My Mum Is My Hero – Short Film Celebrating UNIDO’s Achievements

My Dad’s a fireman. He helps people when they’re in trouble. That’s cool! My Mum’s also a hero. She’s an environmental scientist at the United Nations. She works in a laboratory. Does she perform any experiments? Yes, she does! She mixes different chemicals trying to discover new materials. This can be dangerous, and sometimes there’s even explosions! FIZZZZZZZ… Gasp! Ahhhh. PUFFFF! But she once discovered a new material that’s now used to make toys! She also has to preserve the ozone layer. How would she do that? The ozone layer is high above in the sky! She flies there with a jet pack. The ozone layer protects us from radiation, so she makes sure that it’s in a good condition and nothing is damaging it. And last year she got rid of three hundred and forty million tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions. That’s a lot! But … how much is three hundred and forty million tonnes? Hello? Mum, how much is three and forty million tonnes? It’s almost as much as…. … eight hundred and forty-nine trillion, four hundred and seventy-three billion,… …one hundred seventy-two million, two hundred and twenty-two thousand… …nine hundred and sixty-three peanuts would weigh. Thanks mum. It’s almost as much as … …a bazillion peanuts would weigh! I’m proud of my Mum!

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