My Sister’s Boyfriend Wears Her Bra

Hey hey! My name is Ellie, I am twelve years old, and
I will tell you a story that you will surely remember! Not so long ago, I found out that my older
sister’s boyfriend has delved into the underwear of almost all the women in my family! You’re probably saying — “Whaaaat?!”,
but I saw everything with my own eyes. And I even helped this guy with his dirty
tricks. Later on I, of course, told everyone the truth
… but it was too late. Nobody believed me. What a shame! My sister’s boyfriend’s name is Pierce,
and her name is Caroline. Caroline is already eighteen years old, Pierce
is a little older than her. My older sister is a pretty nasty person with
an unbearable temper, and we are not close at all. So, I have no idea how they met or for how
long they have been going out together. It just happened that on one lovely day, Caroline
invited Pierce to our house to meet our mother. Pierce took his first meeting with his future
mother-in-law very seriously. He was very courteous, he brought flowers
for my mother, flowers and sweets for me, and he had even found out in advance that
I was allergic to nuts and picked up a box of completely safe, nut-free sweets. Mom really appreciated this, as well as the
fact that Caroline’s boyfriend’s clothes were neat and his manners were perfect. So our mother soon felt very relaxed in Pierce’s
presence and didn’t bother asking these two love-birds too many questions. I also took Pierce for an adequate guy and,
of course, I didn’t even have a clue about any of the sorts of weird things that he had
on his mind! However, after dinner, when we were all wandering
around the house, taking a break before the ice cream, that should’ve been the finishing
touch for this evening, I suddenly found Pierce in my older sister’s room. And Caroline was nowhere around. The door to her room was closed, but not completely,
so I could quietly peep what Pierce was doing in there. He was inspecting my sister’s dresser with
quick, but careful movements. The chest of drawers, you know, where girls
keep the little things from their wardrobe. I was so surprised that I seemed to jerk and
hit my elbow against the door. Pierce heard this sound and instantly covered
all the traces of his crime: he slammed all the drawers, jumped into the nearest armchair,
and pretended that he had been carefully studying something on his smartphone for a long time. And I hurried to return to the living room
and sat down at the table. I was confused. I could not understand why Pierce needed to
dig into my sister’s clothes while she wasn’t looking. Maybe he wanted to steal something? This thought haunted me until the moment when
Caroline went out to the courtyard together with Pierce to say goodbye. Then I quickly slipped into my sister’s
room and dug into her things myself… I only needed to check and see if anything
was stolen, of course! But all Caroline’s belongings were in place,
unless I missed something … which was hardly possible. The thing was that I knew Caroline’s room
very well and I remembered almost every thing’s place … Well, honestly, I just loved digging
into my sister’s stuff — even though she strictly forbade me to even come close to
her room under the threat of a terrible retribution. For this reason, I couldn’t say a word about
what I saw neither to my sister, nor to my mother. Besides, I simply did not have suitable evidence,
and Caroline would rather kill me for violating the ban, than to think that her boyfriend
did something weird or even illegal. Nevertheless, I decided that I would keep
an eye on Pierce and if he did something like this again, I would catch him! After this first successful evening in our
house, Pierce began to come over frequently. So I had no problem keeping an eye on him. Sometimes he came to our home before my mom
returned from work, and sometimes he even came alone, without Caroline, if their college
schedule did not match up. On one of these days, Pierce arrived an hour
and a half earlier than my sister. I was too busy trying to make a video for
TickTock, so I let Pierce in without giving it any thought, like if he was going to steal
something, that was the best time. It occurred to my mind later, when I realized
that Pierce had been sitting in Caroline’s bedroom for more than an hour and he was very
quiet. I tried eavesdropping but it did not help
me understand what he might be doing, so I pulled the door handle … but the door was
locked! I heard an alarmed, “Wait a minute!” from
inside the room and realized that it was the perfect moment to catch this thief! Pierce
did not know that the lock in Caroline’s room was faulty and opened on both sides! I opened the door holding my smartphone with
the camera switched on to capture evidence, and I saw …
…Pierce wearing my sister’s bra. Apart from that, he was wearing only boxers
and tight jeans, which he was hastily trying to pull off. But his attempts were in vain because these
were my sister’s very tight jeans! Of course, I did not expect anything like
this, so I screamed with surprise, dropped the phone, and tried to run out of the room,
but Pierce grabbed my hand and closed the door from the inside. Pierce tried to calm me down and convince
