(whooshing) – [Julia and Annelise]
Welcome to Crafty Girls. – It is our birthday
and we are 10 years old and in honor of our birthday
we are going to be playing mystery wheel of birthday cake. – And I’m so excited. – This is gonna be the most
delicious challenge ever. – Yes. – So, you may have noticed
that Rachel is not here, she’s not feeling very good,
so she’s gonna take a break but we are going to save
a slice of cake for her. – Assuming we get cake, Annelise. – I have high hopes for this one. – Hope we don’t get banana chips. – We also did a birthday cake challenge for Rachel’s birthday, it
was a couple months ago. – If you haven’t seen
it, we’ll leave the link in the description box down below. – By the way, we’d love for you
to hit that subscribe button and if you do, you’ll be
part of our CG family. – So let us know in
the comments down below if you’ve done that and you might get the shout out at the end. – [Julia And Annelise] Let’s get started. – So the way this is going to work, we’re going to take 10
spins, since we’re turning 10 and whatever it lands on,
we have to put in our cake. – Okay. – And we may not even get cake mix, like literally, it could be anything. – After we bake our cake,
we’re gonna do another round where we spin for the
items to decorate it. – By the way, we are fraternal twins. – And I am 17 minutes older than Annelise, so I think I should go first. – Okay. (wheel clicking)
(playful music) – Dots! – We have no idea how Dots
are gonna work in a cake, I’ve never had a Dot, I just tried one. I don’t like it. – Me either, I’m gonna
drop in two because … – No Julia, that is a cheat, complete. – Uh, no, that’s four. – How did you only get red? – Five. – Okay, add in like a
whole handful please. Mm-hmm, alright, well, good sportsmanship. – I guess you’re right. – Alright, my turn. (wheel clicking) – Chocolate chips!
– Chocolate chips! (clinking) I love chocolate, guys. Okay, that’s good. – Okay, come on. (wheel clicking) – Chocolate chips! – Are you kidding me? – Finally something good. – Okay, okay, okay! (wheel clicking) Cake mix, I got cake mix! Do I add the entire bag? – I’m going. – Go for it. (wheel clicking) – Eggs! (light music) – This bag really did not want to cut and it doesn’t wanna rip either. – Oh, Julia. – I got eggs! – Whoa, got it. I’m gonna add the entire
thing because I feel like, I feel like that’s what we
should be doing right now. We are good sportsmanship people, I don’t even know what that means. I literally have like this kind of thing, that it looks like cookies and cream because it’s chocolate
chips and white powder. – This looks so gross. – Look at how good this looks. – Well, at least the chocolate
chips will taste good and at least I got some eggs, I mean– – I mean, I don’t really
have any liquid yet. – I have the liquid. – Alright, it’s my turn. (wheel clicking) – Chocolate chips!
– Chocolate — More chocolate chips. – Only add so much
because you know I need. – Yeah I know, we’re
almost, you added so many. – I’m gonna go now. (wheel clicking) – Okay, okay. – Marshmallows! – Here. – Oh my gosh, this is so happy! – I really need milk maybe.
– Yeah. – Or like eggs. – I got marshmallows! – I got lots of chocolate chips, okay. My turn! (wheel clicking) – [Julia and Annelise] Marshmallows! – So first I got chocolate chips and she got chocolate chips,
now she got marshmallows and I got marshmallows. – Okay, my turn! (wheel clicking) – [Julia And Anelise] Milk! – She’s got all liquid
and I’ve got all powder. – How convenient. (Annelise laughs) – That’s good, that’s
good, that’s good, yeah. – That’s a little too much. – She’s got liquid.
– Now I just need cake mix. – She’s got everything. Okay, my turn. (wheel clicking) – Marshmallows again! – Marshmallows. So, double chocolate chips
and now double marshmallows. Is this my luck? – Look at my, look, they’re like bananas. They look like banana marshmallows. – That’s grody.
– It’s gross! – They don’t wanna come out. Okay, that’s good, I don’t know. That’s good. (wheel clicking) – Give me somethin’ good. [Julia And Annelise] Dots! – More dots. – Great, I don’t really like dots, but if I have to take
them I will take them. I don’t. – Okay. – That never goes good with your cake. – Yellow and green. – Too much green. – Lots of yellows and greens. (wheel clicking) Liquid! – Dots.
