My Sisters Wedding | Wedding Anniversary

today’s video is much different than
most because today is a very special day today is my sister and her husband’s
first anniversary here’s to many more in this video you will see some footage of
the bridesmaids getting ready for my sister’s big day and some amazing
pictures by the photographer Michael whose information will be linked in the
description box below To Renee and TC, I hope this brings back
memories of your perfect day at night and I can’t wait to see what the next
year has in store for you you

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  1. Aww my best friend bought us bridesmaids the exact same/similar robes, they're so gorgeous aren't they!! I have footage from getting ready too but haven't been able to edit it yet hahha. These photos/clips are so so precious!! You guys look so alike!

  2. aweeee everything just looked amazing, i loved it !! i love how you can go back to this and have it as a memory!! i just subscribed to your channel and am hoping you can support me and my channel too :)xxx

  3. Great video!!! This was such a sweet thing to do for your sister!!! Seriously, just having this will be something she can cherish and look back on forever!! Where do I even start though? Weddings are legit the best and I love everything about them!! The robe y'all got ready in, so cute!! The bridal party dresses, HER dress!!! Everything was just beautiful!! Happy anniversary to them, and I wish them the best of luck!

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