My statement on the Conservative Party of Canada leadership race

The last five years, my people have experienced
devastating blow after blow, by both the provincial and federal governments, leaving our province
in a crippled state. Hope for our province was restored in April
of 2019, but the re-elected federal Liberal government of this past fall has resulted
in feelings of hopelessness and despair for Albertans, leaving some to wonder if separation
is our only path forward and our only way out. I firmly reject this view and believe the
only true path forward as Albertans lies in a strong, stable Conservative majority government. And as such, it is more important than ever
that we choose the right leader. After some reflection, that is why I have
chosen to endorse Erin O’Toole for the next Leader of the Conservative Party of Canada. Canada’s Conservatives need a solid leader
who is tested in the real world, consistently shows good judgment, has strong Conservative
values on all fronts, presents a welcome home for all facets of the Party and, especially
important for me, is unwavering in their support of Canada’s natural resources sector. Erin in the only candidate I can point to
who has regularly displayed all of the above. I could not, in good conscience, put my support
elsewhere, and I refuse to stay neutral in a decision that is so critical. Erin has been a reliable partner in caucus. He has been a gracious leader over the last
three years, stepping forward when necessary, and stepping aside when necessary. I have seen him continuously make good policy
decisions on Canada’s foreign affairs. I struggle to think of a time where I’ve
questioned his judgment or actions. It is for all these reasons that he has earned
my support. I hope others will join me in supporting Erin
O’Toole. The path forward is too great to risk for
uncertain judgment or to not have a clear coalition of all segments of the Party, and
all regions of Canada. I’m confident that many of you, like me,
will eventually arrive at the conclusion that after two terms of Justin Trudeau, Canada
needs a solid leader who is tested in the real world; who is strong and has consistently
displayed good judgment, and has the ability to unify both our Party and our nation…
and that person is Erin O’Toole. Thank you for taking the time to consider
my decision. I wish all of you well as you determine what
you believe to be the best path forward for both Conservatives, and for Canada.

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