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  1. Thanks god a lot finally all are happy endings..god bless both of you..such a beautiful story gnapika..narration of the video is soooo good..asalu aa feeling undi chudu automatically will get a smile by seeing both of you happily.. oka china movie lagaa bale undi..thanks aa lot to parents..intha manchi annya ne vadina ne kaliparu valu ipudu intha happy ga unaru…ee oka video chalu gnapika avari parents ina love ki opukokunda unte valaki chupinchataniki …no words to say vadina…love you both a lot..always be happy ever and ever and for forever…😍😍❤💑😍😍😍

  2. Very good.. a silent love story…
    Can i ask u something.. how do u shoot n how u get these beautiful n creative ideas… 👍👍

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