N.E.R.D. – Hot-n-Fun (Official Music Video) ft. Nelly Furtado

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  1. Is that my lady Meytal Cohen on the drums? Dang! Even then she looks good in casual yet chic attire!!

  2. Pharrell is fine as a motherfucker….😍 His voice, the way he moves, the things he does etc! Musical genius! Chad as well as shay.

  3. hear it f9r first time, great song, welcome back Nelly only how many animals need to die for it. with this great song I think not necessary

  4. Dendi mesti dinyanyiin dulu, kalo enggak roko dipatahin satu slop, repot beli lagi,
    Kalo udah gitu dia nungguin pak fernan ngelintinginnya lagi 🧨
    Kadang dendi kejem banget sama pak fernan

  5. So a random white girl can were the native American headres but it's offensive when an actual Pharrell an actual native American wheres it…

    Makes no sense

  6. I never heard of this song til this year and i replay it multiple times. Thank you good trouble for playing this song.

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