My Mom Got Married And Didn’t Invite Me To The Wedding

Hey, guys. My name is Grace, I’m 17 years
old and I want to tell you how I blackmailed my mom, and then told her husband the truth
anyway. Now she’s been kicked out of the house without a penny to her name, but I still think
I did the right thing, and I have no regrets. My relationship with my mother has always
been very difficult because I destroyed her relationship once. Not with my father. I never
knew him, by the way. But when I was 6 years old, she was dating a man. She really loved
him and they had big plans for the future. But the thing is, I didn’t fit into her fiancé’s
plans, and he didn’t like me at all. On the contrary, he treated me really poorly. He
thought I was a very naughty and ill-mannered girl. But what 6-year-old child could be perfect?
Or did he think that a child at that age should already be grown-up? Yeah, right and I had
a science degree. So I kept saying nasty things to him, and it started to affect their relationship.
Soon he got tired of the constant inconvenience in the form of me, and their relationship
got worse. Mom tried to keep him, but it didn’t work, so he left her. Mom thought I was responsible
for their breakup, and she began to treat me badly. My mother said that she had a chance
to build a happy future, and that I took it away from her.
The next six years were very difficult. My mother was very cold toward me, and we were
more like neighbors than family. I was a child, and I missed being cared for. I wanted to
just talk, tell her how I felt, but instead, she just screamed at me and wouldn’t even
listen. It seemed that she resented me and I could not do anything about it. Imagine
how hard it was for a child to live like that. She kept reminding me that it was my fault
that we lived in such crappy conditions. I thought that a mother’s love was the strongest
feeling in the world, and that a mother was always ready to forgive her child for anything.
But apparently my mom wasn’t like that, and she completely lost interest in me. But when
I was 12, I noticed a change in her behavior. She became happier. Not because of me, of
course, but something was going on in her life and she didn’t want to tell me anything
about it. I figured out that she was in a new relationship,One day a man came to pick
her up in a luxury car. I thought this might be a chance for us to mend our relationship.
I was old enough to understand everything, I wouldn’t stop them from dating, and maybe
my mom could finally forgive me. But she had other plans.
One night my mother said that we had to have a serious conversation. She told me that her
boyfriend proposed to her, and that she had said yes. But before I could be happy, my
mother told me the following news. He didn’t want me to move in with them, so they agreed
that I would stay with my grandmother. At that moment I was surprised and angry at the
same time. How could she do this to me? Didn’t she have any love left for me, and was she
ready to leave me and move in with the first person she met? I started fighting with her
and screaming, but there was nothing I could do. My mother had made a decision, and I couldn’t
sway her. A few days later I packed my things and moved
in with my grandmother. I didn’t even attend my mom’s wedding. I guess she was happy that
she had finally gotten rid of me. Now I lived with my granny, and she had to take care of
me. But the thing is, she was pretty old, and it was me who had to take care of her.
It wasn’t hard, and I really loved her, but the thought that my birth mother had just
thrown me into the side and left me. All my hopes for a better life were dashed, and I
began to live in terrible poverty. My grandmother’s pension was not enough for anything, and life
turned into a terrible struggle. We were just trying to survive together, and no one could
help us. Even though mom promised to visit us and give me pocket money, she didn’t do
any of that. Life was complicated, but grandma at least loved me and supported me. Then I
figured that my life was in my hands and I that I needed to help myself.
As soon as I got a little older, I started looking for all sorts of part-time jobs. I
walked dogs, went shopping for people, ran errands. I didn’t earn much, but that money
was enough to finally fulfill my dream. I put myself into modeling school. I was very
happy that I could finally do it. From that moment on, I worked twice as hard. It took
a lot of money to be able to participate in beauty pageants, and it took even more money
to help my grandma. The work took all my strength, but now I had a goal to pursue. And I never
gave up, despite all the difficulties. Five years of my life passed at this pace. I was
17 years old, I was very good at my job, and the teachers said that I would have a great
career if I didn’t miss my opportunity and soon I had my chance. My school signed a contract
with a Chinese agency, they invited models to work, and they were investing a lot of
money into their business. So as soon as I was offered the chance to go to China, I agreed
without hesitation. Only one obstacle was in the way to my dream. I was 17 years old
and I needed my mother’s permission to travel abroad. So I went to my mom’s house. I was in her house for the first time, and
I would never have even guessed that my mom lived so richly now. It was a huge house,
with a beautiful garden and a fountain. Can you imagine? I couldn’t believe my mom was
living in such wealth, while I was walking other people’s dogs so I could at least eat
properly. I hated to see that my mom had just gotten rid of me for all this, so I wanted
to settle this quickly and leave. I thought she wouldn’t care about my fate, and that
she’d just sign the papers, but I was wrong. She started asking about my future career
and whether I really wanted it. When I said that this was my dream, and that I wanted
to make it a reality, my mother looked me in the eyes and refused to give me permission.
It was her revenge for me ruining her relationship years ago. I couldn’t believe she did that.
She decided to get back at me for what I had done when I was just a kid. Then we began
to fight. I yelled at her so loudly, but it seemed like my anger was only giving her pleasure.
So then I decided to leave her house as fast as I could
As I was leaving their house, I bumped into her husband. I didn’t want to speak with him,
and I was about to leave, but he called out to me, and said he wanted to talk. Imagine
my surprise when he said that he was happy to see me. Really? I thought he didn’t want
me to move in with him in the first place, and that it was his fault that I stayed with
my grandmother. That’s what I told him, but his answer surprised me to the core. He never
minded me living in his house. It was my mom who wanted to move in with him, without me.
And she decided to put the blame on him so I wouldn’t ask too many questions. But mom`s
husband really felt guilty that my mom had left her daughter because of him, and he gave
her money to support me every month. But the thing is, that in the five years I had lived
with my grandmother, I didn’t get anything from my mother. That meant she was lying to
him and keeping the money for herself. Oh my God, my mom was the most evil person in
the world. She was lying to her husband and she had no pity for her own daughter. It was
because of her that I had to work starting from the age of 14. And because of her, I
spent the best years of my childhood in terrible poverty. At that moment, I decided that I
would blackmail my mother, and that I would tell her husband everything if she wouldn’t
agree to give me permission to travel to China. I couldn’t let her ruin my future.
Of course, my mom didn’t want to lose her place in her golden nest, so she agreed to
give me permission in exchange for my silence. I was free to go home and pack my things for
the trip, but something was bothering me. I couldn’t accept the injustice of my mother
lying to me and her husband and living happily after. I wanted to punish her and bring her
back down to earth. So I went to her husband and told him everything. He was very surprised
by this information. Of course, it’s hard when you find out that the person that you
love has made a fool out of you. But he thanked me, and I went home with a sense of accomplishment.
After that, he was very grateful to me for telling him the truth, because it could’ve
gone further and mom could have fooled him even more. He offered to help me with my finances
until I settled down in China, but I said I didn’t need the money. My grandmother needed
it more. So I just asked him to hire a nurse for her. He was happy to help to do that.
And as for my mother… Her husband kicked her out. We only spoke once on the phone since
that moment. She was incredibly angry with me. She just screamed and insulted me for
ruining her life. But I still think I did a good thing. Y I am now in China and I hope
my career will develop well. I learned an important lesson from all of this. You should
never lie to your loved ones, because the tables can turn very quickly. And also understand
that your happiness is in your own hands. If you really want to achieve something, nothing
can stop you. That was my story, guys. Thank you for seeing
it through. Do you think I did the right thing to my mother? Tell me in the comments! And
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  1. If I ever have a relationship with a guy that doesn’t like my child then I’m leaving the guy period cause imma choose my kid over my guy period