me that everything was fine, he was not doing anything wrong, and I just need to listen
to him. I was still in shock and just climbed up in
my sister’s chair. I turned my head away, giving Pierce a chance
to change into his own… MALE clothes, and got ready to listen to his
story. At first, Pierce said that he was not gay
and that he loves my sister Caroline, so I did not need to think that he was somehow
deceiving my sister. Honestly, that bothered me the least — I
wanted to understand WHY Pierce put on her clothes! Then Pierce told me that he was always interested
in trying on purely feminine clothes. He shared an apartment with a guy, so there
was no chance for him to do it at home. As for our house, with Caroline’s clothing
lying around and a free room … What I had to understand was, to put it simply, that
Pierce could not resist the temptation and finally decided to get this experience. But I felt like this was wrong! If Pierce wanted to put on a bra, I wouldn’t
mind, but why would did he invade my sister’s personal space? Pierce noticed my distrustful look and repeated
that he was not doing anything wrong. And that he was ready to offer me some pocket
money for my silence. I didn’t need money — my mother was kind
and generous, and she always gave me pocket money when I needed it. But still, I agreed with Pierce that I would
take a few days to think about it. Soon I made my decision! I won’t tell anything to Caroline, and Pierce,
in return, would fulfill several wishes for me. Like a real Fairy Godmother in my sister’s
bra! For example, I’d wanted to go to Disney World
for a very long time, but my mother said it was too wasteful. I thought she just did not have time for this
and the excuse about money was probably less awkward for her. Pierce agreed, so the next weekend we went
with him and Caroline from St. Petersburg to Orlando! It was very cool, although Caroline was furious
about having to spend time with the “bobblehead,” that’s me. But she perceived Pierce’s interest in her
younger sister as a sign of his serious intentions. Haha, if Caroline only knew that his serious
intentions were around her skirts, not her deep inner world! After Disney World, I found a certain enjoyment
in working with Pierce. He fulfilled several of my other wishes without
any problems, and I agreed to help him with something, also without any problems. The thing was that Pierce was not completely
satisfied — Caroline’s clothes were too small and did not fit him well. I did not immediately understand what this
dude needed, because my clothes were even smaller in size and they would have been even
tighter to him! But then Pierce said bluntly — he wanted
me to steal some of my mother’s things for him. Our Mom is a pretty tall woman, so her clothes
would fit Pierce’s athletic figure quite well. Of course, I hesitated! I did not mind helping Pierce do something
to my surly sister Caroline, but now I had to help this dude invade my mom’s private
space! But I didn’t want to argue with Pierce either. And I finally took some of my mom’s clothes
from her closet. I handed Pierce her old jeans, a couple of
blouses, dresses, bras … yes, I even handed him some pairs of my mom’s underwear. Pierce promised me that he would never try
all this on in our house, so I just struggled not to think about what he was going to be
doing with all this clothing. Everything was fine for a while. But soon I got caught. Mom caught me right at the moment while I
was digging into a drawer with her underwear. Of course, mom was surprised! She demanded an explanation. I got scared and immediately told her: “This
is for Pierce!” And then I told her the whole story. But Mom did not believe me! Despite my completely sincere fright, she
took me to a psychologist to find out why her twelve-year-old daughter was showing interest
in her underwear. I was lucky with the psychologist — she
immediately realized that I just could not speak openly in my mother’s presence, so
she gave her an explanation … something about the puberty period, I don’t remember
for sure. And after that, when we were alone, I was
able to openly tell this woman about Pierce. Unlike my mother, the psychologist believed
my story and, for some reason, she got terribly angry. She asked me for Pierce’s phone number, and
in a few days after the session, I found out that the psychologist was contacting him. She was furious that Pierce had involved a
child … well, that meant ME, in his dirty games and even threatened him saying that
she would call the police. I learned all this when Caroline came home
from Pierce’s and nearly killed me. As I expected, my sister immediately sided
with her boyfriend, accused me of lying and slander, and demanded that I do something
about it. But I didn’t lie! I didn’t want to cause problems for Pierce,
but I also didn’t want problems with my mom for myself! Mom was terribly angry at Caroline for the
way she treated me and said that Caroline was just picking on me. After that, Caroline packed up her things
and moved out to live with Pierce. Pierce must have been offended and he never
contacted me again. Of course, I am sad that we will no longer
go to Disney World… But I knew for sure that Caroline dragged
a lot of her underwear to Pierce’s apartment. So I’m sure he’s hardly bored.

