My Dinner with a hot man, used anger to cover up jealousy|ep8-4

You are finally back I was scared to death just now What is the situation now Yizhong Company refused to sign a contract with us You go up They have been waiting for you for a long time Come in Where are you going There was a car accident on Zhu Lin Road I wanted to take him to the hospital Is he broken or concussed Look at this These things are … these photos were sent by Pan Wayan So they did n’t sign a contract with us because of these photos You were there when I ate with him You know we just have a meal Simple meal I’m afraid you just think so Pan Weining’s purpose is not so simple This morning Pan Weining suddenly appeared on the board of Yizhong He took out the proposal book given by Dai Zhong And a quotation Their plan is almost the same as ours But it’s 15% cheaper So Yizhong stopped cooperation immediately. Do you remember what I told you before I want you to stay away from Pan Weining and Zhu Linlu what did you say Work is work, life is life Who is responsible for your innocence now! Actually we don’t want to believe that you did it But you have seen this on your own … I tell you Now this picture doesn’t prove anything The problem is our company’s plan How did it get out? This plan is for every three people in the R & D department. Each group is responsible for one of the subsystems. Finally, Guan Tie merges all subsystems to make a complete solution Put it in your hands for integration So the whole company except you, me, Nanxian, Guanxi It ’s impossible for anyone else to know But we do n’t send these plans to him again and again. After his approval Is it impossible He can’t Do you think this matter is crucial to him He reviewed the entire plan without passing anyone in their company So the problem must be within our company I know i’m useless now But i can swear I have never done anything against my conscience Unethical things Actually, you do n’t need to swear, we will never injustify a good person. I tell you Our company’s network management system is very powerful Just at this moment any computer in the company does any small operation in any one second Records in the background Company mail and phone Are controlled by an independent monitoring system Generally we do n’t check But today is special I checked your email You checked my mailbox This is the only way to prove your innocence Inside your mailbox’s backup server Show you sent an email to someone yesterday The recipient is Zhu Linlu The content of the attachment is exactly what our company does I never did anything like this Xiao Yan Mr. Zhan Help me get her computer up I’ll be right up Mr. Zhan, the computer you want password You all checked my mailbox Now ask me for my password Don’t be mad You try it, one by one One three nine nine opened You see Although all sent messages have been deleted But through the system recovery software, you can still determine which file was sent from your mailbox This is not my post If it wasn’t for you How could Zhu Linlu so easily approve of our scheme? So to say You just think I did this thing never mind You can go out first

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