hard I think it’ll look okay if we cut it nicely i think it’s okay very nice! Done! Thank you for your hard work! [Seho is preparing dinner for others] – Seho cooked us dinner.
-Oh really? He is good with knife. You look different, oppa He made us my favourite menu It looks so delicious He made it to fit my taste [hungry..hungry..hungry…] He is a good cook I seared the meat so it doesn’t burn The meat also tastes better -How do you like your meat?
– Medium well-done let’s eat now You are so innocent, P.O. I made it medium well done it looks so good Is it okay?

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