My Classic Pork Chop with Broccoli Rabe Dinner | Ep 1331

Hi guys, I’m Laura Vitale and on this episode
of Laura in the Kitchen, I’m going to show you how to make something fast and easy and
if you follow me on Instagram, then you know this is a meal that I make about once a week
if not more, this is just my Pork Chops, Roast Potatoes and Broccoli Rabe, it’s easy and
it’s simple, you might already have most of the ingredients on hand, but we love it, and
like I said, if you follow me then you know how much we love it because it is a staple
in our household and I think you will love it too! Especially if you’re Italian and you grew
up with broccoli rabe and pork chops or broccoli rabe and sausage, then this is right up your
alley. Alright, let me sort of run you through the
ingredient list because I want to walk you through what I’ve already done. I’ve got pork chops here, my preference is
always a bone-in pork chop, look how beautiful these are. I don’t like super thin pork chops because
they dry out but these are gorgeous! I’ve got some pepperoncini rings here, now
this is actually cherry peppers but you can use pepperoncini but I prefer cherry pepper
rings, really nice and vinegary and super spicy. I’ve got a little bit of all purpose spice
mix here for the potatoes, I’ve got some garlic salt, I’ve got lots of broccoli rabe which
I’ll show you how to clean in just a minute, lots of fresh garlic and hot pepper flakes,
a little bit of parsley, I’ve got some beer here, just a plain old lager, salt and pepper,
tiny little bit of parm and you need some potatoes. Now I’ve got my oven pre-heated to 425F because
once the potatoes are out of the way, then everything else kind of takes the same time
to cook that the potatoes do in the oven if that makes sense. Alright, so let me walk you through what I’ve
done. I’ve taken some potatoes, peeled and plunged
them into some water, I bring the water to a boil and let them boil for just a couple
minutes, then I drain the potatoes and I put them back into the same hot pot and that allows
the potatoes to dry out any excess water from boiling, and the reason I do this, if you’ve
been watching me for a while, then you know this is a method I’ve done a lot whenever
I roast potatoes, 1) it cuts the time in about half that they take in the oven and 2) I feel
like if you part boil them slightly, they soak up more flavor so I just think it’s brilliant,
like I said it takes less time for them to bake. It’s perfect. Alright, let’s season them. I just season them with some all purpose seasoning
mix, I love the one from Costco that’s salt-free. I like a little bit of garlic salt. A little bit of regular pepper, because I
like a lot of pepper. And then, just because I like that little
bit of, you can’t taste the parm because I’m only adding a tablespoon but it just gives
you a nibbly salty crust on the outside, it’s fabulous, a little bit of freshly grated parm. I’m telling you it makes the biggest difference
and it is so, so fantastic, and I do the same thing to the pork chops, you don’t taste the
parm at all, but it gives you a lovely layer of salty crust on the outside and a good two
to three tablespoons of olive oil, not extra virgin, just a good cooking oil. And then give everything a really good stir
and toss and I’ve got a baking pan here that I’ve lined with parchment paper and the reason
that I’ve done that is because it keeps everything from sticking and it’s easy cleanup. I don’t have to scrub my baking pan! Plop those babies right on. Oh they’re gorgeous. And these are going to go into the oven for
about half an hour and I’ll show you what they look like when they’re done but in the
meantime, I’m going to switch my pans, bring it here and then start cooking the broccoli
rabe and once those are done we move onto the next step, but I’ll show you along the
way, obviously. Alright, so let’s work on broccoli rabe. Now, I love broccoli rabe, I grew up with
broccoli rabe, this is two bunches that I have trimmed and I’ll show you how to do that,
usually broccoli rabe comes on stems like this and you take the leaves, if the leaves
are the outer really big leaves then you want to make sure that you strip them off the stem
because the stem is quite rough, and then you take the center heart right there and
you just twist it off, and that’s all you do you wash them and then you let them drain
well, now I grew up with broccoli rabe, so to me broccoli rabe has got to be bitter,
that’s just the appeal of it. Some People don’t like that, some people think
broccoli rabe is too bitter, so you can do a few things, one, you can skip the broccoli
rabe altogether and you can do something like kale or you can do spinach, but keep in mind
that spinach is going to wilt down to nothing so you’re going to need quite a bit to get
a good amount once it’s all cooked. Or you can blanch your broccoli rabe in some
boiling water, that will get rid of some of he bitterness before you saute it. I don’t do that because I would rather just
use broccoli or broccolini if that was the case, I love the bitterness of broccoli rabe,
it’s what I grew up it’s what I love so I don’t blanch it but if it bothers you then
blanch it or use a broccolini or spinach or kale of anything like that, so I’ve got some
garlic in here and some hot pepper flakes with some olive oil, it’s nice and sizzling,
now I am not going to wait for the garlic to cook too, too much Simpy because I don’t
want it to turn bitter, that looks perfect, a light golden. I’m going to add my broccoli rabe. It’s a little bit wet so it might splatter,
