– Hey guys, come on it! It’s Halloween season and
you know what that means. A lot of candy. Come on, let’s go! (cheerful music) Welcome back to Kyle’s Toys and Games. Let’s have some fun! (ringing) Look who’s ready for Halloween. He’s got his little pumpkin hat on. He’s all ready. Aw, so cute. It looks like Blue is a Halloween mat. (laughing) Today, we’re applying the mystery candy dispenser
roulette game, Halloween themed! Are you guys ready? Let’s have some fun! (swooshing) So, this is what I have. I have our candy dispensers here. We have three set and
there’s numbers on them and you have a ton of numbers on here and a lot, I mean a lot of candy. Let’s fill up all the candy dispensers and then I’ll explain the game. The first Halloween candy
we have is Caramel Bits. They’re so good. Comment down below if you’ve tried them. So, what we’re going to do is we’re gonna put some in here and then we’re gonna have
a little bit of these and then add the rest. (clicking) Yeah. And then, let’s add some of these. Why we have the blue candy is for points, which is really cool, right. So, we’re gonna add some in here. Now let’s add the rest. (clicking) There we go, that’s all of them. So, this one’s done. Now let’s move onto the next one. From which candy should I do? Guys, comment down below
which one you like, do you like best. Do you like the candy corn Mix or do you like the Halloween M&Ms. Hmm, I think you guys are gonna pick the candy corn Mix. Okay, let’s put that back in here. I’m so excited. And it’s not just normal candy corn. There’s also some candy corn pumpkins which is really cool. Okay guys, let’s add a little bit in. (clicking) Now that’s about half of the bag and we put a handful, a big handful of the blue candies. (clicking) Now we put some more candy corn mix in. There we go. Now, no one knows that there’s actually some of those blue candies, so I’m going to mix them up. (rustling) Mix this one up, too. (rustling) There you go. So now, it’s all randomized. Okay guys, now I have
some Hershey’s Kisses right here, not like the old ones, but these chocolate ones. These ones are very good. I love them. Look at how big of a bag this is. That’s all of the candy inside of it. That’s so full. Okay, now let’s add some
of the blue candies in. (clicking) Here we go and now, (rustling) another big handful of
Hershey’s Kisses candy. Comment down below, your
favorite kind of chocolate. In number three, we’re gonna put some white chocolate in it, but there’s a little
twist to number three. We’re not putting any blue candy in, so if you get number three, then you get no points no matter what. In number five, we’re gonna put some Halloween M&Ms in it. Okay, let’s do it, but this time we’re gonna add some blue candies so people can get points. (clicking) So then, let’s put some
of these blue candies in. (clicking) Here we go, three, two, one, shake! (rattling) And it’s all shaken up but it’s time for the last one, which we’re
gonna do Reese’s Puffs Bats and by the way, Reese’s Puffs cereal is my favorite and when they came out with Halloween version, I had to try it. Okay, let’s put it in number six. (clicking) Oh, there you go, guys. Now we gotta put some
of these blue candies in and add some more. (clicking) There we go, guys. That is all of it. Now I just have to get Gage and Luke to come up and we can play the game. (eerie howling) These are my brothers, Gage and Luke. – Hi.
– And the purpose of the game here is that you have to collect as many points as you can, which is the little blue candies and here is how you play. You gotta spin the wheel
and whichever number you get on here from one
to six, that’s the one that you have to spin. But if you get one of these green ones, which is points, then
you get one extra point without having to get any candy. – Oh, it looks like there’s
two extra points, too, if you land on this one. – So Johnson and Kyle, should we do this? – Yeah.
– Let’s go. (swoosh) – Vote up in the poll. Who do you think’s gonna win? Gage on my left or Luke Jackson. (swoosh) I’m the referee and I choose for Luke to go first. – Yeah, okay, I’m gonna spin this awesome wheel here. Here we go. (rattling) – [Gage] What is he gonna get? – Mmh. – Right off that bat. (ringing)
– Right off the point. – Yes, I got two off the start. – Are you serious? – Alright, okay. He’s all for it. – I actually wanna get
the Hershey’s Kisses. Hershey’s Kisses. – Or what if you wanna get– – That’s a Halloween theme, so that’ll be number four. – Four.