– Dots, no! This is not how I wanted this to go. But, yay. Chemical. – Yeah, chemicals. – Tastes like the smell of Walmart. (Julia laughing) I’m sad it’s so many. One, two, three, four,
five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14. 14! – My turn! I wanna go on M&Ms. (wheel clicking) Yeah! – How does that work? – Oh my god! – No, the one that’s right there. – Got M&Ms. (clinking) – You can go a little more because we have three boxes of those. I actually don’t really
like M&Ms that much. I mean they’re okay. – They’re better than nothing. – [Annelise] This is where we are so far. I’ve got marshmallows, chocolate chips, the cake mix and the dots, so yeah. – [Julia] This is where I am and my marshmallows dyed with a
little bit of the M&Ms and look. They’re so pretty! – And I’m gonna put it on milk. I’m gonna try that. (wheel clicking) (Annelise makes noise with mouth) – Where’s the rest of the cake? Oh yeah, you got it all. Where’s my cake mix? – Don’t worry, I’ll only have a little bit ’cause I have already had mix. – Cake mix, that’s
exactly what I wanna get. – Well guess what, got a whole
pound of cake mix right here. Well.
– Looks gorgeous. – Ladies and gents… – This is the moment
you’ve been waiting for. – It’s time to, I’m sorry
that’s “The Greatest Showman.” – Ladies and gents, this is
the moment you’ve waited for. (wheel clicking) – M&Ms! – More M&Ms. Could this be better any better? I have no liquid at all
when she has just liquid. – I don’t have anything
else, other than liquid. – Alrighty. (wheel clicking) Please get liqu — chocolate chips! Oh gosh, this is not
turning out very well. – [Julia] Where’d the chocolate chips go? (crinkling) – I have enough chocolate, okay. – Mmkay, I’m headin’ for cake mix. (wheel clicking) Chocolate chips! – Okay, okay, okay, okay! And it’s my turn. (wheel clicking) Milk! Yes, yes! Finally! Never wanted milk so badly. (light music) (milk pouring) – This is so disgusting! (milk pouring) That’s good, that’s too much! – No, no it’s fine, I can mix it. – That’s fine. – Oh, I needed more didn’t I. Wait, no, no, no. It just didn’t really mix. I’m tryna stir it all together. Yeah, I need more. (milk pouring) Alrighty, very good. – Definitely good. – Okay, if I don’t get cake mix, I’m not gonna be able to make a cake so I’m gonna spin for cake mix right now. (wheel clicking) Yay! – That is amazing! Good job, Julia! Give it, pound it! (upbeat music) Okay, got that. I really wanna try it. Mm, that’s actually kinda good. I’ve never really had
boxed cake before so. I had a whole bag more
and look how big mine is. It’s kinda globby but… So the only thing I really
need is eggs right now. So um. – I’m having a chocolate cake. (wheel clicking) – Eggs! How is that possible? (Julia laughing) All I did was spin it though. YEAH! – EEK! Did I break your ears? – Oh gosh. Alrighty, let’s just, yeah. Oh Julia, you have more
of a dough than a batter. – [Julia] Here’s mine. It’s very, very delicious. – [Annelise] Here’s mine. The eggs aren’t fully mixed in yet, but it’s actually looks kinda good. Now it is time to bake it. We’ll be right back as fast as
you can sing happy birthday. ♪ Happy birthday to you. ♪ – Julia has a chocolate chip cookie, I have a souffle, that means I win. Thank you for watching,
give it a like, bye. Okay guys, just kidding. – [Julia] So this is mine. – And this is mine and
the top in the oven, I don’t really know how
it happened but like some of the top came off, either way when I frost it it’s
gonna look really pretty and you won’t see all that so, yeah. So now it is time to decorate and we have all of these
lovely items on here. Although we have banana
chips and cranberries because we were so supposed to
get them in our cake, but no one got them so my mom just decided to leave them on the board. – There were banana chips, cranberries, and dots for the bad ingredients. – Now we got dots. – So, maybe we might get
them on our toppings. – So, yeah. But first we’re gonna
pull numbers one and two to see what frostings we get. So, I’m gonna go first. I got two. She got one.
