Mystery Toy Dispenser Roulette Hide and Seek! FUN FUN FUN

– Hey guys, welcome back. Come on in. Today we have a brand new dispenser. That means we’re gonna be
playing a brand new game. Come on, let me show ya! – [Kyle Voiceover] Welcome
back to Kyle’s Toys and Games. Let’s have some fun! (musical flourish) (bell rings) – Check our our new dispenser, guys! – Wow. That’s awesome.
– That looks so cool. – And the game we’re playing is the mystery dispenser roulette game. How we’re playing this game is it’s going to be hide-and-seek style. So I’m going to be the seeker and Luke’s going to be the hider. – On this wheel we have
different locations that are around the house. I’m going to hide five
coins in each location and they’re gonna be
hidden pretty well, Kyle. – And he’s only gonna have 30 seconds to find any of the five coins hidden around in any of these rooms. – The coins are gonna be
hidden in very difficult spots so I better keep my eye out. – [All] Let’s have some fun! – Gage is here to run the timer and make sure everyone’s
following the rules. – So first thing you gotta do, Kyle is spin the wheel so we
can hide all the coins. What is it Kyle? – Garage! – Ooh, garage. There’s a lot of hiding
spots in that place. – Alright, you go out on the patio and I’m gonna hide all these coins. – Whoo. – I’m so nervous where he’s gonna hide them in the garage and by the way guys I drank some Crystal Light so my tongue’s red. (chuckles) Isn’t that funny? I have my money bag to
hold all the coins I have. – Are you ready for the first round? – Yeah. – Let’s go to the garage. – Alright, Kyle are you ready? – Yes. – In three. Two. One. 30 seconds starts now. Come on Kyle you got this. Gotta look everywhere Kyle. – No. There’s one over here. – 15 seconds Kyle, come on. You got this. You got one coin.
– I got one coin! – You got one coin. Oh yeah, go check in the tape. Five. Four. Three.
– Found one! – Two. One. – Got two! – [Gage] You got two? – I got two coins, yes! – [Gage] Nice job Kyle. – Let’s go spin the wheel
to see where we search next. Gage, thank you so much
for giving the idea to check in the tape. – Yeah, I can’t believe
here was one in there actually I didn’t see
Luke hide them at all. (chuckles) All right, Kyle you gotta spin the wheel and see where you search next. (wheel buzzes) oh, that was a good spin Kyle. – Yeah. – You gotta be strong to spin this wheel. Living room! – Ooh, living room – My favorite place! (Luke laughs) – Alright, Luke go ahead
and hide all those coins. – I know where to check. – Good luck, Kyle. Kyle what are you hoping
to get outta the dispenser? – You know those sticky hands? – Oh yeah. – Yeah, I really like those. – Those are really cool. If I were to want any ones I would probably want to get maybe one of the emojis because they look like
little squishy gummy emojis you know those ones? – Oh yeah! I think that would be really cool but I’m not sure if they’re
actually squishy though. – Ooh! I can see a sticky one right here. – Ooh, right at the top there’s one. Alright Kyle, I think Luke’s
ready for you already. – I’m ready! – Go. – Guys, smash that like
button to give me good luck. – And you’ve got 30 seconds on the clock. Ready to go in three. Two. One, go! – Go Kyle go! – [Gage] Come on Kyle. Come on Kyle you’ve got this. – Found one! – [Gage] You got one? – I’ve got one. How much time? How much more time? – [Gage] You got ten seconds. – Already? Ack! – [Gage] Yeah, seven. Six. Five. Four. Three. Two. One. (horn sounds) (Luke Laughs)
– There’s one right there. – Oh my gosh! – [Luke] Look. It’s right there. – I wish I could take it right now. – Look at this one. – Oh my goodness! (laughter) – Good job, Kyle you found two. – Show me where the other ones are show me right now! – There’s one on the pillow right here. – [Kyle] Oh my golly. – This is the hardest one. Right there. (Gage laughing) You did a good job looking.
(screams) – Let’s go spin the wheel. – Alright. Let’s see where you go next. – In the blink of an eye
there sitting right here. (clap)
They’re gone. I can’t see them. – Wide out in the open. – I told you. The best trickery is when you put them
all wide out in the open and they like it’s so hard, I’m gonna look
all in the hardest places and they miss all the visible ones. (laughs) That was super fun, why
don’t you spin the wheel? – Alright Kyle spin the wheel again. (wheel buzzes) Let’s see what you get. – Basement. – Basement, ooh that’s kind of a big area. I think Luke’s gonna kind of either put them all in one area or spread them out anywhere. I’m not gonna give Luke any ideas. – Ah! Ooh, ooh, ooh. Don’t say anything. – I won’t. I won’t give him any ideas. You gotta stay ready to go. – Guys vote up in the poll how many do you think I’m gonna find? The first round I only got two. The second round I only got one. So this round is gonna be pretty hard. – I’m ready. – Oh! That was oh. – A little preview, okay. Alright, let’s go. Kyle are you ready? – Yes. – 30 seconds on the clock. In three. Two. One. Go! – Faster!