– Let’s hope for number four. (rattling) – We each get three spins each. – Yeah.
– See. – Okay.
– Got number four. – Oh, wow, pow, pow! – What! – Oh my God! – Alright.
– You guys ready. – Get your Hershey’s Kisses. – This is gonna be delicious. – I wonder how many points he’s gonna get. (tapping) – Dude, lot’s of points, that’s it. – That’s it. – Wow! That’s definitely more than two. That’s one, two, three,
four, five, six, seven. (ringing) – Hey, at least
– I got seven. – There’s no one portion of me getting the extra two points, I just got ’em. So, okay guys, it’s my turn to spin the wheel again. Here we go in three, two, one, go! (rattling) – What are you gonna get? You got number three! – So you got the one with chocolate. – So, will you pass me the bowl? – Oh, yeah, cool. There you go. – Here we go. – [Luke] What’s it gonna be? – [Gage] Let’s see. (clicking) – Oh, by the way, in number three, there’s no blue candies. – [Gage] Are you serious? (blaring tone) – Oh, I’m so glad I didn’t get– – Is he trying to sabotage me? (laughing) Comment down below if you
think Kyle sabotaged me. – We all know that I didn’t
put blue candies in there. (groans) – What, really? Oh man! – Gosh dang it. – Alright Gage, you spin next. – I’m gonna go again. Ready.
– Go. – This time I’m hoping for number two ‘cuz those look really good. (rattling) – Those are caramel. – [Gage] Oh, those are caramel? – Yeah and you get number, number three! (laughing) – No.
– Come on, you get white candies, too. – No points for you. (blaring tone) – Well, at least I got white chocolate. I mean, you know, might as well be good. – Okay, okay, okay. Got way too much. – Gage, you gotta use all of this. Then we get to respin if it lands on it. (laughing) Just hang onto your bowl. – Aw, oh Kyle. – Okay, I’m gonna spin again. This is my–
– Why do you have to be a good referee? – Oh my gosh, you guys, this is actually my last spin. Alright, here we go in
three, two, one, go! (rattling) – You’re probably just gonna
end up with two points. Alright, let’s see. You got number two! – [Gage] Two, you got caramel candy. – You don’t see that, guys. – So, these are the
miniature Caramel Bits. Let’s see how these look. Let’s how he put them. (clicking) Oh wow, you actually
got like almost seven. – Oh! – Ooh! I got quite a few, yeah. (ringing) Awesome, five! – He got five! – Five.
– I have seven points right now, I may actually– – You’re tied! – Now, it’s all up to me. It’s all up to me. – Push that like button
and give me good luck. Hopefully, I can win this. – It’s up to a tie right now. If he gets number three, then– – Hold on, I gotta warm myself up. – We’re all things tied
if he gets number three. – I’m gonna see if I can use the force kind of thing. – I’m gonna spin it for him. – No, no, no, no, no. I need to do that. I don’t want you to sabotage me. Let’s go, lucky number six. (clapping) – Magic powers, sabotage Gage, please. – Undo magic powers of sabotage and get number six, number six. (rattling) Come on. (clapping) – Maybe two, two, three, three. – You got two points. (ringing) – I still win! (clapping) – That’s okay, I mean– – The winner is (tapping drum roll) Gage Long Arm! – Nine, nine to seven! – If you voted Gage went up, you’re right. (clicking) (clapping) (slurred speaking) – You guys sabotaged me there. (laughing) – True. (laughing) – That is true, that is true. – That was really fun. Thanks for inviting us over. – That was really cool. – Yeah, it was really fun
doing this with you guys. (laughing) We’re all done for this video guys. If you liked this video, you’re definitely gonna like these other ones. I’ll see you guys next time. Bye.
– Bye. – That was so much fun. – Yeah. (rattling) – Let’s do it again. (cheerful music)

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