Mystery BOX – Stationery SWITCH-UP Challenge | #Fun #Kids #MyMissAnand

Today we are here with another fun challenge & that is “Mystery Box of Back to School Switch Up Challenge” So the rules are we’ll have two boxes we’ll play rock paper scissor shoot and the winner will to peek into that box and then she gonna try to trick another person & its up to you whether you want to keep or Switch that box to the other get this video to 1,00,000 LIKES and one more thing we can keep whatever stuff we’ll get also watch this video till the end as there will be a twist in it so lets get started so lets play stone paper scissor shoot so you want to keep or switch I got this unicorn bag and I got sequence changing bag so this round was best for both of us so she is gonna to peek into the box I got this notebook and I’ve got this unicorn notebook now its my turn to peek I tricked her and finally she chosen to switch I’ve got two pencil box this round again a thumbs up for me and what you’ve got?? these two basic pencil boxes now its my turn its peek 🙂 her face is expressionless I want to keep this time so I’ve got this beautiful barbie folder I’ve got these cute pencils and I want to share this one with you so lets move on to next round I got these erasers and I got these hello kitty & puzzle erasers finally got something good and I got these simple pens what happened now its your turn by the way I want that you chose keep this time ok… what you want me to do?? i got these fluorescent tap I got these clips much better than that we can like fix these clips to this folder I’ve got almost handy stuffs and you’ve I think fancy types I’ve got this beautiful bottle i got matching stuffs I’ve unicorn bag and now got unicorn bottle too all rounds over now and we like our bags wait… round is not over there’s a twist remain in this challenge I’ll take bag from both of her now we gonna to do final switch up I think I need to switch No… bag is good Fancy stuffs are inside this but I like basic and handy stuffs and I don’t like handy or basic stuffs can we switch!!! No cheating… I really enjoyed doing this challenge with my best friend and I too enjoyed a lot lill disappointed with the last round but no matter we are best friends we’ll switch so if you’ve enjoyed the video let us know by commenting below and get this video to 1,00,000 LIKES also tell me in the comments if you want me to do more challenges with her So will see you in my next video till then…

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