– Come on Kyle! Gotta go really fast. – Found one! – Wow, almost immediately. – Found two! – Two, come on Kyle. You got this.
– Three. – Wow! – Two more try! – 15 seconds, you got so much time, Kyle! Come on. – Four! – [Gage] Four, oh my gosh. – Three. – [Gage] Five. Four. Three. Two. One. – Done. – [Gage] Stop, stop, stop, stop. – Where’s the last one? – There was only one left, right? – Where is it? (screams) How? How did I miss that? (laughter) How did I miss that? – Oh my gosh. That was a great hiding spot, Kyle. Or Luke, I mean. That was a great hiding spot. – That was so much fun. (Kyle sighs) – Wow. I have seven coins in total. – [Luke] That’s a lot of coins, actually. – Four, five, six, and seven! – Ooh! – Good job, Kyle. – Don’t need that anymore. – Alright Kyle, lets
see what toys you get. – Okay I’m gonna put the first one in and (clicks) – [Luke] It’s really cool,
they come in little containers. – I got an emoji guy! – That’s the one that’s one of the ones I wanted. – Here, I can give that one to you. – Ooh. (pop) There we go. Aw, it’s just plastic. It’s not squishy or anything. That’s too bad. The dude’s pretty cool though. – I’m gonna do another one. (clicks) – [Luke] What’d you get? – Ooh, you got a chain or something. – Here, open it Kyle. – That’s cool. – You gotta crack it like an egg. (pop) There you go. – It’s like a necklace. – It’s like a diamond necklace. – It’s super small. – It’s so small. That’s probably more like
a bracelet or something. – Yeah. For a giant hand. – That’s number two. (clicks) – Here we go. What did I get? A paper? (pop) (gasp) – It’s a temporary tattoo. – Ooh, yeah it’s one of those
ones that just last a day. – Oh yeah! Look it’s little dolphin, that’s cool. – You have four coins left. – You know what that tattoo
would go really good with? A necklace. (Luke chuckles) – Wow. – How many Gage’s does it
take to put on a necklace? – It’s so small. – You need to wear it buddy. – There you go. – I’m done. I’m done with this. Now get it off. – You gotta keep it on
for the rest of the video. It was a prize. – Okay. – You look so pretty, Kyle. (clicks) Let’s see what you get next. Ooh! – Did you get more? A bracelet? – You got a bracelet. – This is not a bracelet. – Yeah, it is. – It’s stretchy. – Whoa. – What? – I doesn’t attach together. – Here, put it on my wrist. Just put in on? – I think you just I think it just breaks. – Got that bling. – It doesn’t stick together or anything. I think it’s just supposed to rest on you. – It looks really cool
– Whatever. – Wait no, it’s broke apart. It is a bracelet, but it’s broke apart. – That’s too bad. Okay, let’s go on the next toy, Kyle. – Cool stretchers. (clicks) (gasps) – ooh. – Is that a toy dinosaur? – I think it is! – That is cool.
– Wow. – That is so cool. – Okay, my last two coins. – We’re gonna put him in a little kennel. There we go. (clicks) – I need a kiss for good luck. – Get something cool Kyle. Hopefully you get the stick– – I got a sticky! – I did the opposite of jinxing it. I said, “Hopefully you get a sticky” and he got a sticky. – Congratulations. – I’m physic. I have physic powers or I
used the force or something. – Whoo hoo! Okay. – What is it Kyle? – One final coin. – Give that to me. Okay, last one. Hopefully there’s something good for Luke. – Did you just kiss a coin? – Yeah. For good luck. I got you something. (pop) – It’s a surprise. – Here you go! (Kyle laughs) (Gage laughs) – One sec. – Here, give me my sticky. – Oh look at that. I think we found Luke’s dentures. (laughs) – You’re like those rappers
that have colored teeth. (laughter) – Gucci gang, Gucci gang, Gucci gang Gucci gang. – Oh that sticks really well. – Hold on, wait we need to take off the
necklace and give it to Luke. (Luke grunts) – Yeah! – He needs a hot line bling. – Gimme that bling. – Here maybe it’s a tiara, there you go. I can’t get it on, it’s so small. Great. – This cost more than your rent, son. – Oh my gosh. (Kyle screams) I don’t know what’s going on anymore. – That’s it for this video guys. If you liked this one you’re definitely gonna
like these other ones ’cause I hand picked them just for you and we’ll see you guys next time. – [All] Bye! – Get out. Get out, out. Out, out. – Out, go. (peppy music)

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