My Surprise 30th Birthday Party | Author Brittany Wang

hey guys thanks so much for tuning in to
this video on Author Brittany Wang’s channel I am obviously not author
Brittany Wang I’m her sister-in-law Becci and I’m here to take over her channel
for one day to fill you in on Brittany’s surprise 30th birthday party for the
past month and a half Brittany’s husband Ben has been planning this surprise
party for her and she is absolutely clueless she has no idea
Brittany thinks that her 30th birthday party is on her actual birthday at the
end of this month she’s basically planning a fake party for herself
and she has no idea she created her own guest list she created her own Facebook
birthday party invite Ben actually informed all of the guests that are
coming to the actual party today of this fake party Britney’s planning for
herself at the end of the month you guys people are RSVP’ing to this fake party
like champions Britney was actually kind of a little upset with Ben for a little
bit because a couple of months ago Ben planned this really elaborate surprise
bachelor party for one of his best friends and now Britney’s birthday is
coming up and Ben hasn’t said anything about it she kind of felt like maybe he
forgot about her a little bit but little does she know that he has been planning
a very elaborate surprise for her so while Britney’s been basically planning
this fake party for herself at the end of the month we’re all in on this big
surprise that’s happening today me and Britney’s mom are actually going to pick
Brittany up this morning Brittany just thinks that we’re going out for some
girl time we’re gonna get some mani pedis and just get to hang out for a
little while but really we are luring her away from her house so that Ben can
decorate get the food ready it’s finally here I probably shouldn’t be driving and
taking a video but you know today’s Brittany’s surprise birthday
party that she doesn’t know about I think and I’m going to pick up the
balloons and the cage so we’re gonna do that and hopefully she’s surprised
cries lots of happy tears and yeah we’re gonna have fun when we go back to the
house all of the guests will be out on the front lawn to surprise her my
neighbors are probably all staring at me right now Brittany thinks that I’m gonna
be vlogging today for mine and my husband’s YouTube channel
shameless plug I’m actually not going to be vlogging for our YouTube channel I’m
actually gonna be vlogging so that I can catch Brittany’s reaction when we roll
up to her house and she sees all of her friends and family standing on the front
lawn with a big old sign that says happy birthday Brittany okay I think that’s
enough I think that’s enough of me standing on my front porch talking to a
little glass box that someone’s going to call the cops soon it’s pretty quiet
neighborhood so probably think that I’m psychotic okay here we go what you’re
gonna see next is us picking up Brittany having some vlog time and it’s gonna be
a lot of fun I think she’s gonna be surprised we got to go so that we can
get Ben out of the doghouse alright see you guys later okay this is
Brittany’s mom this is Jean she’s wonderful she’s my mother-in-law
yeah and I know we’re going to pick up Brittany to get some mani pedis and have
some girl time which is only a half-truth
this is really just the beginning what do you do it
she’s bearing gifts girl time today your time today what did you bring me a
banana worth in Oh work Hey Girl hey birdie yes
we is what car are you gonna get I get white all the time because I think
that’s the only kind of color that works for me and it goes with everything like
oh wait you’re like French Dip not just white this way just the white yeah Britany tell I didn’t have a camera
earlier when you said what were you doing today Michael you said like you
Ben was like gonna do some cute romantic e stuff with you Oh okay so I’m going to go maybe take
pictures since I got I get my hair too yeah like a robot yeah you get to eat put a smile on Ben’s
face to say go Izzie I’m same way I think I think food is my love language
like it should be that’s the sixth language
yeah yeah like I would you learn language jakoli my love language no and
that’s exactly why I will never work at Chipotle no matter how many help wanted
signs I see because I want to like it forever ever forever and ever
okay I really don’t like netiquette sometimes I Drive my car driving through
Connecticut and I see like the trees and the scenic things and like it’s kind of
pretty Tamera taxes suck yep yep everybody for
what jobs and that would be lovely one of the come Floridians dedication it’s so magical I say right
now and Oliver gets to grab stories they’re like alright we’ll see you at
the nail salon now I won’t have this banana with me which said Duncan get some Java for some
juice they’re plotting what are you getting I might have to get a white
sugar bagel twist yep all right so we got our nails did we
went to Duncan got some sustenance and I had a great time I had a great time you
guys have a good time oh great time Happy Feet now we’re gonna go and bring
Brittany home and next time you see my face on the screen I’ll be with my
husband and my daughter and they’ll be indicating you as well we’re just so thankful for her and the
influence she’s been on our life so when we thank you we praise you we love you
and just pray that you bless our time together in Jesus name just before
people have to start going we’re just gonna have a quick time of celebrating
Brittany so I’m gonna start off all right open so if you guys it’s all from
everybody okay maybe that’s our goal in there Britany yes yeah I wanted to do hi I
just wanted to add that another really cool special part of this present is we
wanted you to know that that we really support your pursuit of becoming an
author and we love what you’re doing in the author community and so I reached
out to a bunch of your writer friends and there’s a few of them in there
wishing you well and telling you how much they love your presence in the
author community friends Thank You buzz
Jessie surely yes we also got Kate and we got Emma Ashley got my rice mandolin and Bethany
rock thank you so much for participating and it’s really special

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  1. Yay!! Thank you so much for "coming to my party" by watching this video guys!! I hope you enjoyed it and that it made you laugh and warmed your heart! Huge thank you to those that were able to watch this video premiere and chat with me in the chat box too! It was so much fun! Anywhooooo, I hear your 30s are the best years, so I'm pretty pumped! Do you agree?? I have so much planned for this upcoming year so make sure you're subscribed and let's continue this journey together!! <3

  2. Love it! Happy 30th!! I’m glad they all pulled the surprise party off for you 🙂 you deserve it & all the love ❤️

  3. Sorry I couldn't make it to the premiere! Congrats on turning 30!!! Beautiful video! Loved that they were able to surprise you! That's a great book gift! So thoughful! <3

  4. That was so amazing. I definitely teared up a little too… Happy Birthday Brittany! I am so thankful I came across your Facebook group all those months ago. Not only have I grown in the author community thanks to that group, but I've gotten to connect with a ton of wonderful writers including you. You are such an inspiration to me. With everything that you've been doing, I often wonder if you have a Time Turner because it's just insane how much you're able to accomplish each day. I am so proud of you and so excited to one day read your books. Sending lots of love and hugs. 🙂

  5. Ahhh I teared up at the gift you got and your husband's beautiful speech. What a wonderful surprise and happy belated birthday!

  6. Such a sweet video! Way to go to your hubby, sister in law, and family members/loved ones for coordinating and planning this birthday surprise! It was such a pleasure to get to play a small role in it. 😊 Here’s to many more years of your rocking AuthorTube. 👊

  7. This was so heartwarming and incredibly sweet! Thanks for sharing with us! I may or may not have shed a tear along with you…lol ;p Happy 30th!! I'm coming up on this milestone myself. I hope your thirties are fabulous!

  8. Oh wow, this was one of the most soul touching videos ever, I will have to show this to my parents, next year is my 30th, maybe they surprise me too. Have a merry birthday, I wish you all the best and may everything you want, achieve it. All the best, Brittany!

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