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Okay so hey a lot of you have asked for
us to do a tale collection or inventory or whatever you want to call it but
we’re doing it so I think I’m going to start my brother’s tales and hails that
we have just pretty much for other people to use and then we’re gonna go on
to my tales from oldest to newest so let’s concern it this is my brother very
first tale this is a Texas very first town see it has the open he has the old tip protectors where you
stick on next he has the blue tang he wears one enough she’s really pretty tail but he it’s
like for three years old so then he had his tail creator one okay so next this
is stuff custom tell creator Drake calls this the infinite detail because just
like a tail the tail inhale inhale and he actually wanted the marker
stripes to make it look all homemade stuff but this has the boy is Ebola one set up Derek there it
is for your code and as we like dip tip protectors and it has elastic I didn’t
show up the other ones didn’t but on my tail it doesn’t it’s just a fabric but
um yeah this is another good upgrade and then he got his new black tail so next
he has this one new black one it has the tipped tip protectors and just so you know we’ve made over a
hundred episodes of these tales so we were as I’m out a lot more than most
people we take them drippers beaches oceans pools that our friends use now
I’m going to show you the two or one at a time but we have two that we just let
people use here we go okay so this is the green tail it’s
actually like salted green or something like that or different grade what we
just call it the green tail it’s really nice it’s pretty stretched out because a
lot of people have used it like quickly uh roommate Emma a few other people it’s one of the tales
that we just have in case they don’t have a tail and then we have a red tail
okay so this is the red tail talking about it is really cool this is
another one that we let actors use it’s not as we’re not as the green one but
it’s pretty worn out mermaid titania and Merman Crichton use this and
possibly a few other people but now it’s gone to my gills okay so the first tale
that I ever got was is this one this is the Arctic blue it’s pretty stretched
out because of my brother and adults and stuff but how I got it is actually a
pretty cool story so I saw my friend with a tail and I asked her where she
got it and she said fin fun so with their parents help I went on the site
and they found this tail and you know cuz I’m a kid I don’t have like lunch a
bunch of money so this one wasn’t really good tale for me before we got I like
pain could you guys hurry and they said no so I saved up all my money and bought
it with my own money and we have a YouTube channel but pretty much just to
share videos with friends and family I’m like why don’t we just try and make a
cool little show with this and we did and it a lot more views that we expect
it so it made another another another another and where we
have more than a hundred now so that’s pretty cool
yes the first tale I’ve ever had and it was so terribly stressed out it’s not
even wearable but I can’t bring myself to throw it away or give it away or
anything and it always had a special place in my
heart I love the scale so much because of the store mind first whatever so now
we have the rainbow tail I’m not sure if this came before the purple one or after
but we’re just kind of guessing this is probably the tail that got the
most used because I used it a lot my friends use it people used in the video
I think so my dad he um actually had to patch it up I’m not sure if you can see
in there but he had to patch it and then stitch it in and it has so many holes in
it and again it is so stretched out but you know it’s my help and remember how
much usually put these through oceans rocks rivers full fountains friends who
don’t really know how to swim with these yeah so there’s been a lot more than
most people but yeah so this is the purple tail burger that’s what we call
it um it’s actually like the Asian magenta or something but um we just
always call it the purple tail yeah you can see that before they came out with
these it got really ripped and torn oh and sometimes because it’s so stretched
out and worn out use hair bands or rubber bands to make it tighter around
people’s waists okay so then we have the title teal we just call the Geo tail
cuz it’s fun give it it is super beautiful and but it’s pretty old
because you can see it has the old tip protectors
this actually is pretty cool I was the first person ever to get this tail fin
fun wanted us to try it out and to put on her channel so they sent me this
first ever in the world it was pretty cool oh okay so this is the Bali breeze
I use this one a lot it is one of the older ones but
this is the last jail we have with the old tip protectors all the other ones
from now on have the new ones it’s just really nice and a nothing so much I also
have like little shimmers and shimmers and in the sunlight and under waters it
looks amazing ok so this is a custom tale creator like
we so with my brothers I call this one the sharkbite because it has a little
shark bite a little teeth and I put a lot of work into this it’s really cool
oh yeah we did sorry nevermind it’s not a shark bite
it’s star bite it just likes the sound kind of similar the stars go all the way
down and I put little stripes of green just cuz it looks cool and then actually
when we were just touching it up and my dad was getting instant colors on the
computer then we actually added a little light Nertz on the top and a really cool holiday creator works
like you dry it and they make it into a real tail it’s really cool okay and then
this is the groovy Gobi um it’s pretty new because of the new tip protectors
and elastic so um I use this one a crazy amount like seriously it is really
pretty in my opinion it’s all debris the Gobi and it has the little shimmers
again yeah under water and in the sunlight it just looks so so pretty so
this is the last tale of button and we actually just dropped the episode but
it’s probably gonna be out before this videos out it’s really extremely pretty and it has
a little shimmer but they’re different they’re like a lot smaller and a lot
more sugary and there’s cool things they aren’t like added in or anything they
are a part of the fabric I haven’t used this locks it’s super-new I actually got
this as a gift when I became a part of the more Council’s Thank You Finn fund for making me a part
of that it’s just so beautiful and I love it so the clothes a few cool things
is up my friend gave me this shirt and this is my favorite shirt
not only because it has mermaid and it comes my friend a face snippet of it
this is my favorite sure not only because my friend gave it to me and it
has mermaid but it but also because it is extremely comfortable she also gave
me this it’s like a little mermaid pouch but my favorite part about this I think
is because it’s like a few shell it’s not like plastic shell or a fake shell
and then also we have this fin fun bag where you could put up where there are
two ways to package shells you could keep it in its skin and just pack it in
here or you could put the model fins in here you can we’ve tried it you can fit
up to about three mono fins in here by itself we don’t know how many wick is
skin but we traveled with this and then you can put your swimsuit
sandals / hover sort of thing you think it’s actually it can fit a lot more and
that’s it I hope you enjoyed my collection video or inventory really fun
so I was just wondering if you have a tail tell us and what color is it if you
don’t tell us what tell you like and remember things fun mermaid tails are
amazing and so are you hey and if you like mermaids
check out my murmurs jaw by clicking the picture in the corner of your screen
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