My thoughts: LEGO Star Wars 20th Anniversary sets

all right it is unveiling day today we
got some official pictures of five brand new lego star wars sets to celebrate the
20th anniversary of the introduction of the Star Wars line to Lego I’m gonna get
right into it and give you some my thoughts about these and I’m starting
with the Imperial dropship 125 parts an estimated $20 retail price for this I’m
starting with this for a couple of specific reasons let’s let’s get right
into it first of all the ship here is not a thing I mean it is a thing but
it’s it’s just a Lego thing it’s not a canonical ship and a lot of people are
familiar with that it was designed by Lego as a side build for what was one of
the first original battle packs as they came to be known so in that sense you
know it it has a certain cool factor to it I personally like the old version a
little bit better aesthetically which is mostly just a
nostalgia thing I think I’ve seen the other one you know in pictures quite a
lot and as long as this holds the figures that’s that’s what’s most
important but the figures are certainly what’s most important in in this set
three stormtroopers these are the new stormtroopers with the new dual molded
helmets I think if I was new to the franchise you know a young kid who’s
just learning about just learning about Star Wars just getting into Star Wars
this would be a great design to get by virtue of its level of quality of
production quality you know with the actual dual molding just being more
consistent and more crisp then having everything printed but I personally
myself don’t like the look of these helmets when I first saw them unveiled
you know sometime last year I had a real head-scratching moment I couldn’t
understand why they had redesigned these again already they’ve already done you
know a lot of variations of these yeah I personally just don’t like the shape and
the look and the appearance now this set does include a shadow trooper and that’s
cool it’s it’s using actually it’s hard to see in this picture of us using
same mold it remains to be seen how that look especially with the mouth hopefully
the mouth will be distinct enough with the silver against black Johnson it’s
printed there and then they’re using dark grey as the alternate color for the
the dual molding but I like dark-colored stormtrooper figures in general with the
dark armor whether it’s gray gunmetal grey you know fairly dark medium to dark
silver black I’m good with it the retro figure so every one of these sets
includes a retro figure to celebrate 20 years of Lego Star Wars this is the
original Han Solo it’s the one that was in the original Millennium Falcon not 20
years ago but 19 years ago year 2000 that came out and I mean this is this is
a replica at least from the front it looks like the original hopefully it’ll
be produced very close which brings up a potential major issue for collectors who
have the original and you know now all of a sudden there’s this there’s this
you know this imposter that’s that’s on the field and not only is it an imposter
but it’s an official Lego make so that had the had the potential to
dramatically reduce the value of ones that a whole lot of people already owned
well they fixed that problem by introducing another there’s a picture
from ebay somehow people are already selling these things which is just
ridiculous you asked me but yeah the back of the thing has the 20 years you
know special print and you’re gonna see that print on the back we don’t have
pictures of all of them yet but you see that on the back of every single one of
these retro you know 20th anniversary figures and that just looks ugly to me
that just looks terrible that really reduces the value of this figure
dramatically because any time you’re not looking at it straight from the front or
from a very front biased angle you’re gonna see this thing that might as well
be on like a teach-in keychain or a refrigerator
magnet figure base or something you know it’s just it’s cheap if that’s not what
you want to see I like the the the stand and the fact that that has a print on it
you know that’s all good and they needed to change something to preserve value
for you know people who had genuine originals but that’s just too much of a
change I don’t like it I don’t like it at all for most of these figures it is
just not acceptable to me you’re gonna just display the thing from the front
otherwise it just doesn’t have value and I don’t I don’t like that I don’t like
it at all so not a good start for me let’s move on to this clone Scout Walker
250 piece set $30 u.s. estimated looks like a fairly
well-rounded set overall with the stuff that it comes with the Walker itself is
is a slight upgrade to the most recent one that they did which I believe I also
reviewed at the time probably not a very good review didn’t know that source
material all that all that well at the time but it’s super oversized still
