N. Korea’s ruling party gathering underway for 3 days

the Central Committee of North Korea’s
ruling party is holding a plenary session this week for the first time
since Kim jong-un rose to power in 2012 the session is lasting for multiple days
showing that the regime has lots to discuss amid the stalemate in nuclear
talks with the u.s. Oh jung-hee has this report North Korea’s ruling party gathering is
into its third day under Kim jong-un’s lead while its self-imposed hereand
deadlines on nuclear talks is nearing fast a Monday Pyongyang’s Iran Korean
Central News Agency reported that the plenary session of the ruling Workers
Party Central Committee was held for a second day on Sunday and will continue
while the North says the meeting is to find ways to raise the regime strategic
status sunday session seems to have dealt mostly with economic development
the report first mentioned that Kim jong-un spoke on how to develop the
economy and raise people’s living standards but Kim also highlighted the
need to ensure the regime security and called for rules to be played by Foreign
Affairs and military officials as well as the arms industry plenary sessions of
the North’s ruling party central committee are deemed important because
they decide the regime’s future policy directions this is where Kim jong-un in
April 2018 proclaimed a policy shift from developing nuclear weapons to
developing the economy and in April this year Kim jong-un announced that the
north will walk a new path if the u.s. fails to come up with a more flexible
approach to denuclearization by the year’s end
but the meeting currently underway is drawing even more attention because it’s
the first time under Kim jong-un that it’s continued over multiple days the
results of this plenary session are expected to be unveiled on Tuesday and
further specifics will be delivered directly by Kim jong-un through his New
Year’s address on January 1st Oh jung-hee Arirang news

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