– Hey guys, thanks for comin’ over. Today I have something
planned that’s very special. I’ll give you a hint,
there’s a lot of candy. C’mon, let’s go! (wacky music) Welcome back to Kyle’s Toys & Games, let’s have some fun! (bell rings) Today I have my brothers
Gage and Luke here. – Hey!
– Hey! – And today we’re playing the mystery candy dispenser roulette game. Are you guys ready? – Yeah!
– Yeah! – [All Together] Let’s have some fun! – This is how the game
works: we have all these different colors of candies, – [All Together] pink, blue, red, green, orange, and rainbow! – But within each color of candy, there’s a white candy and
a mysterious black candy. – If you get a white candy,
you get to pull a key out of this mystery roulette game. If you get the correct
key, there will be a fountain of candy coming
out of the bottom. – But, if we get a black candy, something mysterious will
happen to us at the end of the video, so make sure
to stay tuned you guys. – Who’s ready to play? – [All Together] Me! – Okay so I think Luke should go first. – Okay.
– What color do you wanna pick – Hmm, these are really awesome, there’s pink, there’s blue, there’s red there’s green, there’s orange and rainbow. I think I’m gonna go with orange
’cause I really like orange – Okay. – I’m kind of nervous, hopefully
if I get a different color, it’s white and not a black one. Here I go, three, two, one! Oh the candy’s not coming
out, is there like a plug? – [Kyle] Yeah there’s like a plug, wait! Grab a bowl real fast. – [Luke] Okay I got a bowl right here, let’s see if it will work. Ohhh! Let’s go over to my plate,
and let’s see how many black ones I got and how many white ones. – [Kyle] Oh, I see you already
got a black one. Oh no! – [Gage] Oh, you got a black candy. Oh no! – We’re off to a little bit of
a bad start, but that’s okay. – Okay.
– Kyle, do you wanna go? – Yeah, I’ll go. I’m gonna pick my favorite color, blue. Make sure to comment
down below hashtag blue to give me good luck ’cause
I hope I get a white one, here we go in three, two, one. Okay.
– [Luke] Did you get one? – [Kyle] Oh, oh! I found a white one I found two! I found two white ones! – Two white ones, that
means you get to pull two keys from the roulette game. – [Kyle] Yeah look, I’ll even prove it, two whites, right there.
– [Luke] Awesome, right there. – I have two white candies,
so I get to pull two keys at the end of the game.
– Gage, do you wanna go now? – Yeah, I definitely want to go. I think I’m actually gonna go for rainbow, ’cause I think there’s a
lot of colors in there that, there’s a tiny chance that
we’re gonna get black. – Okay.
Go ahead, Gage. – [Gage] Three, two, one.
– [Kyle] Go. Okay that’s good, that’s good! – [Gage] Ooh I got a white one in there! I don’t know if I got
any black ones though, we’re gonna have to wait and see. I got a white one and, no black ones! So that means I get to pull
a key at the end of the game, which is gonna be awesome. – I’m gonna go with green,
because I love green. – Okay, go! – [Kyle] Get a black one! I don’t see any colors,
– [Luke] Did I get anything? Let’s see what I get.
Oh, I got nothing! – I’m gonna go for
pink. – [Gage] You goin’ for pink? Ooh – [Kyle] Three, two, one. I don’t see a white one in
there, but I’m gonna have to see when I dump it out. Oh I got! Wait, no I
didn’t get white ones, these are from my last turn. – Red is the only one
that hasn’t been done, so I think that’s the one I’m gonna go for. – [Kyle And Luke] Okay. – Comment “hashtag red”
in the comments below if you think this is the lucky color. – [All Together] Three, two, one, go. – I got like three whites. Wait let’s see exactly how many. – [Kyle] You got four!
– I got four whites! You guys definitely commented down below “hashtag red” ’cause you
thought this was the lucky color and it won! – So guys, I’m the only
one who has a black one. I’m not doing very good. Uh, hopefully smash that like
button to give me good luck, and comment down below “hashtag
white” to give me good luck. I’m gonna do pink.
– Okay. – [Luke] Three, two, one. – [Kyle] You got another black one! (Kyle and Gage laugh) – [Luke] Am I getting
pranked or something? – No!
– No, no, no. How could we have rigged that?
– I have two black ones. – I’m going rainbow
everyone. I’m going rainbow. – [Gage] Ready? – [Kyle] Okay, let’s see what I get. Awe, nothing! – I think now I’m going to do green, ’cause that’s the opposite
of red, and I think that one should do twice as good.
– Okay. – Alright guys let’s see what we get. – [Kyle] You got a white one!
– [Gage] I got more white! How?
– Oh my goodness. – I got even more. Let’s see how many I have now. – You have, what three?!
– I got an extra three! – I have seve- no, eight whites! – Is there even that many
keys on there? Like jeez. Okay so, Gage has eight
whites, Kyle has two whites, and I have two blacks,
hoping I can get a white one. I’m gonna go for red.
– Okay. – You’re gonna need the one that I tried. – [Gage] Ready? Go. – [Kyle] You didn’t get anything. – Nothing, really? – I’m gonna go for your lucky one, green. – You’re goin’ for green?