would be nice if they had used some newer pieces to shrink that down quite a
lot but it looks good it looks really good to me yeah to me it’s definitely
the best looking one that they’ve done I think that smaller size would have been
a big plus though interestingly ironically maybe if they included two
tiny ones so this comes with a Kashyyyk trooper they’re you know a scout trooper
precursor another another Chewbacca already I’m assuming that supposed to be
an actual Chewbacca there I like his little gun in placement that looks sweet
looks really really good another dwarf spider droid those are cool and I think
that existing design is just fine a regular battle droid just one of them
that’s okay and then this what another head
scratcher here I’d thought they completely stopped making
and in retired the molds for the original head you know the original
helmet for Darth Vader they didn’t okay yeah I’m just I I don’t
understand it but I don’t mind it it’s it’s kind of
weird that you knows it was only retired in recent memory and now it’s back as a
as a memory item but you know you got the the old-style original style print
for the torso the nice thing here is that he wears a cape he’s always gonna
be wearing a cape so at least with this figure you can play with it you can use
it you can pose it and you’re not gonna see the 20 years ugly print on the back
of this most of the time so that’s about the best that you can ask for you on
dealing with that otherwise awkward situation that they created do we need
another snow speeder no we do not well I should let me put this way do we
need another t47 this soon no we do not they’ve made so many t-47s and they’re
cool and I am some people hate the idea of rerelease
is or you know they go bringing something back to market that was
already on the market not too many years ago I’m fine with them having stuff on
shelves that people like not everybody is able to get everything they want all
the time so the idea that you know they’ve made something once in the past
and it was already great therefore they don’t need to make it ever again and if
they do then it’s then it’s evil you know that’s that’s just ridiculous but
we have had t-47s a lot in recent years I feel like we don’t need another one
this one looks great it’s probably a good build I mean just evolutionary
again relative to others that they’ve done you know they haven’t changed the
design on this thing very much over the years ever since the first one in fact
they’ve only evolved it the figures I guess I guess they’re fine I out of
these three figures I personally like the Hoth trooper of the most for some
reason yeah you know it’s random trooper Luke and
dak and then the turret looks pretty good probably could’ve been a little bit
lower in overall profile a little bit shorter in height it’s kind of cool that
they integrated a stud shooter into it right in the center of the dish we’re
very close to it to see how that looks from different angles but yeah that’s a
smart use of you know play features and then the retro figure for this one is
Lando Calrissian from the original Cloud City playset that’s great
this one again is gonna have that super ugly print on the back but again he’s
got a cape so that covers it up so for most people who want a Lando I think you
know a classic Lando in particular I think this will more than suffice you
know without having to pay tremendous prices on on the aftermarket so this
said I think overall is is pretty good one
yeah actually pretty happy with this one now that’s podracing not a fan of young
Anakin at all myself the whole pod racing thing from episode 1 you know
it’s just me wasn’t a big fan of it I know some folks really enjoyed it
thought it was a a good device liked the idea and everything that’s cool it’s
just not something that I personally like I think that the the build for this
overall looks pretty good especially the the seating area I guess the pods
themselves look pretty good as well the use of the clear Technic stuff is good
but it’s a little bit ruined by the use of the pins that aren’t clear I don’t
have to see that in person but this just doesn’t excite me personally I think
that for what it is it’s pretty decent but it doesn’t doesn’t do anything for
me it has a lot of stickers as for sure so this one comes with a young Anakin a
young super annoying Anakin at that Padme has the medium-sized legs that’s
interesting um yeah I guess now the Portman isn’t particularly tall and this
will help her to scale much better against especially equai GaN Jin I don’t
know I thought the regular-sized legs for her
was were perfectly fine the retro figure for this set is an original Luke
Skywalker based on the one from the original x-wing which is cool and if you
put him into a vehicle or a craft you know spacecraft of some sort then he’ll
look just fine but if you turn this around and see the