  2. Your mom is wicked for treating you so badly. However, you are wicked and just as horrid as your mom for going back on your word after you made an agreement and she signed the document. A person is only as good as their word and your word means nothing. Surely the apple of deception doesn't fall fair from the tree.

  3. My dad and stepmom got married and didn't invite me to their wedding. 🤷

    Editing to add this: okay, this is messed up. I got into a relationship with someone, and he didn't want to date someone with kids. He suggested I have my daughter live with her dad, so we could be together. I shot that down right away. I'm not going to ever abandon my kids (now I have 2) for a relationship.

  4. Single parents should ALWAYS put their kids first. If I dated a single mom and she neglects her kid/s for me? That's a big red flag right there.

  5. You did the right thing my mother is cruel and she treats me as her maid everyday do work all day and i sleep on the ground wish the dishes do the laundry and cook food

  6. That’s what she deserved for not thinking about her daughter instead, her behavior, resentment, and cruelty got the better of her in the end, I think her daughter should resent her and finally tell her how much she hated her! I mean her daughter was a child and it wasn’t her fault that her relationship didn’t work out

  7. That is the most stupid type of mum I have ever heard about! 😡🤬😡😡😡😡😡🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬👿

  8. My father got married and forget inviting me to the wedding he didn’t even tell me he got married. I learned from a picture

  9. YES U DID THE ABSOLUTE RIGHT THINGG !!! i would’ve done the same love . continue to chase your dreams . you deserve all good things

  10. my mom got married a few months ago and didn't let me go to the wedding because im transgender, im still lowkey pissed.

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