– Yeah. – Everyone’s going off me
’cause I’m doing so good. – [Luke] Did you get anything? – [Kyle] I don’t think so. – [Gage] I don’t think
you got anything, kyle. – I’m not doing so good, hopefully, I’m not the
only one that has a black. – So now I think I’m gonna go for pink. Let’s see what I get. – [Luke] Yeah!
– [Gage] Oh, I got two black! Ohh, no! – [Kyle] You guys are buddies now. – [Gage] Awe man, guys
I got two black candies, that’s not good but at
least I have nine whites, so that’s awesome. – This is the final round,
so I think I’m gonna go with blue here. – You got three whites!
– And one black. Okay, that’s still pretty good. – You still got some whites
in there Luke, good job! – I’m pretty even, I
have three whites here and three black, so that’s even,
I’d say that’s pretty good. – Okay, I’m gonna go for red. Hopefully I have some whites in there. Nothing again?!
– That’s better than a black. So, my plan here is I’m gonna go for the one that I started
with, which was the rainbow. So I’m gonna go there and
hopefully I catch some more whites – Oh wait, this is the
final round, I forgot. So I can’t get any more whites. – But I can get some more
whites, so let’s hope we do. Three,
– [All Together] Two, one, go! – I thought I saw a black in
there, let’s hope it wasn’t. – [Luke] Let’s see what you get, Gage. – [Gage] Nothing!
– [Kyle] Nothing? But that was the last round! – Yeah, that was the last
round, so I guess we gotta count out our whites and our blacks and see how many of each that we got. – So what did everyone end up with? I only ended up with two
whites, and zero blacks. – I ended up with three
whites and three blacks, so that’s even. – And I ended up with two
blacks and ten whites. – What?!
– No way! Okay guys, so first we’re gonna start off with our white candies, I have two so I get to pull out two of our keys. I’m gonna go for one in the back. – [All Together] Ooohhh. – That was one!
Awe. – Nothing! – Okay, so it’s Luke’s turn. – I have three pins, so I get to pull out three of these keys, let’s see um, I’m gonna go for this
little robot one here, – [Kyle] One, two, three! – So now it’s my turn to pull some keys. Hopefully I pull the magic key on our mystery roulette candy game. So I have ten, so I can
do two entire sides, which is awesome. But I don’t think I’m gonna do that, I’m gonna spread it out. I’m gonna pull this one right here, Nothing. Oh I thought that was it!
I thought that one was it. There? Okay that’s four. – Six more to go.
– Six more. – Now let’s go right there. That’s five. – No! – Seven. – Eight, Nine, Oh no! I’m gonna go for the
one on the middle right here. God, please be the magical key. – [All Together] Nooo! – Darn it, I wanted to get
some candy out of here. – Kay guys, we’re gonna
take all of the keys out, one by one, we’re gonna go like this, so it’s gonna start off with
Luke, here we go. Do one. – Okay, this one! – [All Together] Ohhh! – I’m gonna go, this one.
Ohh! – I’m gonna go again. – I’m going for this
lonely one right here. We hear something move! – Did you see that? – One fell out, I think we’re close. – I’m gonna go now, three, two, one. Nothing! – Okay I’m gonna go for
this bottom one. Nothing! – I think we only have four left. – Wait, did you see that?
– Another one fell out! – There’s one on this little star here, maybe that will give me good luck. (All cheer in excitement) – We got Laffy Taffys, Tootie Frooties, and we got suckers, that’s awesome! – Wow!
– Oh my goodness! – There’s so much!
– Yeah, wow, jeez. (upbeat music) – Guys, don’t get too excited, ’cause it’s time for the black candy, – Oh no! I forgot about that. – In the mystery candy dispenser roulette game, for every
black candy they get, they get a water balloon
popped on their head. – Oh no!
– Oh no! So I got three black
candies and Gage got two, so that means that he gets
two water balloons popped on his head and I only get
three water balloons popped on my head.
– Ugh, that’s so really bad but okay. Let’s do this.
– Okay. First up is Gage, are you ready Gage? – Yeah! – Here we go in three, two, one, go! – Oh!
(laughs) – Surprise! (upbeat music) It’s time for Gage’s last
balloon, are you ready Gage? – Yeah. – Here we go in three, two, one go! (upbeat music) Now it’s Luke’s turn, are you ready Luke? – Yeah! – Here we go in three, two, one, go. (boys laugh) – Oh my gosh! Wow that’s so wet Kyle! And I still have two more to go, oh jeez. (upbeat music) – Balloon number two, are you ready Luke? – Yeah! – Here we go in three, two, one, go! Wait it didn’t pop. – Oh jeez, that is super wet, and I still have one more
to go. Let’s do this! – I’m glad I have no black ones! (upbeat music) The last balloon for Luke, are you ready? – Yeah! – Here we go, three, two, one, go! – Awe jeez, that’s
actually kinda refreshing. (upbeat music) – Guys, it was so fun playing the – [All Together] Mystery
candy dispenser roulette game. – Guys, that was it for today, click any of these other
videos that I picked just for you ’cause if you like this one, you’re definitely gonna
like these other ones, and ill see you guys next time, – [All Together] Bye! – Come on guys, follow me! (upbeat music)

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