print on the back again that sucks at least they did a good job of
replicating the original I really tried to be you know true to the originals as
viewed from the front with these so I respect that part don’t like them big
ugly stamp on the back and then slave one mmm-hmm so this is a this is another
slave one that is at roughly the same size as the last two standalone ones I
believe they came in in order like that at least two of the standard loans when
I was looking through that the list of ones that they’ve done with over the
past years that’s way bigger than the first but very very very close in size
to the others a little bit more bulky and you know it’s it’s trying to be like
a miniature UCS model for folks who couldn’t afford the UCS one or didn’t
want I use es one because of its size this is closer to a lego scale a
standard Lego scale for use with minifigs and I’m sure the bills for this
is gonna be very good it’s gonna have great part usage they’ve integrated in
the spring loaded shooters and it’ll probably hopefully have a gravity driven
a little stabilizer winglets on it at least you’ll be able to rotate them for
sure but I hope their gravity youhad auto auto leveling
I personally think that this looks a little bit big around the base the dark
red areas if you’ll need to be shortened in need to be tightened up especially
around what we’re seeing as the left here and also on the sides it just looks
like it has a little bit too wide of a base like it’s been flattened out this
is kind of the opposite of what I was getting at with him when I did the
review of the last use well I wasn’t you see yes but you see yes sized Cloud City
playset betrayal that cost betrayal at the concert he was an at or on or in you
know what I’m talking about that one had a slave one in it and it
was as small as reasonably possible to hold a minifigure comfortable and I and
many viewers as well said do this sell this as its own thing
please nice and inexpensive looking good a good build
make it happen when the obstetrician they made a 120 dollar slave one no a
thousand and seven pieces but a hundred and twenty dollars I don’t think there
are a lot of people on the market right now who want this I think that a lot of
people wanted a really nice-looking slave one got the UCS one or hope to get
the UCS one at some point they won’t get this some will definitely kind of come
down a notch and and pick up this me like okay
UCS was just too much to spend for a nice-looking then go play one model but
you know so really should have come with like a stand I don’t know I don’t know I
just feel like this doesn’t have a good place on the market let’s look at the
figures though the great thing here is that it finally finally comes with a
Zuckuss yeah fans have been clamoring for that for ever so we have a Zuckuss
and 4-lom in the same set I think I think the four-alarm here
looks really good the circus looks looks okay I have to
see it in person it might look better in person to me but you know it’s it’s an
official thing and that’s really important
put it on the market excellent stuck it in a hundred and twenty dollars set dang
it it’s kind of mean it’s kind of mean I get it but I’m not happy about it
another Boba Fett we’ve gotten a lot of couldn’t looking Boba Fett’s and yeah
here’s another one han Solo in carbonite still has not been
updated I’m fine with that doesn’t bother me as much as it bothers
a lot of people that have seen you know what the hair the hair still being the
old style this comes with the new style of Han Solo sign and the retro figure
for this one is a 2000 Millennium Falcon style a new hope
Leia all the retro figures have their original colors which i think is cool
original original looks it’s great to get that hair piece on the mop on the
market again that’s one that is probably gonna be identical and yeah at least
helped to drive down the price of that and yeah overall this is a strange
little miniature series to me strange choices were made for what figures what
figures they went with to some degree how they printed them for sure with the
thing on the back how they chose what models to include in this series as
representatives you know modernized representatives of things from the
entire Star Wars line to date I don’t know I just feel like they should have
done six sets rather than five pick one from each of the original trilogy movies
pick one from each of the prequel trilogy movies and be done you know have
them all be reasonably priced and yeah some weird choices were made here
I’m I’m not super ecstatic this time around those are my thoughts though
thanks for listening I’ll talk to you in soon I’m gonna review these anyway I’m
gonna build them on my build channel so we’ll see maybe my mind will be changed
on at least some of them when they actually come out we shall see doctor
again soon

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