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  1. Buy some girl clothes tf. Why give him any he can pay for Disney n shiz but he cant get some feminine clothes himself lmao

  2. This story is so sexist. He wasn't commiting a crime he was just curious. This is feminism to an extreme level. I get that its wrong but its not that bad.

    Also that is not what 12 year olds sound like.

  3. Omg she has TikTok omg can I omg have your omg TikTok user omg plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  4. Can't he just buy those female clothes on his own? Well, I would like to see your sister's face when she finds out her boyfriend is interested wearing women's clothes, especially her clothes.

  5. Tell your sister the truth or try tell your mom the truth or try being nice to sister or try being nice to your mom

  6. "Pierce came in 30 minutes earlier than my sister, I was busy making videos on Tik Tok" even 12 year olds make those trash vids SMH😤😧

  7. Honestly, I’m not one to judge most fetishes, including this one (we all have at least one in our lives). I mean, yeah, I think feminine clothing looks best when it’s actually worn by girls, but if you are a guy and like that sort of thing, then you do you. What actually unnerves me is that she’s right in that he was invading her sister’s privacy. If Caroline knew and gave him the green light to do it so long as he wasn’t seen in public like that with her clothes, then that’s different. But this story implies she’s doesn’t know at all. Either that, or she just likes to find excuses to be mad at her sister and denied it even when her sister was actually trying to protect her personal space in this event, to which I say she needs to serious help with her temper then. Or, in the very least, I’d like to know why she seems to really hate her little sister. Jealousy, maybe?

    9:20 Woah, hold up, psychologists are not supposed to make threats like that. Yeah, he involved a child, but you’re not supposed to let anger take the lead with this sort of thing. On top of that, she broke confidentiality which resulted in Pierce telling Caroline and Caroline verbally abusing her sister. At worst, her mother- not Pierce or her sister- was the only other person who could be told about what was said.

  8. If I saw my sisters boyfriend doing that with my underwear or my mom or sister than I would ask him what you doing or tell all the girls in my family.

  9. Next episode:

    my husband shrek cheated on me with darth vader, and my future grand children set me up for adoption

  10. Her : my sis bf likes to look into her panties

    Also her : ik my sis’s room well … because I snoop through her things to


  11. How many of them r scrolling through the comments to see people's reactions just like I am doing 😅😂

  12. Real story from me: Hello i am Azalia Rachael Wade and I am 10 years old. When I was 2 my mother took me from my dad and ran out of the house to her brother's sister's house. My dad could not find me for about A year. After that my dad found me. But he got a call from my moms brothers sisters. Saying that she has me, my dad said i was crying all day. I did not talk for another 1 year, i was Really depressed. Its been about 6-7 years. I get these weird visions of my mom it is just like idk… i have no idea where my mom is or anything my dad has A.D.D Idk how to explain but right know he can't take care of me. So i live with my grandmother and grandpa. I am happy know but sometimes sad. I lived most of my life near my brother and dad so, i kinda act different than usual.

  13. Yo should just do drag yes they’re straight drag Queens least he would be happy and comfortable and no one will judge or really know him unless they go to his show

  14. 5:23 wtf do you mean by him having to justify feminine clothes by being gay or not being gay like that just disgusting and gross ugh

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