add your broccoli rabe in there, now two bunches feeds my husband and Iby ourselves, a normal
family it could probably feed up to four people, but we love broccoli rabe so for us if it’s
more than two people we go with three or four bunches. And you just go ahead and just take your time,
right, to make sure that your broccoli rabe is kind of coated in that oil. And now what you need to do is introduce a
little bit of liquid into this, I’m going to use regular water. I wouldn’t use stock or anything like that
because it does add too much of the chicken flavor if you’re using chicken stock and I
don’t want that, I don’t want to lose any of the broccoli rabe flavor. So at this point, I just add a little bit
of water. Deeding on how much broccoli rabe you use
you will need about three quarters of a cup. And I’m going to pop the lid on, first I’m
going to hit it with some salt, pop the lid on medium heat for about ten minutes, remove
the lid, and keep cooking until all of the water has been absorbed which could take another
five to seven minutes and I will show you what it looks like when they’re done. And that’s how you cook broccoli rabe, and
for those of you who ask me every single time I share it on Instagram, now you know! Broccoli rabe looks fantastic, remember they
were covered for about ten minutes, I took the lid off, and I let them cook until most
of the liquid was evaporated but you want to keep just a little bit behind otherwise
your broccoli rabe would be really dry, we don’t want that! So now let’s move onto the pork chops. I added a bit more oil, I don’t even bother
washing the pan because why would you? I added a bit more olive oil to the pan, to
the broccoli rabe, I just do a little garlic salt. Garlic salt is really mild but it gives you
that little bit of extra flavor without being like garlic in your face because I don’t want
that for this particular recipe, and then I just do the tiniest bit from above so it’s
really light bit of cheese, this just provides extra salty crust on the outside and to me
any kind of meat that doesn’t have that delicious crust on the outside is really missing out,
so now that I’ve got one side done I’m going to place them into my really hot pan. And then I’ll do the opposite side, now I’ve
only got three here because as you can see these are giant, they’re beautiful, absolutely
beautiful. I’m just going to do the other side now, that’s
perfect. And I’m going to cook them, I want to say
about three minutes or so on the first side and when we flip them I’ll show you the next
step when we flip them so let them cook on this side and I’ll show you the next step. Oh yes! Yes, yes, yes. You want to make sure that you get that beautiful
crust, sometimes it just sticks a little bit to the bottom of the pan. Oh how gorgeous is that! Now. That’s beautiful! That’s a keeper! Now this is the point where you take your
cherry peppers, and I just put some on top, scatter some of them around. And you let this cook for about three more
minutes, a little bit of the juice, you let this cook about three more minutes. Once that three minutes is up, take them out,
I’m going to put a screen on them – this splatter screen on them, once that three minutes is
up, and I just move my pan around to make sure it’s got even cooking all around it,
once that three minutes is up I’m going to remove the pork chops to a clean plate and
I’ll show you the next step. Pork chops are done, they are resting, now
look in here. This is all goodness. I need that and I want that to make a quick
little sauce slash gravy, so I’m going to add a little bit of beer, you can add stock
if you want to. And a little bit of water, just to kind of
thin it out a bit, let that come to a boil, and once it starts to boil,m it’s already
happening, you can see if you come real close. It’s going to release all those juices and
bits that have been stuck to the bottom of the pan. See what I mean by the bits lifting off the
bottom of the pan? Just let this simmer until it’s about half
of the amount and it will be nice and delicious and we will drizzle that all over the pork
chops and by then the potatoes will be done and we serve and eat! Look at that! It is just gorgeous and I’ve been taste testing
it. And if you don’t like a lot of heat, definitely
scale back and use less peppers, but we just love this and we eat it often for a good reason. I love the spice, so pour some of that delicious
saucy gravy goodness over the top, by the way if you don’t have Christmas hand towels,
or oven mitts in your kitchen throughout the year, are you even living your best life? Just sayin’ And a little parsley on top. That’s it! Easy and simple, and delicious, your potatoes
look at them, just perfect. Your broccoli and potatoes are beautiful,
look at that! Mmm! You know, no one’s around right now. So, let me live my best life. Broccoli rabe, perfection as always. The pork chops, I mean for real! Does not get better! I’ll take a little piece, definitely the wrong
knife, but we will survive. Aw, gorgeousness. Again, no one’s around, no one’s here, I live
my best life. Mmm. Mmm. For me, for our family, these are classics,
these are on the weekly rotation menu and I hope that they can be on your weekly menu
as well. Go to I will have a
breakdown recipe there for you, I hope you have enjoyed spending time with me, I need
me a new tater and I will see you next time! Bye.

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