MY MARRIAGE – Spain day 1 & 2 | Alex Centa

So me and my classmates went on an excursion to Spain for 10 days We drove for quite a long time But even though time flew by slowly the lights of the cities we drove past were gorgeously shining in the dark and quiet night *already in France* And when I woke up after a quite decent sleep on the floor of the bus I woke up in sunny Spain The sunrise was absolutely gorgeous and then we drove towards a small town Figueres ahh the sunrise *heart eyes emoji* And so we arrived to Figueres where we visited the Dalí museum, which was very artsy and interesting, I loved it! oh did I mention he was a surrealistic artist? yes, those are baguettes casual the church of Sagrada Familia *slovenians, ignore what I’m saying xD* Ok so later we entered this cathedral of Barcelona …and there was a WEDDING!! 😀 ha but it wasn’t actually mine, got you so good! Fiesta! But that was it for the day, I had a lot of fun and Barcelona was gorgeous! Make sure to give this video a thumbs up and comment your favourite part of the day! I love you all so much & I’ll see you next time, GOODBYEEEEEE!

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  1. spain!! ahh this was just wonderful. i love the rawness of this, spain looks amazing and you documented it all well. nice videos Alex 🙂 if you get some time, stop by my channel, i make short films of my adventures too.

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