– Obviously it’s one. – Let’s see what we got. I got pink frosting! I got pink sprinkles! – I got blue sprinkles, I like these! – Out of here. – Dolphins on them. – Alright, let’s start frosting. So, this pink is brighter
than like the front of it. Wooh! – And this blue is a little
bit darker than the front, but it’s adorable. – So, now let’s frost. I’m excited. Ah, the crumbs. (light music) This is so funny because
our mom would literally never let us have like box cake or she never buys frosting. Everything is homemade from
scratch and here we are. Ta-da! P.S., we are going to
spin this wheel five times and whatever we get we
have to put on our cake. – Let’s do this. (wheel clicking) Sixlets! – I’m gonna do this. We actually used these in
our last cake challenge for Rachel’s birthday. – Okay, my turn. (wheel clicking) Sixlets! (Annelise laughing) I think I’ll do.. – Silver? – White. – Or white, yeah. – Yeah. – Okay. (wheel clicking) – Nerds! Ah! I’m so happy. – My turn. (wheel clicking) – [Annelise] Sorry. Cranberries. – I got cranberries. – And there’s frosting in my hair. – Wah. – Alright, you’re gonna be fine. In fact, cranberries aren’t that bad. They kind taste like raisins. And it’s my turn. (wheel clicking) Banana chips. – Yes. Take your bananas. – Thanks. – Oh yeah you are. – Now we both got one bad thing. (Julia chuckles) (wheel clicking) – Pearls! I’m gonna take the pretty blue ones. – Okay. (wheel clicking) – Pearls. – These ones are really pretty. (wheel clicking) – Berries! – I wanted those so badly. I’m hoping for berries. (wheel clicking) – Sloths! – That’s good though. And no, these are not real sloths. – I’m hoping for nerds. (wheel clicking) Yay! – Alrighty.
– Nerdies, nerdies. – We got basically one
of, we got everything. So now it’s now to decorate. Alright, that was kind of intense. – I’m starting with my berries. – I’m starting with, we both
took the one gummy thing. (Annelise gasps) Why do they smell like cough syrup? They actually are sloths! Doing the dance. (dance music) Gotta add in music mom, okay. I don’t know what to do. – I already got mine half planned. (light music) – Well if that isn’t cute enough. I actually do like banana chips. On cake, it changes some things. (bag crinkling) This is for ripping, so why won’t it rip? – [Mom] We have scissors. – Why would I use scissors? Halfway done. I don’t know how to do this guys. Ugh, gosh, gosh, gosh. I guess I’m just doing this. I mean, I didn’t really
want the world to know that I have banana chips on mine. – [Julia] Beautiful! – [Annelise] Yours looks
so much better than mine. You gotta see my upside
down walk, he was dancing. It’s a partay. (light music) – I like my cake, it’s
out there sort of, fun. – [Annelise] Yours is out there? Yours is fun? Have you seen mine? – [Julia] Yes. (bubbles popping) – Our cakes are finished. Mine is more of a party, Jules is more coordinated and peaceful. I got my banana chips and all
the sloths dancing around. P.S. yes, this one is doing a handstand. You know, partying, dancing. – [Julia] This is mine. Berries, pearls. – [Annelise] Berries. – [Julia] Nerds and
then a little flower of cranberries in the middle. – So you have to comment down below, who do you think cake was better. And you have to vote for me,
’cause it’s my birthday, so. Yeah, let’s cut a piece out. – It’s not her birthday, it’s my birthday. – Alright, okay. (light music) This is like super cool. I don’t really know how to do this. – [Julia] Yeah! – So, here are our cakes
and they look great. – [Julia And Annelise] Three, two, one. – Oh my god. – Mm! That is good! – Didn’t get any frosting. – Mm that’s pretty good. – You wanna try each others? Let’s see which one tastes the best. – I guess. – Okay, three, two, one. – If you got a dot, I am sorry. Those dots are not good. – I definitely like my cake better because it’s way less sweet. – And I like mine better,
but they’re both yummy. – Oh, hey guys look there’s a dot. There’s a dot right here. And now it is time for shout outs. Samantha Mendez. – Arethea Mahzabin. – Peyton Connor. – Maddies vlogs. – And we have a couple of extra special birthday shout outs too. Unicorn Lover, her birthday
was a few days ago. – Atif Ghouri, who’s
birthday was yesterday. – And Martha Hooper, who
shares a birthday with us. So, happy birthday to all of you. – And to anybody else
who’s sharing a birthday with us this week. – We hope you enjoyed this video. If you did, please give
it a big thumbs up. We love you guys so much. (smooching) – [Julia And Annelise] Bye! (playful music)

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